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President's and speech
In Kennedy's speech are cross currents, sensible ones and senseless ones, reflecting the great struggle of opinions between the President's advisers and the political and economic forces behind them.
For many years, the speech was referred to as " the President's Annual Message to Congress ".
In one famous speech Alexander H. Stephen, after the war with Mexico, denounced the President's interpretation of America's future as " mendacious " of the United States was only to serve as virtuous example to the rest of the world.
The Danish ambassador to Iceland, Lasse Reimann, confirmed to the daily Politiken that the lunch had taken place, but declined to comment on the President's speech.
The turning point came with the President's broadcast radio speech, in which he called on the rebels to surrender and ordered all Civil Guard members who were heading for Mäntsälä to return to their homes:
Subsequently, CIA director, George Tenet, stated that the remarks should not have been included in the US President's speech.
* " The President's Speech ", about a ward of aphasiacs and agnosiacs listening to a speech given by an unnamed actor-president, " the old Charmer ," presumably Ronald Reagan.
Controversy occurred when a misspoken word in the President's Presidential Medal of Freedom speech came to be known as ' Gafa Obamy ' or Obama's gaffe, when the President referred to ' a Polish death camp ' when talking of the Nazi German transit death camp that Karski had visited.
* Download MS doc of NZCFS President's speech at the Beijing celebrations on 110th anniversary of the birth of Rewi Alley
The content of the President's historic speech in Tamil at the UN was an effort to establish that he is a people's leader representing all the peoples of Sri Lanka, including the Tamil minority.
At its annual dinner in 1979, Bell was the Alfalfa nominee for President of the United States and quipped as he began his acceptance speech that he hoped that President Carter would now understand the full meaning of his warning that he would not serve as Attorney General during the President's re-election campaign.
October 12 was " President's Day " at the Expo and featured a speech by President William McKinley focused on international affairs and the necessity of not being isolationist.
As Bob Walker of WFAA-TV 8 ( ABC ) was providing live coverage of the President's arrival at Love Field, KRLD-TV 4 ( CBS ) with Eddie Barker was set up at the Trade Mart for Kennedy's luncheon speech.
WBAP-TV 5 ( NBC ), being a Dallas / Fort Worth network based in the latter, had done live coverage of the President's breakfast speech in Fort Worth earlier that day.
The steel companies reacted immediately, sending attorneys to the home of United States District Judge Walter Bastian within a half hour of the end of the President's speech to ask for issuance of a temporary restraining order.
" The dissent also complained about the fact that the majority left out of its report " a handwritten note by a CIA officer at the bottom of one of the drafts the President's Cincinnati speech said that the CIA terrorism analyst had ' read all the terrorism paragraphs and said it was all okay.
The speech was as a part of the future President's campaign to win the Wyoming Democratic Party caucus, which he did win the following day.
In a post-game locker-room speech by Green Bay Packers corner Charles Woodson he poked fun at the President's comment saying " The President don't want to come watch us at the Super Bowl, guess what?
Trigg arrived on the second day the Fifth Congress of the United States convened, Tuesday, May 16, 1797, and was in time to hear the new President's speech to Congress about his position in regards to France.
After the President's speech, which caused an uproar among Anti-Federalists as not being sympathetic enough to France and too hawkish, the House debated until May 31 on their response to his address.
Their response, with an amendment, basically supported the President's speech.

President's and offers
HBC Rewards / Club Z is a large program first started by Zellers in 1986 as Club Z. Loblaws offers the President's Choice Financial program where cardholders earn PC Points towards free groceries.
The University of Calgary also offers the President's Award for Excellence in Student Leadership to five graduating students ( undergraduate or graduate ) that represent the best in academic achievement in addition to outstanding extracurricular contributions to the university and community.
Please call the President's attention to the fact that the ruthless employment of our submarines now offers the prospect of compelling England in a few months to make peace.
President's Choice offers auto insurance and home insurance, underwritten through a broker model by a number of selected Canadian insurance companies, pet insurance, underwritten by SecuriCan General Insurance Company, and travel insurance by Travel Guard Canada as managing general underwriter and agent for American Home Assurance Company.
Although the White House Counsel offers legal advice to the President, the Counsel does so in the President's official capacity, and does not serve as the President's personal attorney.

President's and summit
Finally, there was a wide area of agreement on the value of the President's making a final effort in the summit spotlight for a nuclear test accord.

President's and ;
Leonard J. Farwell, a fellow boarder at the Kirkwood House, awoke Johnson with news of Lincoln's having been shot at Ford's Theater ; Johnson rushed to the President's deathbed for a brief time, commenting, " They shall suffer for this.
* 1 Battalion in charge of state security ; 64 Infantry Regiment ( formerly known as President's Own Guard Regiment )
* Earliest day on which President's Day can fall, while July 21 is the latest ; celebrated on the third Monday of July.
Congress has often explicitly limited the President's power to remove ; during the Reconstruction Era, Congress passed the Tenure of Office Act, purportedly preventing Andrew Johnson from removing, without the advice and consent of the Senate, anyone appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate.
Grant also was able to stand apart from the President's impeachment proceedings which ensued from his attempt to remove Stanton ; none of the principals in the matter benefited from it.
Bristow discovered that the President's personal secretary Babcock was involved in the ring, Grant became defensive and eventually defended Babcock in an unprecedented 1876 deposition, which biographer McFeely contends was perjurious ; the deposition was read in St. Louis during the Whiskey Ring graft trials.
In modern times, the Vice President rarely presides over day-to-day matters in the Senate ; in his place, the Senate chooses a President pro tempore ( or " president for a time ") to preside in the Vice President's absence ; the Senate normally selects the longest-serving senator in the majority party.
Initial success in China led to an extended effort by the President to effect the Open Door Policy, particularly in Manchuria ; this was not successful due in large part to the President's reliance on the inexperienced Knox, who failed to properly assess the objections of Japan and Russia.
The President's restraint in the name of peace was difficult to maintain ; in Arizona two citizens were killed and almost a dozen injured as a result of the uprising ; but Taft would not be goaded into fighting and so instructed the Arizona governor.
Smith also appeared in a number of films, often as himself ; The Candidate ( 1972 ),, The President's Plane Is Missing ( 1973, a made-for-television production of the Robert J. Serling novel of the same name ), Nashville ( 1975 ), Close Encounters of the Third Kind ( 1977 ), The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas ( 1982 ), the " The Odd Candidate " ( 1974 ) episode of the television series The Odd Couple ( playing himself ), the " Kill Oscar " episode ( 1977 ) of The Bionic Woman ( playing himself anchoring an ABC newscast ), and both V ( 1983 ) and the subsequent 1984 television series.
Blaine was appointed Secretary of State ; Blaine was not only the President's closest advisor, he was obsessed with knowing all that took place in the White House, and even was said to have spies posted there in his absence.
" Frustration over Vietnam ; too much federal spending and ... taxation ; no great public support for your Great Society programs ; and ... public disenchantment with the civil rights programs " had eroded the President's standing, the governor reported.
Together they provide protection for the following: the president, vice president, and their immediate families ; presidential candidates ; the White House Complex ; the Vice President's Residence ; the main Treasury Department building and its annex facility ; and foreign diplomatic missions in the Washington, D. C., metropolitan area.
; Imposition of President's rule
* 1853, William Wells Brown, known as the first African-American novelist, published his Clotel ; or, The President's Daughter, a novel based on the Jefferson-Hemings story.

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