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Mobira and mobile
In 1979, when Salora and Nokia founded a joint company named Mobira, the manufacturing of mobile phones started in Salo.

Mobira and Nokia
The success of NMT meant a lot to Nokia ( then Mobira ) and Ericsson.

150 and mobile
The company has operations in other countries in Northern, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Spain, with a total of 150 million mobile customers ( 2010 ).
* 150 – 156 MHz: " VHF business band ," public safety, the unlicensed Multi-Use Radio Service ( MURS ), and other 2-way land mobile, FM
As of 31 December 2010, Orange has 150 million mobile customers worldwide, 17. 9 % of whom are in France40. Orange France is the leading mobile telecommunications operator in France, with a market share of 45. 38 % as of 2 November 2009.
It is believed that North Korea has deployed some 150 – 200 such missiles on mobile launchers.
It was specified by Nordic telecommunications administrations ( PTTs ) and opened for service in 1 October 1981 as a response to the increasing congestion and heavy requirements of the manual mobile phone networks: ARP ( 150 MHz ) in Finland and MTD ( 450 MHz ) in Sweden and Denmark and OLT in Norway.
RCOM is the world's 15th largest mobile phone operator with over 150 million subscribers and India's 2nd largest telecom operator in India, only after Bharti Airtel.
The mobile reserves that the Germans did possess consisted of some 150 armoured fighting vehicles under the command of 1st Parachute Army, the majority of which belonged to XLVII Panzer Corps.
Additionally, the School has 2, 500 voice and data ports, 1, 100 desktop computers, 400 laptops on mobile carts, 150 digital projectors, 70 networked laser printers, and Internet connection throughout ISB.
* The level two mobile medical kit ( PSM2 ): it can handle resuscitation care for 500 patients ; it is made of 8 tons of equipment and drugs ( 200 references ) in 150 tanks, it can be divided ( is possible to set up several sub-fracedPSM2 ); in addition to the usual logistic equipment of the PSM1, the PSM2 has a tactical radio network and a management computer system.
* The 90th Operations Group provides over 1, 500 combat-ready personnel on continuous alert to operate, protect, maintain, and support 150 ICBMs and 20 missile alert facilities deployed over and provides the North American Aerospace Defense Command and the Air Force Global Strike Command with road mobile, survivable, and endurable command, control, and communications, and base support capability.
It has operated since 2000, and is the largest mobile operator in Kosovo with approximately 1, 150, 000 customers.
Over 50 mobile operators have over 10 million subscribers each, and over 150 mobile operators had at least one million subscribers by the end of 2009.
( This event is organized annually by the GSM Association, an organization with a membership of more than 380 operators of mobile communications from about 150 countries.

150 and phone
Houses without telephones were entitled to free use of the communal phone of a neighbouring house ; the decree further ordered the immediate installation of at least 150 telephones in public squares, particularly in outlying regions .< Ref > Sovnarkom decree, 11 July, 1918, ' On the Use of the Moscow City Telephone Exchange ',
It consists of 100, 000 m < sup > 2 </ sup > of office space and is home to 150 companies and research organizations, for example to many research and development units of the cell phone manufacturer Nokia.
The main CPU in this phone is an ARM925t compatible chip running at 150 MHz while the 6600 only runs at 104 MHz.
The sheriff arrested Thomas Harold Thurmond near a pay phone in a parking garage 150 feet from the San Jose Police station at about 8 p. m. At 3: 00 a. m., Thurmond, after hours of questioning, signed a confession in which he claimed to have bound Brooke Hart with wire and tossed him off the San Mateo Bridge into San Francisco Bay some time between 7: 00 and 7: 30 on the night of the kidnapping.
In October 2007, a South Pyongan province factory chief convicted of making international phone calls from 13 phones he installed in his factory basement was executed by firing squad in front of a crowd of 150, 000 people in a stadium.
[...] Sattler received a phone call from [...] an ' unnamed businessman ' — [...] ten minutes later there was a call from Graham's bank to tell Sattler that $ 150, 000 had been deposited in the ailing comedian's account.
However, as a rule of thumb it is reasonable to expect a passive radar using FM radio stations to achieve detection ranges of up to 150 km, for high-power analogue TV and US HDTV stations to achieve detection ranges of over 300 km and for lower power digital signals ( such as cell phone and DAB or DVB-T ) to achieve detection ranges of a few tens of kilometers.

