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Mühlbach and canal
The name derives from the frequent mills in former times along the canal which took advantage of the decline between Mühlbach and Amper.
Its river is the Leitha and its canal is the Mühlbach.

Mühlbach and which
Oswald became one of five military commanders and was tasked with the defence of the most important of all positions, the Mühlbacher Klause ( Mühlbach fortress ), which blocked the most likely invasion route from Styria, where King Friedrich had taken up residence.
Louise became the subject of a series of novels by nineteenth century German historical fiction writer Luise Mühlbach, which included Louisa of Prussia and her Times and Napoleon and the Queen of Prussia.

Mühlbach and is
In the rural use of several regions where heavy dialect is spoken ( i. e. Bavaria, Saxony, the Palatinate or the Saarland ), the order is reversed, e. g. " der Mühlbach Klaus " instead of " Klaus Mühlbach ".
Especially in these regions, it is also the usual administrative way, but with a comma ; the said person would appear in documents as " Mühlbach, Klaus " or even, with a title or profession " Mühlbach, Klaus, Dr ./ OLt / Bäcker ".
Sebeș (; German: Mühlbach ; Hungarian: Szászsebes ; Transylvanian Saxon dialect: Melnbach ) is a city in Alba County, central Romania, southern Transylvania.
Its main river is the Leitha and the Mühlbach Canal.
The Scheckenbachmühle is a former watermill on the Eherieder Mühlbach between Kaltensondheim and the city of Kitzingen, district of Kitzingen, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany.
The former mill is placed on the Eherieder Mühlbach and next to an Autobahn bridge.

Mühlbach and from
* Queen Hortense-A Life Picture of the Napoleonic Era-1910 book by L. Mühlbach, as an eText from Project Gutenberg
Upper and lower reaches: Putzengraben, Trattenbach and Dürnbach from the Kitzbühel Alps, Krimmler Ache, Obersulzbach, Untersulzbach, Habach, Hollersbach, Felberbach, Stubache, Kapruner Ache from the High Tauern, Pinzga from Lake Zell, Fuscher Ache, Rauriser Ache from the High Tauern, Dientener Bach from the Slate Alps, Gasteiner Ache, Großarlbach, Kleinarlbach from the High Tauern, Fritzbach from the Dachstein Massif, Mühlbach and Blühnbach from the Hochkönig.

Mühlbach and at
In 1867 he entered the Diet of Hungary as Conservative deputy for Mühlbach ( Szászsebes ); in 1869 he was appointed consul-general at Belgrade ; and in 1872 he visited the Vilayet of Bosnia for the first time.

Mühlbach and .
In 1839 he married Klara Müller ( 1814 – 1873 ), who under the name of Luise Mühlbach became a popular novelist, and he moved in the same year to Berlin.
As of the amalgamations in 1978, Karlstadt ’ s Stadtteile are Gambach, Heßlar, Karlburg, Klein Laudenbach, Laudenbach, Mühlbach, Rohrbach, Stadelhofen, Stetten and Wiesenfeld.
The latter region, centered on the city of Mühlbach ( Sebeş ) was known as the Unterwald.

man and made
I made you a man ''.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
No man could have reached his spot nor held it without being ruthless, and Hague had made a virtue of ruthlessness all of his life.
Lewis was a man who had made a full-time job of cow stealing.
And Keith's record of kills made him a man to listen to -- a man paradoxically, who might even survive.
Rifle leveled on the man, he made a rush.
Some odor made him lean over the man.
`` I have just come from viewing a man who had made the fortune of his country, but now is working all night in order to support his family '', he reflected.
Civilization is what man has made of himself.
and, as in the March home, any young man who called on the Szolds found himself confronted with a phalanx of femininity which made it rather difficult to direct his particular attention to any one of them.
In his fight for the Illinois and Indiana delegations, Hearst made several trips to Chicago to confer with Andrew Lawrence, the former San Francisco Examiner man who was now his Chicago kingpin, and once to meet with Bryan.
He thought about it and he told the man he just couldn't do it over in accordance with the suggestions he had made.
Banks the Butcher took Meltzer the Scholar as an apprentice and he made it very clear that a man of learning must be able to do more than just quote the Commentaries of the Talmud in order to live.
What it is trying to do is to protect the little man, too, as well as trying to maintain a flow of fresh meat to all stores, with choice of cut being made by the consumer, not the store.
a handsome, fine-looking man it made him proud to see.
For example, one hebephrenic man used to annoy me, month after month, by saying, whenever I got up to leave and made my fairly steoreotyped comment that I would be seeing him on the following day, or whenever, `` You're welcome '', in a notably condescending fashion -- as though it were his due for me to thank him for the privilege of spending the hour with him, and he were thus pointing up my failure to utter a humbly grateful, `` thank you '' to him at the end of each session.
It is in this one aspect, at least, that man seems to be made in the image of his Creator.
`` We '' were Bill Garrett of the National Geographic Illustrations Staff, whose three cameras and eight lenses made him look as formidable as any fighting man we met ; ;
A man with a sketch pad in hand sat with a large pink woman in a small office at the end of a long, dim corridor and made pencil lines on paper and said, `` Is this more like it, Mrs. MacReady??
Seeing the man he blamed for this made much of -- youth and bitterness and --
that made it doubtful as the hiding place of a man whose plans had to be made in advance.
Casey made some comment, but his mind was busy as he considered the man.
The man made no reply.

man and canal
Disraeli, seeing promise in the young man and wanting Clarissa to be happy, convinces Charles to come work for him, and tells him about the canal purchase.
This irritated the Egyptian Viceroy, Muhammad Ali, who wanted the Saint-Simonians thrown out, but de Lesseps, the man who would ultimately build the canal, was sympathetic and intervened on their behalf.
James Brindley was the engineer charged with building the canal, a man who gives his name to the busy district in the centre of Birmingham near the International Convention Centre, National Indoor Arena and Broad Street.
Riquet is the man responsible for building the 240-kilometre-long artificial waterway that links the southern coast of France to Toulouse to link to the canal / river system that ran across to the Bay of Biscay, one of the great engineering feats of the 17th century.
The man kidnapped the naked Lister, locked him in a box and threatened to throw him into a canal.
It called for around 800 soldiers to man the forward fortifications on the canal line.
When they are walking alongside the Donaukanal ( danube canal ) they are approached by a man who, instead of begging, offers to write them a poem with a word of their choice in it.
Traven's last novel, published in 1960, was Aslan Norval ( so far not translated into English ), the story of an American millionairess, married to an aging businessman and at the same time in love with a young man, who is going to build a canal running across the United States as an alternative for the nuclear arms race and space exploration programs.
And, tellingly, the one man with whom he forges a tentative friendship, Chuck Ramkissoon, winds up being pulled out of a New York canal with his hands tied behind his back.
Originally mooted was the concept to make the Sankey Brook navigable, but its eventual result was a full man made canal linking St. Helens to the River Mersey and the city of Liverpool.
They now threaten to enter the Great Lakes through the man made canal connecting the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River water shed.
Unhappy with the results of the dredge, Hudgins developed a new technique that was later adopted for digging all the man made canal of the Keys.
Andréossy supplied the technical expertise that Riquet lacked and became Riquet's right hand man throughout the construction of the canal.
This location marks where the route of the Rideau Canal leaves the Rideau River and enters a man made canal leading to the Ottawa locks.

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