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Palm and House
She returned to North Dakota for a tonsillectomy, and was noticed by hotel owner Frank Beringin while working at the Doll House in Palm Springs, California.
The Palm House was built by architect Decimus Burton and iron-maker Richard Turner between 1844 and 1848, and was the first large-scale structural use of wrought iron.
The Temperate house, which is twice as large as the Palm House, followed later in the 19th century.
Near the Palm House is a building known as " Museum No. 1 " ( even though it is the only museum on the site ), which was designed by Decimus Burton and opened in 1857.
The Palm House and Parterre
This greenhouse has twice the floor area of the Palm House and is the world's largest surviving Victorian glass structure.
The Rose Garden, based upon original designs by William Nesfield, is behind the Palm House, and was replanted between 2009 and 2010 using the original design from 1848.
The Palm House
The newly restored Palm House houses many tropical and subtropical plants.
The gardens include some glasshouses of architectural importance, such as the Palm House and the Curvilinear Range.
This structure, and the nearby Palm House ( built 1884 ), have been restored ( using some surplus contemporary structural ironwork from Kew Gardens ) and this work attracted the Europa Nostra award for excellence in conservation architecture.
These works, including House with Palm tree ( 1918 ), Nude with a Mirror ( 1919 ), and The Table-Still Life with Rabbit ( 1920 ), show the clear influence of Cubism, although in a restrained way, being applied to only a proportion of the subject.
The idea of housing the exhibition in a giant glasshouse was not unique to Paxton: at least two of the entrants to the original competition-Richard Turner, co-designer of the Palm House at Kew, and Hector Horeau-had submitted plans for iron and glass constructions.
* 1981 83: Merson House, Palm Beach ( Sydney ), Australia
He served as State Chairman of the California Delegation to the 1991 White House Conference on Library and Information Services ( WHCLIS ) and the President of the Palm Springs Library Board.
At the outmost western edge, a botanical garden going back to an earlier arboretum was re-arranged in 1828, when the Old Palm House was built.
** the Palm House built in 1610, which is the town ’ s emblem
He also commissioned renowned architect Richard Neutra to design the iconic desert Kaufmann House ( 1946 ) in Palm Springs, California. Kaufmann's started several holiday traditions that were carried on after it was taken over such as animated Christmas windows and Santa Land.
Miller House, Palm Springs
* Miller House, 1937, Palm Springs, California
The monumental Palm House dates from 1912 and is renowned for its collection of cycads.
The Palm House, a Beaux Arts-style conservatory, is a wedding and events venue offering catering for up to 300 guests.
Sefton Park Palm House
A petition was presented to the City Council by what had become the " Save the Palm House " campaign.

Palm and 1844
He published two volumes of verse in 1838, Memorials of Residence upon the Continent and Poems of Many Years, Poetry for the People in 1840 and Palm Leaves in 1844.
With iron founder Richard Turner, he designed the glass and iron Palm House ( 1844 1848 ); at the time, this greenhouse was the largest in the world at, and.
* The Palm House, Kew Gardens with Richard Turner ( 1844 )
File: The Palm House, Kew Gardens, London. jpg | The Palm House, Kew Gardens, London with Richard Turner 1844

Palm and
* 1965 The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965: Fifty-one tornadoes hit in six Midwestern states, killing 256 people.
* 1947 Torsten Palm, Swedish race car driver
* Palm Sunday 7 days before Easter
* 1942 All 12 passengers and crewmen aboard an American Airlines DC-3 airliner are killed when it is struck by a U. S. Army Air Forces bomber near Palm Springs, California.
In Latvia, Palm Sunday is called " Pussy Willow Sunday ", and pussy willows symbolizing new life are blessed and distributed to the faithful.
In Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, Palm Sunday known as Shaa ' nineh in Arabic-is perhaps the best-attended service in the Christian Calendar, among the Orthodox, Catholic ( Latin rite and Eastern rite ), Maronite and Anglican Churches, perhaps because it is notably a family occasion.
* Palm mouse held in the palm and operated with only two buttons ; the movements across the screen correspond to a feather touch, and pressure increases the speed of movement.
* Qt for webOS experimental development of Qt for webOS on Palm Pre
* October 23 Award-winning composer and Hollywood songwriter Ralph Rainger (" Thanks for the Memory ") is among 12 people killed in the mid-air collision between an American Airlines DC-3 airliner and a U. S. Army bomber near Palm Springs, California.
* December 13 Jan Gerard Palm, Dutch composer ( b. 1831 )
* April 12 Former pop singer Sonny Bono is elected mayor of Palm Springs, California.
* March 28 The 1920 Palm Sunday tornado outbreak hits the Great Lakes region and Deep South states.
* June 19 John Palm, Curaçao born composer ( d. 1925 )
* April 11 The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965: An estimated 51 tornadoes ( 47 confirmed ) hit in 6 Midwestern states, killing between 256 to 271 people and injuring some 1, 500 more.
* July 1 Jacobo Palm, Curaçao born composer ( b. 1887 )
* January 11 Rudolph Palm, Curaçao born composer ( d. 1950 )
* November 28 Jacobo Palm, Curaçao born composer ( d. 1982 )
* September 12 Carl Eytel, German-American artist working in Palm Springs, California ( d. 1925 )
* May 31 John Palm, Curaçao born composer ( b. 1885 )
* September 17 Carl Eytel, German-American artist working in Palm Springs, California ( b. 1862 )
* June 2 Jan Gerard Palm, composer ( d. 1906 )
* List of Palm OS devices Includes Emulators
* Access Linux Platform planned successor of the Palm OS

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