150 and from
by 1965, production may range from 200 to 350 million lb. for flexible and from 115 to 150 million lb. for rigid.
By airline from Concord to Burlington is a distance of about 150 miles, counting a slight deviation for the stop at either Barre or Montpelier.
The adults vary in length from 8 to 75 centimetres ( 3 to 30 inches ) with the exception of Thomson's caecilian ( Caecilia thompsoni ) which can reach 150 centimetres ( 5 feet ).
Extending from the Gulf northward for about 150 miles ( 240 km ) is the outer belt of the Coastal Plain, also called the Timber Belt, whose soil is sandy and poor, but responds well to fertilization.
On the good side, the TV income was increased from € 75, 150, 744 to € 78, 041, 642 as well as gate income increased, from € 23, 821, 218 to € 31, 017, 179.
xiii, " Cum ad Sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae ") prescribes their work, determines how much they may charge for their labour, fixes a certain tax for an abstract or abridgment of twenty-five words, or their equivalent, 150 letters, forbids them to charge more, even though the abstract goes over twenty-five words but less than fifty words, enacts that the basis of the tax is the labour employed in writing, expediting, etc., the Bulls, and by no means the emoluments accruing to the recipient of the favour or benefice conferred by the Bull, and declares that whoever shall charge more than the tax fixed by him shall be suspended for six months from office, and upon a second violation of the law, shall be deprived of it altogether, and if the delinquent be an abbreviator, he shall be excommunicated.
Buffon, using only 48 small mirrors, was able to melt a 3 kilogram ( six pound ) tin bottle, and ignite wood from a distance of 46 meters ( 150 ft ).
Other areas damaged during World War II bombing included: in September 1940 two unexploded bombs hit the Edward VII galleries, the King's Library received a direct hit from a high explosive bomb, incendiaries fell on the dome of the Round Reading Room but did little damage ; on the night of 10 to 11 May 1941 several incendiaries fell on the south west corner of the Museum, destroying the book stack and 150, 000 books in the courtyard and the galleries around the top of the Great Staircase – this damage was not fully repaired until the early 1960s.
The tower which remains from the original Norman church and stands on the north side of the church ( the upper part is 15th century ) was, until the loss of its spire in 1699, 150 ft high.
The Poles lost just 100 soldiers, but 150 later died from wounds.
In 1978 the development was enhanced by the change from the large army rifle calibre to a small bore rifle, while the range to the target was reduced from 150 to 50 meters.
As his Essanay contract came to an end, and fully aware of his popularity, Chaplin requested a $ 150, 000 signing bonus from his next studio.
In addition to the 121 Chadian soldiers in the Multinational Force in the Central African Republic ( FOMUC ), there are still 150 soldiers from Chad in the C. A. R.
With the 350 and 400 production moving to Kansas, the company indicated that it would lay off 1, 600 more workers, including the remaining 150 employees at the Bend plant and up to 700 workers from the Columbus program.
* Cushioned power – This was to announce the introduction of rubber mounts on the cowling of the 1967 model 150, in addition to the rubber mounts isolating the engine from the cabin.
In both zones, Chagas occurs almost exclusively in rural areas, where triatomines breed and feed on the over 150 species from 24 families of domestic and wild mammals, as well as humans, that are the natural reservoirs of T. cruzi.
* Harper's Weekly 150 cartoons on elections 1860-1912 ; Reconstruction topics ; Chinese exclusion ; plus American Political Prints from the Library of Congress, 1766 – 1876
Many of the mountains are large shield volcanoes that range in size from 150 – 400 km in diameter and 2 – 4 km high.
The common chimpanzee lives in groups which range in size from 15 to 150 members, although individuals travel and forage in much smaller groups during the day.
Common chimpanzees live in communities that typically range from 20 to more than 150 members, but spend most of their time travelling in small, temporary groups consisting of a few individuals, " which may consist of any combination of age and sex classes.
* 1984 – Bhopal Disaster: A methyl isocyanate leak from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India, kills more than 3, 800 people outright and injures 150, 000 – 600, 000 others ( some 6, 000 of whom would later die from their injuries ) in one of the worst industrial disasters in history.

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