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Life and Joseph
* Homiletic commentaries on the Old Testament: the Hexaemeron ( Six Days of Creation ); De Helia et ieiunio ( On Elijah and Fasting ); De Iacob et vita beata ( On Jacob and the Happy Life ); De Abraham ; De Cain et Abel ; De Ioseph ( Joseph ); De Isaac vel anima ( On Isaac, or The Soul ); De Noe ( Noah ); De interpellatione Iob et David ( On the Prayer of Job and David ); De patriarchis ( On the Patriarchs ); De Tobia ( Tobit ); Explanatio psalmorum ( Explanation of the Psalms ); Explanatio symboli ( Commentary on the Symbol ).
( Life and teachings of Elder Ephraim ( 1912 – 1998 ) of Katounakia, Mt Athos, a disciple of Elder Joseph the Hesychast.
( Life and teachings of Elder Charalambos ( 1910 – 2001 ), sometime Abbot of the Monastery of Dionysiou, Mt Athos, and a disciple of Elder Joseph the Hesychast.
Joseph Goebbels: Life and Death, Palgrave Macmillan ; biography based partly on his diary from 1923 to 1945 released in recent years from former Soviet archives.
In 1892 the first significant collection of Severn's papers was published by William Sharp in The Life and Letters of Joseph Severn.
* William Sharp, The Life and Letters of Joseph Severn ( London: Sampson Low, Marston, 1892 )
* Sheila Birkenhead, Against Oblivion: The Life of Joseph Severn ( London: Cassell, 1943 )
* Sue Brown, Joseph Severn, A Life: The Rewards of Friendship ( London: Oxford UP, 2009 )
Traveling the Rainbow: The Life and Art of Joseph E. Yoakum.
* Melbourne and Mars: My Mysterious Life on Two Planets ( 1889 ) by Joseph Fraser.
Joseph Conrad in Notes on Life and Letters.
* O ' Brian, Patrick 1993 Joseph Banks: A Life.
* 1821-A. Duncan A Short Account of the Life of the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks ( University of Edinburgh, UK )
Following his exile to Mexico in the late 1930s, Spanish Civil War activist and montage artist Joseph Renau compiled his acclaimed Fata Morgana USA: the American Way of Life, a book of photomontaged images highly critical of Americana and North American " consumer culture ".
The first literary connection of Joseph of Arimathea with Britain had to wait for the ninth-century Life of Mary Magdalene attributed to Rabanus Maurus ( AD 766 – 856 ), Archbishop of Mainz ; however, the earliest authentic copy of the Maurus text is one housed in the Bodleian Library of Oxford University.
Henry Fielding proved his mastery of the form in Joseph Andrews ( 1742 ), The Life of Jonathan Wild the Great ( 1743 ) and The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling ( 1749 ), but, as Fielding himself wrote, these novels were written in imitation of the manner of Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, not in imitation of the picaresque novel ; Cervantes himself wrote a short picaresque novel, Rinconete y Cortadillo part of his Novelas Ejemplares ( Exemplary Novels ).
* Joseph von Fraunhofer – His Life, His Legacy.
* Word of Life Church, megachurch in St. Joseph, Missouri
Whistler was the subject of a contemporaneous biography by his friend, the printmaker Joseph Pennell, who collaborated with his wife Elizabeth Robins Pennell to write The Life of James McNeill Whistler, published in 1908.
His roles include Brutus in Julius Caesar ( 1953 ), Field Marshal Erwin Rommel in The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel and The Desert Rats, the amoral valet turned spy in Joseph Mankiewicz's 5 Fingers, the declining actor in the first remake of A Star Is Born ( 1954 ), Captain Nemo in 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea ( also 1954 ), a small town school teacher driven insane by the effects of cortisone in Bigger Than Life ( 1956 ), a suave master spy in North by Northwest ( 1959 ), a determined explorer in Journey to the Center of the Earth ( also 1959 ), Humbert Humbert in Stanley Kubrick's Lolita ( 1962 ), a river pirate who betrays Peter O ' Toole's character in Lord Jim ( 1965 ), the evil Doctor Polidori in Frankenstein: The True Story ( 1973 ), the vampire's servant, Richard Straker, in Salem's Lot, and surreal Royal Navy Captain Hughes in Yellowbeard ( 1983 ).
Radical Joe: Life of Joseph Chamberlain, H Hamilton, 1977
* Joseph Banks: A Life ( 1987 ) The Harvill Press, London.
* Kate Colquhoun-A Thing in Disguise: The Visionary Life of Joseph Paxton ( Fourth Estate, 2003 ) ISBN 0-00-714353-2
Huxley's major biographies were the three volumes of Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley and the two volumes of Life and Letters of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker OM GCSI.

