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Mill and Lane
On 24 April 1826 over 1, 000 men and women, many armed, gathered at Whinney Hill in Clayton-le-Moors to listen to a speaker from where they marched on Sykes ’ s Mill at Higher Grange Lane, near the site of the modern police station and Magistrate ’ s Courts, and smashed over 60 looms.
Elsewhere, rebel forces took up positions at the Four Courts, the centre of the Irish legal establishment, at Jacob's Biscuit Factory and Boland's Mill and at the hospital complex at South Dublin Union and the adjoining Distillery at Marrowbone Lane.
Site of the first telephone exchange in City Mill Lane.
The ore was taken to a specially constructed smelting plant at Powder Mill Lane in Dartford.
The bishop's house is in Abbey Mill Lane, St Albans, as is the house of the Bishop of Hertford.
By the 1850s the Press was using steam-powered machine presses, employing two to three hundred people, and occupying several buildings in the Silver Street and Mill Lane area, including the one that the Press still occupies, the Pitt Building ( 1833 ), which was built specifically for the Press and in honour of William Pitt the Younger.
The elderly man and his wife who lived in Mill Lane, Chadwell Heath and toured the estate in a horse-drawn cart on Saturday mornings selling logs and firewood ( mostly tarred wood taken from the East End roads when they were replaced by tarmac ) saw their business collapse overnight.
The Sun public house stands on the corner of North Street and Mill Lane.
In 1993 its boundary was extended to include parts of Mill Lane and parts of The Square and Talbot Road, containing the All Saints Church Rectory.
Located on the corner of Strawberry Lane and Mill Lane, Strawberry Lodge is owned by Carshalton Baptist Church.
It is situated in the area approximately bounded by the High Street, North Street and Mill Lane.
: Pudding Mill Lane
Pudding Mill Lane is in the south of the Olympic Park.
As defined by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission ( M-NCPPC ) and the North Potomac Citizens Association ( NPCA ), it is bordered by Darnestown Road in the north, Glen Mill Road in the east and south, Boswell Lane and Travilah Road in the south, and Jones Lane in the west and encompasses distinct sections of the ZIP codes 20878, 20854, and 20850.
The mill has been restored to its mid-19th century appearance and is located on Grist Mill Lane in Saddle Rock.
The trail, developed on a former railroad bed, follows Perkiomen Creek and connects three county parks ( Lower Perkiomen Valley Park, Central Perkiomen Valley Park, and Green Lane Park ) and two county historic sites ( Mill Grove at Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and Pennypacker Mills ).
Public schools, established under the system authorized by the legislature in 1834, included Cold Point School on Cold Point Hill, Plymouth Valley School on Butler Pike adjacent to the Friends meeting property, the Eight Square school on North Lane ( then known as Spring Mill Road ), the Sandy Hill school in Black Horse ( now the site of L. Frank Markel and Sons factory ) and the North Star school on Germantown Pike on property presently housing Plymouth Center Union Mission church.
* The Batley village of Hanging Heaton is home to Mill Lane J, I & EY School.
The Roundhill Mill site in the Cliffe lane area of Gomersal is known for the sighting of the scratje ( pronounced Skrayty ), a legendary Norse spirit supposedly observed by a son prior to the death of his father and characterised by a cold and apparently sourceless light which moves erratically. The old name for Cliffe Lane was Scrat Lane.
* J. Howard Pew, son of Joseph Newton Pew, founder of Sun Oil Company ; his estate " Knollbrook " is located on a tall hill barely visible above the intersection of Grays Lane and Mill Creek Road, touching Ardmore, Gladwyne, and Haverford
The schools in the town are Carleton Community High School, in Carleton, and The King's School, on Mill Hill Lane ; both are comprehensive schools, for ages 11 – 16.
* Road Bridge on Mill Lane near Stillington.

Mill and Industrial
* At the extreme southern end of the site, Lombe's Silk Mill now houses the Derby Industrial Museum.
Ground control for Corona satellites was initially conduct from Stanford Industrial Park, an industrial park on Page Mill Road in Palo Alto, California.
The pulp-and-paper, timber and woodworking industries ( JSC Svetogorsk, pulp and paper mill in Svetogorsk, Vyborgsky Pulp and Paper Mill in Vyborg, Priozersky Furniture and Woodworking Industrial Complex and Priozersky Woodworking Factory in Priozersk, as well as other smaller enterprises all over the isthmus ) are well developed in Vyborgsky and Priozersky Districts.
The building, still called Longlands Mill, also houses the Mossley Industrial Heritage Centre, which records the history of the cotton industry in Mossley.
Historically a part of Lancashire, Reddish grew and developed rapidly during the Industrial Revolution and still retains landmarks from that period, such as Houldsworth Mill, a former textile mill.
Agricultural based industries include BOCM Pauls who have a large animal feed mill on the Penrith Industrial Estate and until 2005 there was another Feed Mill at Gilwilly originally belonging to Cumberland and Westmorland Farmers Ltd but eventually becoming part of the Carrs Milling Industries group.
The next challenge to the dominance of craft unions within the AFL came from inside, as John L. Lewis of the Mine Workers, David Dubinsky of the ILGWU, Sidney Hillman of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, Charles Howard of the International Typographical Union, Thomas McMahon, head of the United Textile Workers, John Sheridan of the Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union ( the descendant of the WFM ), Harvey Fremming from the Oil Workers Union and Max Zaritsky of the Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers joined to form a Committee for Industrial Organizing within the AFL.
Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, England, is one of the best preserved textile mills of the Industrial Revolution and is now a museum of the cotton industry.
Derby Silk Mill, formerly known as Derby Industrial Museum, is a museum of industry and history in Derby, England.
Coalmining and metalworking also flourished in this period, but the Industrial Revolution supplanted the domestic industries and converted Milnrow into an urban mill town that mass-produced textile goods in cotton mills, such as Ellenroad Ring Mill ( now a museum ).
* Cooper, C. C. ' The Production Line at Portsmouth Block Mill ', in Industrial Archaeology Review VI, 1982, 28-44
During the Industrial Revolution there were four cotton mills, including Flats Mills belonging to William Calvert which employed 400 workers and James Livesey and Son's Moon Mill employing 130 workers.
It was restored by the Alberni Valley Industrial Heritage Society in 1986 for Expo 86 and more recently was re-certified for commercial use at McLean Mill.
These are not Roman, but were water reservoirs for Samuel Oldknow's Mellor Mill cotton mill, a major employer in the area in the Industrial Revolution.
Major Establishments in Lugait are Holcim Philippines, Inc., Mindanao Steel Corporation, Horizon Port Services, Trine Construction, WOL Corn Mill, Sy Corn Mill, CY Hardware and Lugait Lumber and Industrial Supply.
The Forge Mill Needle Museum in Redditch, Worcestershire, is a historic museum depicting Redditch's Industrial Heritage.

