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Palace and Charles
* 1840 – Foundation stone for new Palace of Westminster, London, is laid by wife of Sir Charles Barry.
Charles Martel () ( 23 August 686 – 22 October 741 ), also known as Charles the Hammer, was a Frankish military and political leader, who served as Mayor of the Palace under the Merovingian kings and ruled de facto during an interregnum ( 737 – 43 ) at the end of his life, using the title Duke and Prince of the Franks.
The second son of James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark, Charles was born in Dunfermline Palace, Fife, on 19 November 1600.
By 1604, Charles was three and a half and was by then able to walk the length of the great hall at Dunfermline Palace unaided.
In 718, Charles Martel, the Franconian Mayor of the Palace, made war against Saxony because of its help for the Neustrians.
The subsequent competition for the reconstruction of the Palace was won by architect Charles Barry and his design for a building in the Perpendicular Gothic style.
Sir Charles Barry's collaborative design for the Palace of Westminster uses the Perpendicular Gothic style, which was popular during the 15th century and returned during the Gothic revival of the 19th century.
The Victoria Tower was the most conspicuous feature of Charles Barry's design for the New Palace of Westminster.
In desperation, Gregory sent ambassadors to Charles Martel, the Frankish Mayor of the Palace, begging him to intervene on the pope ’ s behalf.
Another of the early enthusiasts of the game was King Charles V of France, who had a court set up at the Louvre Palace.
Charles Barry's architecture for the new Palace of Westminster, which had been badly damaged in an 1834 fire, was built in the medieval style of Westminster Hall, the surviving part of the building.
* Carloman, Pippin the Short and Grifo succeed their father Charles Martel as Mayor of the Palace.
* October 22 – Charles Martel ( b. 688 ), major domus ( i. e., Mayor of the Palace ) of the Franks ; succeeded by his son Pepin the Short ( 714 – 768 )
* Following the death of Theuderic IV, Merovingian King of the Franks, the throne is left vacant for seven years, with Charles Martel, Mayor of the Palace, continuing as effective ruler.
* March 21 – Battle of Vincy: Charles Martel, with his Austrasian forces, defeats Chilperic II, King of Neustria, and his Mayor of the Palace, Ragenfrid, and proclaims Clotaire IV King of Austrasia.
* February 13 – Theuderic IV succeeds Chilperic II as Merovingian King of the Franks, under the control of the Mayor of the Palace, Charles Martel.
In 1527 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor demolished part of the architectural complex to build the Palace which bears his name.
During 2007, the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo in Sevilla www. caac. es, organized an exhibition at the Palace of Charles V in la Alhambra-Granada-in which Viola's work dialogues with the Fine Arts Collection of the museum.
The 13th century Palace of the Kings of Majorca sits on the high citadel, surrounded by ramparts, reinforced for Louis XI and Charles V, which were updated in the 17th century by Louis XIV's military engineer Vauban.
" Jacques Foccart, who had also co-founded the Gaullist Service d ' Action Civique ( SAC, dissolved by Mitterrand in 1982 ) along with Charles Pasqua, and who was a key component of the " Françafrique " system, was again called to the Elysée Palace when Chirac won the 1995 presidential election.
After some five years of siege, Manuel II entrusted the city to his nephew and embarked ( along with a suite of 40 people ) on a long trip abroad to seek assistance against the Ottoman Empire from the courts of western Europe, including those of Henry IV of England ( making him the only Byzantine emperor ever to visit England – he was welcomed from December 1400 to January 1401 at Eltham Palace, and a joust took place in his honour ), Charles VI of France, the Holy Roman Empire, Queen Margaret I of Denmark and from Aragon.
The battle pitted Frankish and Burgundian forces under Austrasian Mayor of the Palace Charles Martel, against an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by ‘ Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus.

