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Pope and sent
Angilbert delivered the document on Iconoclasm from the Frankish Synod of Frankfurt to Pope Adrian I, and was later sent on three important embassies to the pope, in 792, 794 and 796.
In 1884, he was created by Pope Leo XIII Archbishop of Caesarea in partibus and sent to India as an Apostolic Delegate to report on the establishment of the hierarchy there.
In 853, at the age of four, Alfred is said to have been sent to Rome where, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, he was confirmed by Pope Leo IV who " anointed him as king ".
Afonso wed Maud of Savoy, daughter of Amadeus III, Count of Savoy, and sent ambassadors to Rome to negotiate with the Pope.
He was next sent by the Pope to the Emperor Sigismund to ask his aid in the pope's efforts to end this Council, which for five years had been encroaching on papal prerogatives.
The first Archbishop of Canterbury was St Augustine ( not to be confused with St Augustine of Hippo ), who arrived in Kent in 597 AD, having been sent by Pope Gregory I on a mission to the English.
After the murder in that year of Henry III of France, Pope Sixtus V sent Enrico Caetani as legate to Paris to negotiate with the Catholic League of France, and chose Bellarmine to accompany him as theologian.
Pope Cyril I of Alexandria, supported by the entire See, sent a letter to Nestorius known as " The Third Epistle of Saint Cyril to Nestorius.
There was an opinion in the Church that viewed that perhaps the Council understood the Church of Alexandria correctly, but wanted to curtail the existing power of the Alexandrine Hierarch, especially after the events that happened several years before at Constantinople from Pope Theophilus of Alexandria towards Patriarch John Chrysostom and the unfortunate turnouts of the Second Council of Ephesus in AD 449, where Eutichus misled Pope Dioscorus and the Council in confessing the Orthodox Faith in writing and then renouncing it after the Council, which in turn, had upset Rome, especially that the Tome which was sent was not read during the Council sessions.
In 1147, Pope Eugene III sent a legate to the Cathar district in order to arrest the progress of the Cathars.
At first Pope Innocent III tried pacific conversion, and sent a number of legates into the Cathar regions.
The Danish historian Caspar Paludan-Müller in 1873 in his book " Sagnet om den himmelfaldne Danebrogsfane " put forth the theory that it is a banner sent by the Pope to the Danish King to use in his crusades in the Baltic countries.
The Pope did not attend, although he sent legates to some of them.
Attempts to conquer Prussian land began in 997, when Bolesław I Chrobry, at the urging of the Pope, sent a contingent of soldiers and a missionary ( Adalbert of Prague ) to the pagan Prussians on a crusade of conquest and conversion.
In 1343 he had been sent to Pope Clement VI at Avignon to negotiate a grant of a tax on the revenues of the Church for the Crusade.
Entering the service of Eberhard, prince-bishop of Liège, he was sent by that prelate on a mission to Rome, where Pope Leo X retained him, giving him ( 1519 ) the office of librarian of the Vatican.
He returned to work for the Florentine government in 1365, undertaking a mission to Pope Urban V. When the papacy returned to Rome from Avignon in 1367, Boccaccio was again sent to Urban, offering congratulations.
The Pope had been forced out of Rome as part of the Revolutions of 1848, and Louis Napoleon sent a 14, 000 man expeditionary force of troops to the Papal State under General Nicolas Charles Victor Oudinot to restore him.
In 405, Pope Innocent I sent a list of the sacred books to Exuperius, a Gallic bishop.
The clergy of that city, many of whom were suffering imprisonment for the faith, sent him in 177 to Rome with a letter to Pope Eleuterus concerning the heresy Montanism, and that occasion bore emphatic testimony to his merits.
While he was in prison, Pope Pius IX sent Davis a portrait inscribed with the Latin words, " Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis, et ego reficiam vos, dicit Dominus ", which comes from Matthew 11: 28 and translates as, " Come to me all ye who labor and are heavy burdened and I will give you rest, sayeth the Lord.
He was sent from Italy to England by Pope Gregory the Great, on a mission to Christianize the Anglo-Saxons from their native paganism, probably arriving with the second group of missionaries despatched in 601.
Justus was an Italian and a member of the Gregorian mission sent to England by Pope Gregory I.
