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Polish and song
Alongside the scythes, the song mentioned other types of weapon, traditionally used by the Polish szlachta, or nobility: the sabre, known in Polish as szabla, and the backsword.
Krofey, pastor in Bütow ( Bytow ), published a religious song book in 1586, written in Polish but also containing some Kashubian words.
Burdened by that thought, I remembered the old Polish song Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, póki my żyjemy (" Poland has not yet perished as long as we live .").
" This melody gained wide currency in Renaissance Europe, under various titles, such as the Polish folk song " Pod Krakowem ", Romanian “ Cucuruz cu frunza-n sus ” (“ Maize with up-standing leafs ”) and the Ukrainian " Kateryna Kucheryava.
* Sto lat, a similar Polish phrase and song meaning " one hundred years "
Polish death metal band Decapitated covered the song " Mandatory Suicide " on their first full-length album Winds of Creation.
They performed a song called Keine Grenzen-Żadnych granic, which was sung in three languages: ( Polish, German, and Russian ).
In 2006, Polish TV viewers once again chose Ich Troje to represent them at the Eurovision Song Contest, this time with the song " Follow My Heart ", featuring O-Jay of the German Eurodance act, Real McCoy.
Julian Tuwim ( September 13, 1894 – December 27, 1953 ) ( the surname comes from the Hebrew " טובים ", " tovim ", " good "), known also under the pseudonym " Oldlen " when writing song lyrics, was a Polish poet of Jewish descent, born in Łódź, Congress Poland ( then, part of the Russian Empire ).
* On July 5, 2005, during U2's performance of the song New Year's Day at a stadium in Chorzów, Poland, the audience of 70, 000 waved colored articles of clothing to form a giant Polish flag of white and red: fans on the pitch waved red, those in the bleachers waved white.
Earlier that week, he had received complaints about the lyrics of the song which contains a line that could be interpreted as degrading to Polish people, but the Swedish Chancellor of Justice decided not to try this as a violation of the hate speech act.
It was during that time that his pursuit of the retreating Swedes to Pomerania and Denmark ( 1658-1659 ), particularly his crossing with his entire army to the Danish isle of Alsen, was commemorated in the song of the Polish Napoleonic Legions that would eventually become the Polish national anthem, the " Dąbrowski's Mazurka ", with the words commemorating his marine excursion to the island of Als: It was only during the time of the Second Polish Republic when more modern, serious historical work begun analyzing his history that a less hagiographic account begun emerging ; Władysław Czapliński wrote that Czarniecki was " first and foremost a soldier ", and noted his faults such as brutality and greed.
* The Polish punk rock band Anti Dread wrote the song " Roko na Sterydach " (" Rocco on Steroids ") about Siffredi.
Robert F. Kennedy's 1968 appearance was marked by his downtown rally attended by a crowd of over 6, 000, his participation in the Dyngus Day parade, and his leading of the crowds at the West Side Democratic Club in the traditional Polish well wishing song Sto Lat ( phonetic: ' sto laht ') which means " 100 years ".
She was deeply inspired by the founder of the ICA, James Connolly, and she both designed the uniforms of the ICA and composed their anthem, a Polish song with changed lyrics.
An example is Shir Hamitpachat, (" Song of the Kerchief ") a Polish song by Jerzy Petersburski ( Niebieska chusteczka, Sinij Platochek, синий платочек ) with Hebrew lyrics by the Israeli poet and lyricist Natan Alterman.
* Lucifer, a song by Polish metal band Behemoth
His song of 1967, " Dziwny jest ten świat " ( Strange Is This World ) is commonly acknowledged to be the most important Polish protest song of that era ( in 1972 an English version was also recorded ).
The Polish band Lenny Valentino took its name from The Auteurs ' song on their album Now I'm a Cowboy and the Minneapolis based band, Valet, took its name from the song " Valet Parking " from New Wave.