Life and Booth
Charles Booth in his survey of London Life and Labour reported that the older streets ( Anson Road and Carleton Road ) housed a mixture of retired merchants and music hall artistes who were rich enough to holiday abroad over winter.
Part of Charles Booth ( philanthropist ) | Charles Booth's poverty map showing Wapping in 1889, published in Life and Labour of the People in London.
These songs are on the album " Ghetto Life " which was released by Executive Producer Gregory Booth of Framed Records on April 20, 2010.
Theatrical Manager Noah Ludlow, who was performing with Booth at the time at the American theatre in New Orleans, recounts the actual events starting on page 230 of his memoir Dramatic Life As I Found It and concludes: " Therefore I consider the story of Mr. Booth having performed Orestes in the French language, on the French stage, altogether a mistake arising from his having acted that character in the French theatre of New Orleans in 1822, but in the English language.
* The Life and Plot of John Wilkes Booth
Hope sang with other children in the play Life, Laughter and Tears, which opened at the Booth Theatre in March 1942.
* Booth-Tucker, Frederick The Short Life of Catherine Booth, the Mother of The Salvation Army ( 1892, 1910 ) Also published as The life of Catherine Booth: the Mother of The Salvation Army.
Lincoln's Inn Fields in 1889 from Charles Booth ( philanthropist ) | Charles Booth, Life and Labour of the People in London: red areas are " middle-class, well-to-do "; blue areas are " Intermittent or casual earnings ", and black areas are the " lowest class ... occasional labourers, street sellers, loafers, criminals and semi-criminals ".
The Life, Crime and Capture of John Wilkes Booth.
* Victor, Memoirs of the Life of Barton Booth ( 1733 ).
* Ernest Booth, discovered by H. L. Mencken, who published his stories in The American Mercury ; he wrote a successful autobiography, Stealing Through Life ; a novel, With Sirens Screaming ; and a number of scenarios and screenplays, including Ladies of the Mob ( 1928 ) and Ladies of the Big House ( 1931 ).
In aim, the work was a continuation of such surveys of social conditions as Charles Booth ’ s " Life and Labour of the People in London " ( 1889 – 1903 ) and Seebohm Rowntree's " Poverty, A Study of Town Life " ( 1901 ).
* Mark Booth: Spanish Still Life or A Large List of Merged Animals, October 26, 2008 – January 4, 2009
Booth next translated Victor Cousin's Secret History of the French Court: or, Life and Times of Madame de Chevreuse ( 1859 ).

Life and 1996
* Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life ( Simon & Schuster ; reprint edition 1996 ) ( ISBN 0-684-82471-X )
Former documentary filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda launched an acclaimed feature career with Maborosi ( 1996 ) and After Life ( 1999 ).
* School of American Ballet 1996: Life Achievement Award
* Palm Springs International Film Festival 1996: Life Achievement Award
* Gertrude of Nivelles, abbess of Nivelles ( died 658 ) presented in The Life of St. Geretrude ( in Fouracre and Gerberding 1996 )
* Balthild, queen of the Franks ( died ca 680 ), presented in The Life of Lady Bathild, Queen of the Franks ( in Fouracre and Gerberding 1996 )
* Audouin of Rouen, presented in The Life of Audoin, Bishop of Rouen ( in Fouracre and Gerberding 1996 );
* 1996, National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham, UK
The cladogram presented here illustrates the " family tree " of reptiles, and follows a simplified version of the relationships found by Laurin and Gauthier ( 1996 ), presented as part of the Tree of Life Web Project, with information on the relationships of the most primitive reptiles after Muller and Reisz ( 2006 ).
* Tudor, Victoria, " Reginald's Life of St Oswald ", in C. Stancliffe and E. Cambridge ( eds ), Oswald: Northumbrian King to European Saint ( 1995, 1996 ).
In September 1996 Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and Case Western Reserve University cohosted Hard Travelin ': The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie, a 10-day conference of panel sessions, lectures, and concerts.
As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s ( Harvard University Press, 1996 ) 328 pp.
David Benson's 1996 Edinburgh Fringe show, Think No Evil of Us: My Life with Kenneth Williams, saw Benson playing Williams ; after touring, the show ran in London's West End.
* Gray ; Susan E. The Yankee West: Community Life on the Michigan Frontier ( 1996 ) online
Along with Last Train from Berlin, he wrote three other books, The Population Explosion ( 1960 ), the children's book Washington, D. C .: The Story of our Nation's Capital ( 1967 ), and a memoir Events Leading Up to My Death: The Life of a Twentieth-Century Reporter ( 1996 ).
* Homicide: Life on the Street ( 2 episodes, 1994 – 1996 )
In the 1990s, after playing the lead female role in the short-lived My Life and Times, Hunt starred in the series Mad About You, winning Emmy Awards for her performances in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999.
* Running from the Hunter: The Life and Works of Charles Beaumont, by Lee Prosser, ( 1996 ), ISBN 0-89370-291-9.
Philip Johnson: Life and Work, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.
* Bruce Seymour, Lola Montez, a Life, Yale University Press, 1996.
* Li Zhisui, The Private Life of Chairman Mao ( London: Random House, 1996 ) ISBN 0-09-964881-4
In 1996, Flynt published his autobiography, An Unseemly Man: My Life as a Pornographer, Pundit, and Social Outcast ( ISBN 978-0787111786 ).
* Flynt, Larry and Ross, Kenneth An Unseemly Man: My Life As A Pornographer, Pundit And Social Outcast ( 1996 ) ISBN 0-7871-1143-0
Capra is the author of several books, including The Tao of Physics ( 1975 ), The Turning Point ( 1982 ), Uncommon Wisdom ( 1988 ), The Web of Life ( 1996 ), and The Hidden Connections ( 2002 ).
* Death: The Time of Your Life ( 1996 ): Another three-issue, Gaiman-penned Death limited series, also featuring supporting characters from A Game of You.

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