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Owsley and Court
The county is named for William Owsley ( 1782 – 1862 ), the judge of the KY Court of Appeals and Governor of Kentucky ( 1844 – 48 ).
The Owsley County Fiscal Court purchased the sculpture and surrounding land in 2008.
William Owsley ( March 24, 1782 – December 9, 1862 ) was an associate justice on the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the 16th Governor of Kentucky.
During his service on the court, Owsley was involved in the Old Court-New Court controversy.
Owsley resigned from the Court of Appeals two years later.
When a vacancy on the Court of Appeals occurred in 1813, Governor Isaac Shelby re-appointed Owsley to the court.

Owsley and House
County officials hope to recreate the slave cabin on the grounds of the Governor William Owsley House.
Owsley returned to the state House in 1831, and served in the state senate from 1832 to 1834.

Owsley and opened
In 1809, Owsley opened a legal practice in Garrard County.
However, postal workers in the state opened Marcy's letter before delivering it to Owsley and had spread the word that the federal government had once again requested troops.

Owsley and 1844
The town, consisting at the time of little more than a temporary log courthouse, became the county seat when Owsley County was formed on May 20, 1844.
In 1844, Owsley was elected governor on the Whig ticket, defeating Democrat William O. Butler by a vote of 59, 792 to 55, 089.

Owsley and was
This was particularly true in San Francisco, due in part to the first major underground LSD factory, established there by Owsley Stanley.
Called " The Trips Festival ", it took place on January 21 – January 23, 1966, and was organized by Stewart Brand, Ken Kesey, Owsley Stanley and others.
Wolfe County was formed on March 5, 1860 from portions of Breathitt County, Morgan County, Owsley County and Powell County.
Owsley County was formed in 1843 from portions of Clay, Breathitt, and Estill Counties and was named for Governor William Owsley.
Owsley County was Kentucky's 96th county.
In 1870, when Lee County was formed, again Owsley County lost some of its territory.
Even though Owsley County was formed only 19 years before the Civil War ( see Kentucky in the American Civil War ), it led all counties in the U. S. in the percentage of white population who enrolled in the Union Army.
The story is told of an Owsley County man who later became Judge Brandenburg who was heard to remark “ I ’ m going out and shoot me a nigger !” and did.
When Bill Abner was high sheriff of Owsley County during the mid 19th century he put the rope around the neck of a black man, hung supposedly for assault on a white woman, wife of a Dr. Hundley.
* ELIHU REYNOLDS, Owsley County, was the only one of the five Confederates who went from Owsley that served through and returned.
* WILLIAM ZION, Owsley County, took part in all the operations and engagements of his company, including Dallas, at which place he was killed.
Earle Bryan Combs, born May 13, 1899 at Pebworth in Owsley County, played baseball for the New York Yankees from 1924 to 1935 and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1970.
* William Owsley ( 1782 – 1862 ) was an American politician and jurist who became the sixteenth Governor of Kentucky.
* William Owsley ( 1782 – 1862 ) was an American politician and jurist who became the sixteenth Governor of Kentucky.
Interviews and articles written by various writers, most notably Tom DeFalco and Peter David, artist Ron Frenz and editor James Owsley ( now known as Christopher Priest ) are all somewhat at odds with one another over many details about the course of events and what was agreed.
) Owsley then wrote the one-shot Spider-Man vs Wolverine in which Ned Leeds was killed off ( though the actual death was not shown ), fully intending that Leeds not be the Hobgoblin.
The term " Wall of Sound " was also used to describe the enormous public address system designed by Owsley Stanley specifically for the Grateful Dead's live performances circa 1974.
Combs was born in Pebworth, Owsley County, Kentucky.

Owsley and Booneville
According to the 2010 Census reports, Owsley County is the " poorest county in the United States '" Its county seat is Booneville and it is a dry county.
Booneville is a city in Owsley County, Kentucky, United States.
Booneville is the county seat of Owsley County.
Cow Creek is an unincorporated community in Owsley County, Kentucky, United States, southeast of the county seat of Booneville.

Owsley and 1846
By the time Owsley made the formal call for volunteers on May 22, 1846, an entire regiment of Kentucky troops had already been organized.
On September 1, 1846, Owsley removed Hardin from his cabinet, charging that Hardin had abandoned his duties because he did not reside in Frankfort.

Owsley and .
* Douglas W. Owsley
LSD manufacturer Owsley Stanley lived in Berkeley during 1965 and provided much of the LSD that became a seminal part of the " Red Dog Experience ", the early evolution of psychedelic rock and budding hippie culture.
Among counties whose population contains a non-Hispanic white majority, it is the poorest by per-capita income and second to another county in the same Kentucky region, Owsley County, by median household income.
Douglas W. Owsley, Smithsonian anthropologist, presented findings in 2006 in Seattle.
:" Claims for the Remains ": Robson Bonnichsen ; Brace ; Gill, Vance Haynes, Richard Jantz, Owsley, Dennis Stanford, Gentry Steele spoke about suit against the U. S. government ;
Owsley County is a county located in the Eastern Mountain Coal Fields region of Kentucky.
Parts of Owsley County were used to form Jackson County in 1858 and Lee County in 1870.
The first settlers in Owsley County were John Renty Baker and John Abner.
In 1858, Owsley County lost some of its territory to Jackson County and in 1860 to Wolfe County.
Except for a handful who sided with the rebels, all who enlisted from Owsley County sympathized with the Union cause as did most of the citizens.
Though the county majority were Union sympathizers Owsley Countians, in general, had little regard for the life of a blacks.

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