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from Brown Corpus
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Peace and Corps
much of the glamor President Kennedy's Peace Corps may have held for some prospective applicants has been removed by Sargent Shriver, the head corpsman.
Mr. Eisenhower seized upon the incident of the postcard lost by a Peace Corps girl in Nigeria to attack the entire Corps as a `` juvenile experiment '' and to suggest sending a Corps member to the moon.
Congratulations to N.C. for successfully delving into the heart of the problems that face the Peace Corps.
I would hope that Sargent Shriver will encourage everyone entering the Peace Corps to read it.
Editor's note: Reprints of `` Confrontation '' will be included among the material to be distributed to members of the Peace Corps.
A Peace Corps official described the editorial as `` precisely the message we need to communicate to the men and women who will soon be Peace Corps volunteers ''.
There should be no draft exemption because of Peace Corps service.
Peace Corps volunteers obviously should not be paid what they might earn in comparable activities in the United States.
Peace Corps volunteers should be given just enough to provide a minimum decent standard of living.
In what part of the government should the Peace Corps be established??
The idea of a Peace Corps has captured the imagination of a great many people.
The Peace Corps, therefore, offers an opportunity to add a new dimension to our approach to the world -- an opportunity for the American people to think anew and start afresh in their participation in world development.
For this, the Peace Corps should be administered by a small, new, alive agency operating as one component in our whole overseas operation.
Pending the reorganization of our foreign aid structure and program, the Peace Corps should be established as an agency in the Department of State.
When the aid operations are reorganized the Peace Corps should remain a semi-autonomous, functional unit.
Meanwhile, the Peace Corps could be physically located in ICA's facilities and depend on the State Department and ICA for administrative support and, when needed, program assistance.

Peace and should
How and when should the Peace Corps be launched??
The Peace Corps should be launched soon so that the opportunity to recruit the most qualified people from this year's graduating classes will not be lost.
In any case, our Peace Corps personnel should be offered as technician helpers in development projects of the U.N. and other international agencies.
Congress should then be asked to give the Peace Corps a firm legislative foundation for the next fiscal year.
Specifically, Congress should consider authorizing the Peace Corps to receive contributions from American businesses, unions, civic organizations and the public at large.
Steps should also be taken to link the Food for Peace Program with the Peace Corps, so that foreign currencies accumulated by the sale of U.S. surplus food under P.L. 480 can be put to use to pay some of the host country expenses of Peace Corps personnel.
The extent to which participating bodies such as U. S. voluntary agencies, universities, international organizations, and the host country or institutions in the host country can and should share the cost of the Peace Corps programs must be fully explored.
The Peace Conference adopted the principle that these territories should be administered by different governments on behalf of the League – a system of national responsibility subject to international supervision.
The 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years ' War, established the rule that prisoners of war should be released without ransom at the end of hostilities and that they should be allowed to return to their homelands.
" Still, though all Canadian nationals were as equally British subjects as their British counterparts prior to the implementation of the Canadian Citizenship Act in 1947, the idea of Canadian-born persons being appointed governor general was raised as early as 1919, when, at the Paris Peace Conference, Canadian prime minister Robert Borden consulted with Prime Minister of South Africa Louis Botha and the two agreed that the viceregal appointees should be long-term residents of their respective dominions.
The name Land for Peace is derived from the wording of the resolution's first operative paragraph which affirms that peace should include the application of two principles ; Withdrawal of Israeli forces ( Giving Up Land ), and Termination of all claims or states of belligerency ( Making Peace ).
Prior to World War II she remarked in an interview with The New York Times Magazine that Adolf Hitler should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Peace and pay
The conditions of the resulting Peace of Nisibis were heavy ; Armenia returned to Roman domination, with the fort of Ziatha as its border ; Caucasian Iberia would pay allegiance to Rome under a Roman appointee ; Nisibis, now under Roman rule, would become the sole conduit for trade between Persia and Rome ; and Rome would exercise control over the five satrapies between the Tigris and Armenia: Ingilene, Sophanene ( Sophene ), Arzanene ( Aghdznik ), Corduene ( Carduene ), and Zabdicene ( near modern Hakkâri, Turkey ).
The 2004 General Peace Agreement stipulated that the size of the army would be 24, 000 ( equally drawn from FAM and RENAMO ), but due to lack of interest ( pay and prospective terms of service were poor ) that figure was never reached.
According to the 1411 First Peace of Thorn which followed the Teutonic Knights ' defeat in the Battle of Grunwald, the Teutonic Order had to pay high reparations to the Kingdom of Poland.
* February 17 – Treaty of Adrianople ( sometimes called the Peace of Adrianople ): The Habsburgs agree to pay tribute to the Ottomans.
After their defeat at the Battle of Grunwald, the Teutonic Knights according to the 1411 Peace of Thorn had to pay large contributions to the Polish kings, which strongly affected the public budget.
The Pasha then commenced thus: " Counsul there is no Nation I wish more to be at Peace with than yours, but all Nations pay me & so must the Americans.
According to the Paris Peace Treaties, 1947, Italy agreed to pay reparations of about US $ 125 million to Yugoslavia, US $ 105 million to Greece, US $ 100 million to the Soviet Union, US $ 25 million to Ethiopia, and US $ 5 million to Albania.
According to the Treaty of Peace with Japan and the bilateral agreements, Japan agreed to pay around ¥ 1. 03 trillion.
Following upgrades to the border crossings in 2005, drivers instead pay a toll on the Canadian side of the Peace Bridge after clearing Canadian customs.
Once vehicles leave the customs plaza in Canada vehicles approach a smaller toll plaza to pay toll for using the Peace Bridge.
The Peace Mission believes that all nations, like individuals, should pay their debts and live debt free.
* The Peace Officers ' & Firefighters ' Defined Contribution Plan, which had 40, 994 participants and $ 297 million in assets as of October 2008, is funded by a State contribution of 2 % of base pay.
In May 2011 the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami chose Pollack's Peace March, 1967 to pay honor to his art and political activism.
Some Friends today regard the Peace Testimony in even a broader sense, refusing to pay the portion of the income tax that goes to fund the military.

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