It was under these conditions that Pope Gregory XI, who in January, 1377, had gone from Avignon to Rome, sent on 22 May five copies of his bull against Wycliffe, dispatching one to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the others to the Bishop of London, King Edward III, the Chancellor, and the university ; among the enclosures were 18 theses of his, which were denounced as erroneous and dangerous to Church and State.

Pope and nuncio
The marriage of Alfonso and Urraca was declared null by the Pope, as they were second cousins, in 1110, but he ignored the papal nuncio and clung to his liaison with Urraca until 1114.
Pope Benedict XV appointed Pacelli as nuncio to Bavaria on 23 April 1917, consecrating him as titular Bishop of Sardis and immediately elevating him to archbishop in the Sistine Chapel on 13 May 1917.
Historian Walter Bussmann argued that Pacelli, as Cardinal Secretary of State, dissuaded Pope Pius XI – who was nearing death at the time – from condemning the Kristallnacht in November 1938, when he was informed of it by the papal nuncio in Berlin.
As a deacon, Boniface had impressed Pope Gregory I, who described him as a man " of tried faith and character " and selected him to be apocrisiarius ( legate, essentially the papal nuncio ) to the court of Constantinople in 603.
Later Rospigliosi worked closely with Pope Urban VIII ( 1623 – 1644 ), a Barberini Pope, where he worked in the Papal diplomacy as nuncio to Spain, among other posts.
During the reign of Pope Innocent X ( 1644 – 55 ), who was hostile to the Barberini and their adherents, Rospigliosi continued his appointment as papal nuncio to the court of Spain.
Pope Innocent X ( 1644 – 55 ) sent him as nuncio to Naples, where he remained for eight years.
The warlike tendencies of the Tartars also concerned the Pope, and he sent a papal nuncio to the Mongol Empire in an attempt to strike an agreement.
Pope Pius V ( 1566 – 1572 ) sent him as papal nuncio to Venice in 1566 to further the papal alliance with Spain and Venice against the Turks, which ultimately resulted in the victory of Lepanto in 1571.
Pope Gregory XV ( 1621 – 23 ) sent him as nuncio to the court of the Kingdom of Naples.
** The nuncio Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, is consecrated Archbishop by Pope Benedict XV
Accordingly the Pope despatched Giovanni Morone ( not yet a cardinal ) as nuncio to Hagenau and Worms, in 1540 ; while, in 1541, Cardinal Gasparo Contarini took part in the adjustment proceedings at the Conference of Regensburg.
In 1792 Pope Pius VI made him his private secretary, in 1793 creating him titular archbishop of Tyre and despatching him to Lucerne as nuncio.
Under the direction of Pope Leo X, he was ambassador to England and then papal nuncio in Spain, where he conceived a violent detestation of Spanish rule that affected the policies of his later papacy.
He had been sent by Pope Gregory I as Apostolic nuncio, to Constantinople, but he apparently was not entirely satisfactory in that office.
The papacy itself was never quite sure where Anne stood ; in 1612, Pope Paul V advised a nuncio: " Not considering the inconstancy of that Queen and the many changes she had made in religious matters and that even if it might be true that she might be a Catholic, one should not take on oneself any judgement.
Pelagius accompanied Pope Agapetus I to Constantinople and was appointed by him nuncio of the Roman Church to that city.
It is played at solemn occasions of the State and ceremonies in which the Pope or one of his representatives, such as a nuncio, is present.
Under Clement's successor, Pope Paul V, he was appointed titular archbishop of Rhodes, 14 May 1607, with a dispensation for being three months shy of the canonical age and not having yet received the sacred orders, in order to give him appropriate credentials as nuncio at the court of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella in the Habsburg Netherlands, ( 1 June 1607-24 October 1615 ).
The ceremony was carried out by the nuncio to Bavaria, Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII.
Pope Pius XI, former nuncio to Poland, subjected the Catholic parishes in Zaolzie to an apostolic administration under Stanisław Adamski, Bishop of Katowice.
Pope Paul IV sent him to the Augsburg Diet ( May, 1555 ) with nuncio Lippomanus, and thence into Poland and in April, 1556 to Belgium.

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