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MediaWiki and software
Among public wikis, MediaWiki is the dominant software: it powers the world's most popular public wiki, Wikipedia, as well as the most popular wiki farm, Wikia, and it is the most popular software in use on other public wikis as well.
Other wiki software is available in both hosted and downloadable form, including Confluence, Socialtext, MediaWiki ( available on Wikia and EditThis. info, among other sites ) and XWiki.
The current best-known semantic wiki software is Semantic MediaWiki, a plugin to MediaWiki.
* OpenFacts, a wiki-based open source knowledge database ( using the MediaWiki software )
The site runs on MediaWiki software.
The TV IV runs MediaWiki software, but has disabled anonymous editing and has licensed the content under the Creative Commons license ( cc-by-2. 5 ).
Backtracking is also utilized in the ( diff ) difference engine for the MediaWiki software.
* Backtracking is also utilized in the " diff " ( version comparing ) engine for the MediaWiki software.
Wikiquote is one of a family of wiki-based projects run by the Wikimedia Foundation, running on MediaWiki software.
Examples of asynchronous collaboration software include Cisco WebEx Connect, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Sharepoint and MediaWiki.
MediaWiki is a free web-based wiki software application.
MediaWiki is free and open source software and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or any later version while its documentation is released under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3. 0 license and partly in the public domain.
Specifically, the manuals and other content at MediaWiki. org are Creative Commons-licensed, while the set of help pages intended to be freely copied into fresh wiki installations and / or distributed with MediaWiki software is public domain.
The Wikimedia Foundation was announced on June 20, 2003, and in July, Wikipedia contributor Daniel Mayer suggested the name " MediaWiki " for the software, as a play on " Wikimedia ".
United Nations agencies such as the U. N. Development Programme and INSTRAW chose to implement their wikis using MediaWiki because " this software runs Wikipedia and is therefore guaranteed to be thoroughly tested, will continue to be developed well into the future, and future technicians on these wikis will be more likely to have exposure to MediaWiki than any other wiki software.
* MediaWiki, a wiki software
* Interwiki links in MediaWiki and other wiki software.
The software used for this task is MediaWiki.

MediaWiki and has
Steve Slevinski has released the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin for viewing SignWriting within MediaWiki.
MediaWiki development has generally favored the use of open-source media formats.
MediaWiki has an active volunteer community for development and maintenance.
MediaWiki has a public bug tracker, bugzilla. wikimedia. org, which runs Bugzilla.
But, MediaWiki has also been used to power tens of thousands of other wikis, both public and private.
Because of this, MediaWiki, for example, has had to introduce its own < code >< nowiki ></ nowiki ></ code > tag for citing references in notes, an idea which has since also been implemented for generic use by the Nelson HTML preprocessor.
" To promote internal collaboration, NRCan has implemented a departmental wide wiki based on MediaWiki.

MediaWiki and additional
MediaWiki provides a rich core feature set and a mechanism to attach extensions to provide additional functionality.

MediaWiki and feature
The Template feature of MediaWiki is an embedded domain-specific language whose fundamental purpose is to support the creation of page templates and the transclusion ( inclusion by reference ) of MediaWiki pages into other MediaWiki pages.

MediaWiki and which
Above is " MF Stavangerfjord " which goes between Arsvågen and Mortavika in Rogaland < script type =" text / javascript " src =" http :// de. wikipedia. org / w / index. php? title = MediaWiki: Gadget-revisionjumper. js & action = raw & ctype = text / javascript "></ script >.
Since, August 2005 the TVFriends project is hosted by Wikia ( which also runs on MediaWiki ).
Major MediaWiki releases are generated approximately every three to eight months by taking snapshots of the development trunk, which is kept continuously in a runnable state ; minor releases, or point releases, are issued as needed to correct bugs ( especially security problems ).
* Pages in the MediaWiki namespace, which contain system messages and text for the user interface
* In December 2007, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that by mid 2008 MediaWiki, which powers Wikipedia and a number of other Internet wiki-based sites, will provide OpenDocument export of wiki content.
Software like MediaWiki uses " magic words " to make system information available to templates and editors, such as < nowiki ></ nowiki >, which displays the server time:, see Help: Magic words.
One wiki implementation which supports this type of permalinks is MediaWiki, the software which runs Wikipedia.
For lines of CSS which should be different on different MediaWiki projects, e. g. for a different background color for easy distinction, clearly the local CSS cannot be used ; at least these lines should be put in the user subpages.
The needs from Hong Kong and Singapore were taken into accounts in the MediaWiki 1. 4. 2 release, which made the conversion table for zh-sg default to zh-cn, and zh-hk default to zh-tw.
The wikitext is rendered using the XWiki Rendering Engine which extends WikiModel and Doxia systems, allowing it to parse Confluence, JSPWiki, Creole, MediaWiki, and TWiki syntaxes as well as XWiki's own syntax.
All of the site's content is licensed under Creative Commons ( by-nc-sa ); and the site uses a modified version of MediaWiki 1. 12, which is open source.

MediaWiki and uses
Software that uses PHP includes MediaWiki, Joomla, Wordpress, Concrete5, MyBB, and Drupal.
The double square brackets around the photo of a sunflower symbolize the syntax MediaWiki uses for creating hyperlinks to other wiki pages.
Wikia also uses MediaWiki Software.
MediaWiki uses an extensible lightweight wiki markup designed to be easier to use and learn than HTML.

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