Polish and dance
Although the dance didn't originate in Poland, the Oxford Etymological Dictionary claims its name is derived from the Czech polka meaning " Polish woman " ( feminine form corresponding to polák, a Pole ).
It should not be confused with the polska, a Swedish dance with Polish roots ( cf.
Polka dancing enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after World War II, when many Polish refugees moved to the US, adopting this Bohemian style as a cultural dance.
Polish dance music, especially the mazurka and polonaise, were popularized by Frederick Chopin, and they soon spread across Europe and elsewhere.
The polonaise comes from the French word for Polish to identify its origin among the Polish aristocracy, who had adapted the dance from a slower walking dance called chodzony.
The White Eagle Club is a thriving Polish community centre, and its traditional Saturday night dance (" zabawa ") draws people from across London.
* Polonaise-3 / 4-beat slow dance of Polish origin
* polonaise-slow dance of Polish origin, in 3 / 4 time
The mazurka ( in Polish, mazurek ) is a Polish folk dance in triple meter, usually at a lively tempo, and with accent on the second or third beat.
The Polish dance entered the British Isles in the 1840s, but is not widely played outside of Donegal.
The polonaise () is a slow dance of Polish origin, in 3 / 4 time.
Polonaise is always a first dance at a studniówka (" hundred-days "), the Polish equivalent of the senior prom that occurs approximately 100 days before exams.
Polonaise is a Polish folk dance and is one of the five national dances of Poland.
Jędker abandoned the Polish rap scene to make dance music with Robert M as Monopol ( for which he is mocked and disrespected by the present Polish rap scene and most of the listeners ) and DJ Deszczu Strugi is an owner of Otra Barwa Studio.
The prom begins with students ' performance of polonaise, a traditional Polish dance.
Zouk means " party " or " festival " in the local Antillean Creole of French, although the word originally referred to, and is still used to refer to, a popular dance, based on the Polish dance, the mazurka, that was introduced to the French Caribbean in the 19th Century.
Mazurka is a Polish folk dance in triple meter.
Klezmer music had always been a fusion of old and new world traditions, Polish dance tunes and jazz, Jewish tradition and Afro-American contemporary popular music.

Polish and company
The company that would become Commodore Business Machines, Inc. was founded in 1954 in Toronto as the Commodore Portable Typewriter Company by Polish immigrant and Auschwitz survivor Jack Tramiel.
Ferries of Polish company Unity Line at the Port of Świnoujście
There is only one talk radio station in Poland, called TOK FM, which is owned by Agora SA, a Polish media company.
The young king was killed while leading personally his own royal Polish heavy cavalry, 500-strong, company ( banner ), his charge losing impetus and coming to a standstill amongst the unyielding Janissaries, amongst whom sultan Murad II was seeking safety.
As the Free City of Danzig and East Prussia were separated from Germany after World War I by the Polish corridor, the Der Lachs company opened in 1922 an additional factory in Berlin to supply the main part of Germany and international markets with their products Danziger Goldwasser and Krambambuli from there.
The third-largest Polish corporation, the KGHM Polska Miedź mining company, has its headquarters in Lubin.
The movie chronicles the adventures of a Polish theater company before and during Nazi occupation, especially those of the resident ham, Josef Tura, and his wife, Maria.
* Aero Ltd, a Polish aircraft company
He claimed to come up with the idea for Twister while working on a Johnson ’ s Shoe Polish promotion at his father ’ s design company.
Many early Italian and Polish immigrants lived in simple wood-framed company housing and shopped at the company store during this time period.
The company was founded by a partnership between Michael Marks, a Polish Jew from Slonim, Poland ( now in Belarus ), and Thomas Spencer, a cashier from Yorkshire.
On one occasion the Emperor, protected only by a single company of the Polish 1st Light Cavalry Regiment of the Imperial Guard barely avoided being taken prisoner.
The Polish edition, published in 1991 by Sfera company as Magia i Miecz ( Magic and Sword ) was based on 2nd edition rules, and was the only edition with new artwork for all cards ( which many people consider better than the original one ).
Ladislaus was preparing a campaign against Duke Břetislav II of Bohemia in order to help his sister's sons, Dukes Svatopluk and Otto II of Moravia, when he was informed that Coloman had come back to Hungary in the company of Polish troops.
In the years 1990 through 2009, Vattenfall expanded considerably ( especially into Germany and Poland ), acquiring stakes in Hämeen Sähkö ( 1996 ), HEW ( 1999, 25. 1 % stake from the city of Hamburg ), the Polish heat production company EW ( 2000, 55 % stake ), Elsam A / S ( 2005, 35. 3 % stake ), and Nuon ( 2009, 49 % stake ).
Cyfra + is a Polish digital satellite platform, owned and operated by French media company Canal + (" Cyfra " is Polish for " Digit ").
It also acquired the Polish Bank Śląski and Mexican insurance company Seguros Comercial América.
The machines were initially designed by Polish inventor Stefan Kudelski, and his company won numerous technical awards for their precision and reliability.
Gąski is one of three sites selected by Polish power company PGE in November 2011 to host a nuclear power station with a capacity of 3 gigawatts.
The words for " bicycle " in Polish ( Rower ) and Belarusian ( Rovar, Ро ́ вар ) are derived from the name of the company.
The Polish paper Wprost used both " Drang nach Osten " and " Drang nach Westen " in August 2002 to title stories about German RWE company taking over Polish STOEN and Polish migration into eastern Germany, respectively.

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