Palace and V
Lord Stanley's five sons were instrumental in bringing ice hockey to Europe, beating a court team ( which included both the future Edward VII and George V ) at Buckingham Palace in 1895.
* In V for Vendetta, the Palace of Westminster in London is destroyed by V on November 5.
Pope Paul V | Paul V's coat-of-arms on a building located opposite the Papal Palace.
* James V ( Linlithgow Palace, 15 April 1512 – Falkland Palace, Fife, 14 December 1542 ), the only one to reach adulthood, and the successor of his father.
The band's 1919 appearance at the London Hippodrome was the first official jazz gig by any band in the United Kingdom and was followed by a command performance for King George V at Buckingham Palace.
They say that in 1720, a Brazilian Jesuit, named Bartholomew Gusmao, possessed of abilities, imagination, and address, by permission of John V. fabricated a balloon in a place contiguous to the Royal Palace, and one day, in presence of their Majesties, and an immense crowd of spectators, raised himself, by means of a fire lighted in the machine, as high as the cornice of the building ; but through the negligence and want of experience of those who held the cords, the machine took an oblique direction, and, touching the cornice, burst and fell.
The Ducal Palace, begun by Francesco I d ' Este in 1634 and finished by Francis V, was the seat of the Este court from the 17-19th century.
* James V ( 10 April 1512, Linlithgow Palace-14 December 1542, Falkland Palace ).
Gustaf V was born in Drottningholm Palace in Ekerö, Stockholm County, the son of Prince Oscar and Princess Sofia.
In what most probably was an effort to tame the upper nobility, John V built his own Versailles, the grand Royal Palace of Mafra and the Palace of Necessidades and it's park, in Lisbon .< Ref > http :// www. portugal. gov. pt / pt / os-ministerios / ministerio-dos-negocios-estrangeiros / quero-saber-mais / quero-aprender / mne-palacio-necessidades. aspx </ Ref >
Because of the continuing threat of civil war in Ireland, King George V called the Buckingham Palace Conference in July 1914 where Nationalist and Unionist leaders were invited to seek agreement, which failed.
" On the south side is the Queen's Gallery and the remains of the gatehouse of Holyrood Palace built by James IV, with the coat-of-arms of James V set in the wall.
At the age of 20, she was presented to King George V and Queen Mary of the United Kingdom at Buckingham Palace.
Manuel delivered, by hand, a copy of his work to his friend George V at Windsor Palace.
Edmund Tudor was born either at Much Hadham Palace in Hertfordshire or at Hadham in Bedfordshire, an older son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois ( widow of King Henry V of England ).
In August 1935, Lady Alice became engaged to Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, the third son of King George V. They were married in a private ceremony, in the Private Chapel, Buckingham Palace, on 6 November of that year.

Palace and built
The Palace was an elaborate establishment, built practically on stilts in front, with long flights of wooden steps running up to the porch.
* The Old Palace, Bekesbourne, built c. 1552 for Archbishop Cranmer
The emperor Valens built the Palace of Hebdomon on the shore of the Propontis near the Golden Gate, probably for use when reviewing troops.
Theodosius I founded the Church of John the Baptist to house the skull of the saint ( today preserved at the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, Turkey ), put up a memorial pillar to himself in the Forum of Taurus, and turned the ruined temple of Aphrodite into a coach house for the Praetorian Prefect ; Arcadius built a new forum named after himself on the Mese, near the walls of Constantine.
The city itself grew around the heavily fortified Diocletian's Palace the Emperor had built in anticipation of his retirement.
Branagh set the film with late 19th-century costuming and furnishings ; and Blenheim Palace, built in the early 18th century, became Elsinore Castle in the external scenes.
Cultural sites include: the National Museum of Afghanistan, notably displaying an impressive statue of Surya excavated at Khair Khana, the ruined Darul Aman Palace, the tomb of Mughal Emperor Babur at Bagh-e Babur, and Chehlstoon Park, the Minar-i-Istiqlal ( Column of Independence ) built in 1919 after the Third Afghan War, the mausoleum of Timur Shah Durrani, and the imposing Id Gah Mosque ( founded 1893 ).
The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace ( Palais du Louvre ) which began as a fortress built in the late 12th century under Philip II.
A major 19th-century engineering achievement was The Crystal Palace, the huge cast-iron and plate glass exhibition hall built for The Great Exhibition of 1851 in London.
Samuel Morse received his first ever patent for the telegraph in 1847, at the old Beylerbeyi Palace ( the present Beylerbeyi Palace was built in 1861 – 1865 on the same location ) in Istanbul, which was issued by Sultan Abdülmecid who personally tested the new invention.
* The Ducal Palace, built from 1561 for Duke Ottavio Farnese on a design by Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola.
In Rome Gregory XIII built the magnificent Gregorian chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter, and extended the Quirinal Palace in 1580.
Not a great lover of Berlin, he later built a new palace, the Sanssouci, at Potsdam in 1744-7, followed by the New Palace in 1763-9, so the road now had to be made fit for a King, plus all his courtiers and staff.
In Rome he built for summer use the Belvedere of the Vatican, on an unarticulated slope above the Vatican Palace, which his successor would turn into the Cortile del Belvedere.
Samuel Morse received a patent for the telegraph in 1847, at the old Beylerbeyi Palace ( the present Beylerbeyi Palace was built in 1861 – 1865 on the same location ) in Istanbul, which was issued by Sultan Abdülmecid who personally tested the new invention.
Despite his nominal retirement, Jardine was still very much active in business and politics and built a townhouse in 6 Upper Belgrave Street, then a new upscale residential district in London near Buckingham Palace.
* The Palace of Versailles is first built by Louis XIII, as a hunting lodge.
July 30: In Russia, Empress Elizabeth at the porch of the newly built Catherine Palace, painting ( 1905 ) by Eugene Lanceray ( in Tretyakov Gallery ).
* July 30 – Bartolomeo Rastrelli presents the newly built Catherine Palace to Empress Elizabeth and her courtiers.
* The Palace of Aljafería is built in Zaragoza, Spain, during the Al-Andalus period.
* November 30 – In London, the Crystal Palace is destroyed in a fire ( it had been built for the 1851 Great Exhibition ).

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