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New and York
Our meeting took place in May, 1961, during one of the Maestro's stop-overs in New York, before he left for Europe.
After he had spent the first three years in New York as associate conductor, at Toscanini's invitation, of the NBC Orchestra, he made numerous guest appearances throughout the United States and Latin America.
Principal author of `` The Federalist '', he swung New York over from opposition to the Constitution to ratification almost single-handedly.
He ended his public career as a two-term governor of New York.
Talleyrand passed his New York law office one night on the way to a party.
No Southern novelist has done for Atlanta or Birmingham what Herrick, Dreiser, and Farrell did for Chicago or Dos Passos did for New York.
But hear Harrison E. Salisbury, former Moscow correspondent of The New York Times, and author of `` To Moscow -- And Beyond ''.
Exhibited in shows in London in 1935, and in New York the following year, the new, more elaborated abstracts were much favored in the circles of the modernists as three-dimentional dramas of great intellectual coherence.
In New York he was well received by what was then only a small brave band of non-figurative artists, including Alexander Calder, George K. L. Morris, De Kooning, Holty and a few others.
At the time of his capture Helion had on his person a sketchbook he had bought at Woolworth's in New York.
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
Between 1944 and 1947 Helion had a series of one-man shows -- at the Paul Rosenberg Gallery in New York and in Paris -- of his new realistic pictures.
The New York Herald Tribune's photographer, Ira Rosenberg, tells an anecdote about the time he wanted to take a picture of Carl playing a guitar.
In answer to a New York Times query on what is fame ( `` Thoughts On Fame '', October 23, 1960 ), Carl said: `` Fame is a figment of a pigment.
`` Well, as a matter of fact, I've looked through back-issue files of New York papers for December, 1957, and haven't found a great deal '' --
`` It wasn't necessarily all here in New York.
When the troupe traveled to New York to participate in a one-act-play competition -- and won -- Mercer, instead of returning with the rest of the company in triumph, remained in New York.
the Honorable Robert Wagner, Sr., at that time a justice of the New York Supreme Court, was on the reception committee.
City editor Victor Watson of the New York American was a man of brooding suspicions and mysterious shifts of mood.
The blue-eyed Watson decided that he would dislike living in New York, and the deal fell through.
Hearst took a brief respite to hurry home to New York to become a father.
Attorney Shearn had worked on this for two years and had succeeded in getting a report supporting his stand from the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

New and Times
The New York Times editorialist wondered just who would stop Mr. Lewis and make him write a book.
Then followed a period in which he wrote reviews for The New York Times Book Review, The Commonweal, Commentary, had a small piece in Partisan Review, and moved on to Hudson, The Village Voice, and Exodus.
to the editor of the New York Times:
to the editor of the New York Times:
to the editor of the New York Times:
to the editor of the New York Times:
to the editor of the New York Times:
I found recently a very small article in the New York Times:
Newspaper advertising was mainly concentrated in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal ( Eastern and Midwestern editions ) which averaged two prominent ads per month, and to a lesser degree the New York Herald Tribune and, for the west coast, the Los Angeles Times and the Wall Street Journal ( Pacific Coast edition ).
In addition to the regular schedule, advertisements were run for maximum impact in special editions of the New York Times, Boston Herald, American Banker, Electronic News and, for local promotion, the Providence Sunday Journal.
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a great newspaper, the New York Times, on the occasion of a major change in its top executive command.
I am pleased to note that Mr. Sulzberger will continue to serve as chairman of the board of the New York Times.
Mr. Sulzberger's successor as publisher is Mr. Orvil E. Dryfoos, who is president of the New York Times Co., and who has been with the Times since 1942.
My heartiest congratulations go to their successors, Orvil E. Dryfoos and John B. Oakes, who can be counted upon to sustain the illustrious tradition of the New York Times.
The people of the 17th District of New York, and I as their Representative in Congress, take great pride in the New York Times as one of the great and authoritative newspapers of the world.
Other embassies cable home The New York Times without changing a comma.
After his speech, reporters asked him about the report of his political intentions, published in yesterday's New York Times.
On microfilm, headquarters also has a file of the New York Times from its founding in 1851 to the present day, as well as bound volumes of important periodicals.