Mill and is
) Henry Babbage's " Analytical Engine Mill " is on display at the Science Museum in London.
A production is scheduled at the Mill Studio in Guildford in September 2010, to be staged by PH Productions.
For instance, John Stuart Mill famously suggested that " the Battle of Marathon, even as an event in British history, is more important than the Battle of Hastings ".
John Stuart Mill, in his exposition of hedonistic utilitarianism, proposed a hierarchy of pleasures, meaning that the pursuit of certain kinds of pleasure is more highly valued than the pursuit of other pleasures.
Hedonism, for example, teaches that this feeling is pleasure — either one's own, as in egoism ( the 17th-century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes ), or everyone's, as in universalistic hedonism, or utilitarianism ( the 19th-century English philosophers Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill, and Henry Sidgwick ), with its formula of the " greatest pleasure of the greatest number.
The oldest rice mill in operation in the United States, the Conrad Rice Mill, is located in New Iberia.
] When he had done eating, he usually took a Kind of Chocolate, made after the Manner of the Country, that is, the Substance of the Nut beat up with the Mill till the Cup was filled more with Froth than with Liquor ; after which he used to smoak Tobacco perfum'd with liquid Amber.
This quarrel ( or this dispute ) is well configured by Umberto Eco when, exposing the example of divergences about the concept of " Denotation " in Staurt Mill and Hjelmslev, concluded that:
John Stuart Mill, in his exposition of hedonistic utilitarianism, proposed a hierarchy of pleasures, meaning that the pursuit of certain kinds of pleasure is more highly valued than the pursuit of other pleasures.
John Stuart Mill ( and also Kant's pupil Herbart ) argued that the predicative nature of existence was proved by sentences like " A centaur is a poetic fiction " or " A greatest number is impossible " ( Herbart ).
His statement of the Ethic of Reciprocity as the foundation of ethics is the earliest in Ancient Greece, and he differs from the formulation of utilitarianism by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill by emphasizing the minimization of harm to oneself and others as the way to maximize happiness.
As John Stuart Mill put it in the mid-19th century, matter is the " permanent possibility of sensation ".
She is the author of seven novels, including Adam Bede ( 1859 ), The Mill on the Floss ( 1860 ), Silas Marner ( 1861 ), Middlemarch ( 1871 – 72 ), and Daniel Deronda ( 1876 ), most of them set in provincial England and known for their realism and psychological insight.
Mill believed that there can be different levels of pleasure-higher quality pleasure is better than lower quality pleasure.
About the same time, George Eliot's The Mill on the Floss was published, introducing Maggie Tulliver " who is explicitly compared with Hamlet " though " with a reputation for sanity ".
Samuel Slater ( 1768 – 1835 ) is the founder of the Slater Mill.
The park has a gazebo, picnic tables, and a small man-made waterfall that connects to a pond called Mill Pond which is part of the Northern Branch of the Kalamazoo River.
* The homestead Mill Grove in Audubon, PA is open to the public and contains a museum presenting all his major works, including Birds of America.
According to utilitarian thinkers including John Stuart Mill, justice is not as fundamental as we often think.
Mill tries to explain our mistaken belief that justice is overwhelmingly important by arguing that it derives from two natural human tendencies: our desire to retaliate against those who hurt us, and our ability to put ourselves imaginatively in another's place.
The original concept of natural monopoly is often attributed to John Stuart Mill, who ( writing before the marginalist revolution ) believed that prices would reflect the costs of production in absence of an artificial or natural monopoly.
Furthermore, Mill referred to network industries, such as electricity and water supply, roads, rail and canals, as " practical monopolies ", where " it is the part of the government, either to subject the business to reasonable conditions for the general advantage, or to retain such power over it, that the profits of the monopoly may at least be obtained for the public.
As John Stuart Mill once wrote, the early versions of nominalism were that " there is nothing general except names ", hence the prefix " nomin -".
Mill says that humans must first reason about what is moral, then try to bring the feelings of our conscience in line with our reason.

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