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# and Prayer
The United Methodist Hymnal also contains ( at # 882 ) what it terms the " Ecumenical Version " of this creed — a version which is identical to that found in the Episcopal Church's current Book of Common Prayer.
# The Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children
# " the quest for such union through the Jesus Prayer ", the earliest reference to which is in Diadochos of Photiki ( c. 450 );
# " a particular psychosomatic technique in combination with the Jesus Prayer ", use of which technique can be traced back at least to the 13th century ;
# REDIRECT Prayer Book Rebellion
# Prayer
# David Bowie-" The Lord's Prayer "
# Tefillat Geshem ( Rain Prayer ).
# Sam's Prayer ( from " A Single Drop Of Rain ")-Velton Ray Bunch ( 1: 52 )
# Prayer
When disc jockeys across the nation began to play the track from the album in the fall of 1967 and demanded its release as a single, Florence Greenberg, President of Scepter Records, complied and " I Say a Little Prayer " became Warwick's biggest US hit to that point, reaching # 4 on the U. S. and Canadian Charts and # 8 on the R & B Charts.
# The Prayer for the Departed
" Travelin ' Prayer " and " Worse Comes to Worst " peaked at # 77 and # 80, respectively, on the Pop Singles chart, while the album hit # 27 on the Pop Albums chart.
** Jewish beliefs and practices in the reform movement # Prayer and liturgy
# " A Prayer to St. Peter "-3: 43
# " Bruce's Prayer "
# " Grace's Prayer "
# " God's Prayer "
# Prayer of Azarias ( Daniel 3: 24-97 in the LXX & Vulgate )
# Prayer of Manasses
# " I Say a Little Prayer ( For You )"-Diana King

# and for
# REDIRECT Academy Award for Best Picture
# The Primates ' Meeting ( first met in 1979 ) is the most recent manifestation of international consultation and deliberation, having been first convened by Archbishop Donald Coggan as a forum for " leisurely thought, prayer and deep consultation ".
# for any formula with one free variable.
# REDIRECT Existence of God # Arguments for the existence of God
for x, weight in dataWeightPairs: # Alternatively " for x, weight in zip ( data, weights ):"
# Kir ' pan: Sword for protection
# the hydrogen-like atomic orbitals are derived from the exact solution of the Schrödinger Equation for one electron and a nucleus.
# the Atonement, while qualitatively adequate for all men, was efficacious only for the man of faith ;
# De Misericordia et Justitia ( On Mercy and Justice ), a collection of biblical extracts and sayings of Church Fathers with commentary ( an important work for the history of church law and discipline ), which is to be found in the Anecdota of Martène, vol.
# that every Christian is bound to believe that he is a member of the body of Christ, and that this belief is necessary for salvation ;
# Bonuses for majority and minority shareholders.
# God is seen to be the best or only explanation for this moral experience.
# Topological algebra, infinity-stacks, ' dérivateurs ', cohomological formalism of toposes as an inspiration for a new homotopic algebra
# Schematic point of view, or " arithmetics " for regular polyhedra and regular configurations of all sorts.
# An aircraft should be “ in flight ” ( that is, according to Article 1, paragraph 3 of the Tokyo Convention, from the moment when power is applied for the purpose of take-off until the moment when the landing run ends );
# The limited range of subjects of use, because the regulations apply for civil aircraft, and do not concern military, customs or police aircraft.
A Rolls-Royce Armoured Car # Variants | Fordson armoured car waits outside Baghdad while negotiations for an armistice take place between British officials and representatives of the Iraqi rebel government.
The AFL is the List of sports attendance figures # Top 10 in average attendance | most attended national competition in Australia and the only fully professional league for Australian football in the world.
# HIV enzymes deactivate anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 This does not directly cause cell death, but primes the cell for apoptosis should the appropriate signal be received.
# HIV decreases the production of molecules involved in marking the cell for apoptosis, giving the virus time to replicate and continue releasing apoptotic agents and virions into the surrounding tissue.
# VBR-Variable bit rate: an average or Sustainable Cell Rate ( SCR ) is specified, which can peak at a certain level, a PCR, for a maximum interval before being problematic.
# It is only for two years ( 490 and 491 ) out of the twenty-five that any details are given.

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