New and reports
During the campaign for the New Hampshire primary, reports of an extramarital affair with Gennifer Flowers surfaced.
Another early reference reports that " base ball " was regularly played on Saturdays in 1823 on the outskirts of New York City in an area that today is Greenwich Village.
The New Testament reports that Jesus was baptized.
Massachusetts was increasingly concerned over reports of the capabilities of this fortress, and of privateers staging out of its harbour to raid New England fishermen on the Grand Banks.
In Changes in the Land ( 1983 ), William Cronon analyzed and documented 17th-century English colonists ' reports of increased seasonal flooding in New England during the period when new settlers initially cleared the forests for agriculture.
* 1952 – The New York Daily News reports the news of Christine Jorgenson, the first notable case of sexual reassignment surgery.
At one point, while aboard HMS Mercury, she anchored off New York, where, among other visitors, the captain entertained William Tryon ; Allen reports that Tryon glanced at him without any sign of recognition, although it is likely the New York governor knew who he was.
It has daily features, updates and links to news reports from The New York Times and the BBC.
Nonetheless, the belief in this status persisted for years, even finding its way onto UNESCO's own web site, into the pages of the New York Times and The Economist, and into international media reports in respect of Toronto's two Olympic bids.
When the US Marines landed on the island, they discovered a large amount of documents, which included agreements between the Soviet Government, and the New Jewel Movement, recorded minutes of the Committee meetings, and reports from the Grenadian embassy in Moscow.
To minimise such differences, seven of the most respected labs, AGTA-GTL ( New York ), CISGEM ( Milano ), GAAJ-ZENHOKYO ( Tokyo ), GIA ( Carlsbad ), GIT ( Bangkok ), Gübelin ( Lucerne ) and SSEF ( Basel ), have established the Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee ( LMHC ), for the standardization of wording reports, promotion of certain analytical methods and interpretation of results.
Meeting minutes, annual reports, bulletins, and sermons relating to Klein's rabbinical vocations in Springfield, Massachusetts and Buffalo, New York are also included.
Almost all of the initially favourable reports Ribbentrop provided to Berlin about the alliance's prospects were based on friendly remarks about the " New Germany " from various British aristocrats like Lord Londonderry and Lord Lothian ; the rather cool reception that Ribbentrop received from British Cabinet ministers and senior bureaucrats did not make much of an impression on him at first.
However, there is substantial evidence that the meteorite known as Valera hit and killed a cow upon impact, nearly dividing the animal in two, and similar unsubstantiated reports of a horse being struck and killed by a stone of the New Concord fall also abound.
Isserman ( 2001 ) reports that the New Left " " came to use the word ' liberal ' as a political epithet.
This is perhaps the basis for Internet reports in the late 1990s about the supposed discovery of Pope John's diary in which he allegedly wrote about receiving prophetic insight into the future, including the return of Jesus in New York in 2000.
On New Year's Eve, 1922 / 1923, the building burned to the ground ; contemporary police reports indicate arson as the probable cause.
* 1776 – According to American colonial reports, Ezra Lee makes the world's first submarine attack in the Turtle, attempting to attach a time bomb to the hull of HMS Eagle in New York Harbor ( no British records of this attack exist ).
* Empire State Building in New York was evacuated several times on September 11 and after due to false reports of potential threats.
* 12: 30 p. m. EDT Rudy Giuliani holds a press conference detailing earlier reports about a case of anthrax in New York City.
During the New Testament period, although the tensions went unrecognized by Roman authorities, Josephus reports numerous violent confrontations between Jews and Samaritans throughout the first half of the first century.
The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics reports that estimates of revenue-maximizing tax rates have varied widely, with a mid-range of around 70 %.
Initial reports in the succeeding days suggested his condition was improving, so Roosevelt embarked on a vacation at Mount Marcy in northeastern New York.
" Subsequently, many air traffic control facilities in the New York / Long Island area received reports of an explosion from other pilots operating in the area.

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