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Library and Congress
For those who `` like poetry but never get around to reading it '', the Library of Congress makes it possible for poets to be heard reading their own work.
The program was instituted in 1940, and releases are available only from the Recording Laboratory of the Library of Congress, Washington 25, D.C..
These may be consulted in the office of the Architect of the Capitol, or the Library of Congress.
To learn technical military terms, Lincoln borrowed and studied Henry Halleck's book, Elements of Military Art and Science from the Library of Congress.
* Abraham Lincoln: A Resource Guide from the Library of Congress
* MP3 and RealAudio recordings available at the United States Library of Congress
The U. S. Library of Congress has a collection of 3, 000 versions of and songs inspired by " Amazing Grace ", some of which were first-time recordings by folklorists Alan and John Lomax, a father and son team who in 1932 traveled thousands of miles across the South to capture the different regional styles of the song.
* U. S. Library of Congress Amazing Grace collection
Carnegie's personal papers reside at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division.
In North America, during the 1930s and 1940s, the Library of Congress worked through the offices of traditional music collectors Robert Winslow Gordon, Alan Lomax and others to capture as much North American field material as possible.
* 1800 – The United States Library of Congress is established when President John Adams signs legislation to appropriate $ 5, 000 USD to purchase " such books as may be necessary for the use of Congress ".
This was " Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1835, by C. Bradlee, in the clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts ", according to the Newberry Library, which also says, " The theme is that used by Mozart for his piano variations, Ah, vous dirai-je, maman.
* Alien and Sedition Acts and Related Resources from the Library of Congress
* Portals to the World from the United States Library of Congress
The Library of Congress said that in 1994 Belarus had ground forces of 52, 500.
The US Library of Congress Federal Research Division reported it in 2006 as having generally good freedom of speech and human rights records, while Freedom House listed it as " free " in 2011, giving it scores of 2 for political rights and 2 for civil liberties.
alt = This article incorporates public domain material Bulgaria country profile ( October 2006 ) from websites or documents of the Library of Congress Federal Research Division.
* Library of Congress: Spalding Base Ball Guides, 1889 – 1939
* Finding Franklin: A Resource Guide Library of Congress
* Library of Congress web resource: Benajmin Franklin ... In His Own Words
* US Library of Congress in the Balkan Wars
He believed that because the popular Library of Congress system had been designed for a specific library ( the Library of Congress ) it had no use as a standard system outside that library.

Library and Classification
* Library of Congress Classification
The colon classification uses 42 main classes that are combined with other letters, numbers and marks in a manner resembling the Library of Congress Classification to sort a publication.
The system was the basis for the top categories of the Library of Congress Classification.
* LaMontagne, Leo E. American Library Classification: With Special Reference to the Library of Congress.
* A brief guide to the Expansive Classification from Forbes Library
Besides its frequent revision, DDC's main advantage over its chief American rival, the Library of Congress Classification system developed shortly afterward, is its simplicity.
DDC and UDC are more flexible than Library of Congress Classification because of greater use of facets ( via auxiliary tables ) while Library of Congress Classification is almost totally enumerative.
DDC's decimal system means that it is less hospitable to the addition of new subjects, as opposed to Library of Congress Classification, which has 21 classes at the top level.
As a result, while the Library of Congress Classification system was able to incorporate changes and additions of new branches of knowledge, particularly in the fields of engineering and computer science ( the greater hospitability of the Library of Congress Classification was also a factor ), DDC has been criticized for being inadequate in covering those areas.
The Library of Congress Classification system is not without problems.
* Full text of A Classification and Subject Index for Cataloguing and Arranging the Books and Pamphlets of a Library ( Dewey Decimal Classification ) ( 1876 ) from Project Gutenberg
# REDIRECT Library of Congress Classification
The Library of Congress Classification ( LCC ) is a system of library classification developed by the Library of Congress.
The Classification is also distinct from Library of Congress Subject Headings, the system of labels such as " Boarding schools " and " Boarding schools -- Fiction " that describe contents systematically.

Library and system
It is connected by teletype with the State Library in Albany, which will supply any book to a system that the system itself cannot provide.
The failure of the system to catch on in North America was partly because of its internal deficiencies but also because the Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress systems were already well established.
The City College library continued to use Bliss ’ s system until 1967, when it reluctantly switched to the Library of Congress system.
The settlement was that the OCLC would allow the Library Hotel to use the system in its hotel and marketing.
Under the next three centuries of Hellenistic Egypt, the Coptic writing system evolved and the Library of Alexandria was opened, and this likely had an influence upon books of magic, with the trend on known incantations switching from simple health and protection charms to more specific things such as financial success and sexual fullfillment.
* 1904 – The Blackstone Library is dedicated, marking the beginning of the Chicago Public Library system.
* Library management system ; synonym for integrated library system ( ILS )
The American Library Association was formed, as well as The American Library Journal, Melvil Dewey published his decimal based system of classification, and the United States Bureau of Education published its report, " Public libraries in the United States of America ; their history, condition, and management.

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