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Porfirian and regime
Finally, in June 1910, the Porfirian regime had him arrested in Monterrey and sent to a prison in San Luis Potosí.

Porfirian and by
Aguascalientes historic downtown is home to several outstanding museums including the Aguascalientes Museum ( Museo de Aguascalientes ), the city's art museum, housed in a Classical-style building designed by the beloved self-trained architect Refugio Reyes ; the Guadalupe Posada Museum ( Museo Guadalupe Posada ), located in the historic nationhood of Triana, exhibits the life and work of José Guadalupe Posada ; and the State History Museum, which is housed in an elegant Art Nouveau mansion typical of the Porfirian period with and ornate patio and dining room with vegetable motifs in a Mediterranean style, with a French Academism facade, and interior columns and an arcade of pink stone characteristic of Porfirian Eclecticism.

Porfirian and on
Although Carranza was sceptical of the Científicos whom Porfirio Díaz was relying on to run Mexico, Carranza was a dutiful Porfirian senator.

regime and reacted
The Nazi regime reacted with mass arrests and charges against almost 800 pastors and ecclesiastical lawyers.
The Spanish regime reacted to the free lifestyle of the city with arrests of homosexuals and other repressions during the 1970s.
" The regime reacted quickly, sending Revolutionary Guards to retake the TV station, mediators to defuse complaints and activists to stage a massive pro-Khomeini counter-demonstration.
Millions of viewers in the United States and worldwide reacted with shock and outrage towards the Somoza regime.
After the assassination of opposition leader among the business elites Pedro Chamorro in January 1978, the Nicaraguan public reacted with a series of nationwide strikes and increasing political unrest against the regime.
Kershaw showed how ordinary people reacted to the Nazi dictatorship, looking at how people conformed to the regime and to the extent and limits of dissent.
The regime reacted sharply to criticism, executing some of the protesters.
Mommsen has argued that both domestic and foreign policy in the Third Reich were merely a long series of incoherent drift as the Nazi regime reacted in an ad hoc fashion to crisis after crisis, leading to the " cumulative radicalization ".

regime and by
As the press in Cuba was gradually throttled by the Castro regime, more and more Cuban publishers, editors and correspondents were forced into exile.
The United States was engaged in a military attack on a peaceful, orderly people governed by a regime that had proved itself the most pro-Western and anti-Communist within any of the new nations -- the only place in Africa, moreover, where a productive relationship between whites and blacks had apparently been achieved.
It recommends that the United States `` seek instead to detach the Castro regime from the Communist bloc by working for a diplomatic detente and a resumption of trade relations ; ;
The builtin headache of the Barnett regime thus far has been the steady stream of job-seekers and others who feel they were given commitments by Barnett at some stage of his eight-year quest for the governor's office.
The military also had demanded pledges that there would be no changes in the laws passed by the junta and no leaders of the Menderes regime now in prison would be pardoned.
that its persistent use by ballet companies of the Soviet regime indicates that that old spirit is just as stultifying alive today as it ever was ; ;
This would be by far the better choice, when `` it is a question of allowing the human race to survive, possibly under the domination of a regime which most of us detest, or of allowing it to destroy itself in appalling and prolonged anguish ''.
) Ampère ’ s maturation corresponded with the transition to the Napoleonic regime in France, and the young father and teacher found new opportunities for success within the technocratic structures favoured by the new French emperor.
Alexios attempted to organize a resistance to the new regime from Adrianople and then Mosynopolis, where he was joined by the later usurper Alexios V Doukas Mourtzouphlos in April 1204, after the definitive fall of Constantinople to the crusaders and the establishment of the Latin Empire.
Initially led by Canovas del Castillo as moderate prime minister, what was thought at one time as a coup aimed at placing the military in the political-administrative positions of power, in reality ushered in a permanent civilian regime tat lasted until the 1931 Second Republic.
Though both ended up as rogue governments and did not follow through on their constitutional promises, they began as responses from the Athenian elite to what they saw as the inherent arbitrariness of government by the masses ( Plato in the Seventh Epistle does remark that the Thirty made the preceding democratic regime look like a Golden Age ).
In 1973, the Nixon Administration ordered the discontinuance by the CIA of the use of hijacking as a covert action weapon against the Castro regime.
Following the 1979 invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by Soviet troops, Massoud devised a strategic plan for expelling the invaders and overthrowing the communist regime.
Founded by a merger arranged by the Fascist regime in 1927, Roma have participated in the top-tier of Italian football for all of their existence but one season in the early 50s ( 1951 – 52 ).
* 1945 – The Nazi occupation army surrenders and leaves Northern Italy after a general partisan insurrection by the Italian resistance movement ; the puppet fascist regime dissolves and Benito Mussolini tries to escape.
This process can increase the overall riskiness of institutions under a risk insensitive regulatory regime, as described by Alan Greenspan in his October 1998 speech on The Role of Capital in Optimal Banking Supervision and Regulation.
When Gianfranco Fini visited Israel in late November 2003 in the function of Italian Deputy Prime Minister, he labeled the racial laws issued by the fascist regime in 1938 as " infamous ", as also Giorgio Almirante, historic leader of MSI, had done before.
The school existed in three German cities ( Weimar from 1919 to 1925, Dessau from 1925 to 1932 and Berlin from 1932 to 1933 ), under three different architect-directors: Walter Gropius from 1919 to 1928, Hannes Meyer from 1928 to 1930 and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe from 1930 until 1933, when the school was closed by its own leadership under pressure from the Nazi regime.
Germany's defeat in World War I, the fall of the German monarchy and the abolition of censorship under the new, liberal Weimar Republic allowed an upsurge of radical experimentation in all the arts, previously suppressed by the old regime.
The Bauhaus had a major impact on art and architecture trends in Western Europe, the United States, Canada and Israel in the decades following its demise, as many of the artists involved fled, or were exiled, by the Nazi regime.
The 89th compagnie de travailleurs étrangers ( Company of Foreign Workers ), consisting of foreigners judged as undesirable by the Third Republic and the Vichy regime and committed to forced labour, was established in Barcelonnette.
His regime was characterized by numerous human rights atrocities.
Failure to address the economic and social disparities and increasing political awareness of the less-affluent population, as well as indirect intervention and economic funding to the main political groups by both the KGB and the CIA, as part of the Cold War, led to a political polarization under Socialist President Salvador Allende which in turn resulted in the 11 September 1973 coup and the military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet, whose 17-year regime was responsible for numerous human rights violations and deep market-oriented economic reforms.
This growing discontent was reflected in the continuing opposition of partisans of Carrera, who was executed by the Argentine regime in Mendoza in 1821, like his two brothers were three years earlier.

regime and placing
After repeatedly placing them under house arrest, the regime finally imprisoned her under solitary confinement in a desert cell at Sindh Province during the summer of 1981.
The Shah's goal was to strengthen his regime by placing political opponents under surveillance and repress dissident movements.
By placing the emphasis on jobs, growth and prosperity significant changes have been made to the federal environmental assessment regime ( EA ) and environmental regulatory framework.
During this process, PCdoB ranged from an approach that pointed to the class struggle as responsible for the fundamental changes that occurred in the Soviet regime, while on the other hand, it showed a economistic tendency, placing the problems of socialism around the development of productive forces.
On 6 September 1994, Abacha declared that his regime had absolute power, placing his government above the jurisdiction of the courts.
The concordat has been described as giving moral legitimacy to the Nazi regime soon after Hitler had acquired dictatorial powers, and placing constraints on Catholic critics of the regime, leading to a muted response by the Church to Nazi policies.
At the same time it advocated the evacuation of the whole of Asia Minor by the Greeks, the establishment of a special regime for the Smyrna area, and the placing of racial minorities under the protection of the League of Nations.
The Hanoi regime defended the reeducation camps by placing the " war criminal " label on the prisoners.
Under Benito Mussolini's regime in the 1930s the problem was nearly solved by placing dikes and pumping out that portion of the marsh below sea level.

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