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RD and had
As an undergraduate he had sympathised with Arnold in resenting the agitation led by the High Church Party in 1836 against the appointment of RD Hampden to the Regius professorship of divinity.
Gibson experimented with an SG that included the same Moog active electronics that had previously been used in another Gibson model, the RD Artist.
The 4 models featured the same cab ; the U and DM had the cab offset to the left, and the early RD and DM had 3-piece steel hoods.
They later had 1-piece hoods, the RD had a new hood, and the DM the U hood.
The filmmaker Subhash Ghai promised RD Burman Ram Lakhan ( 1989 ), but gave it instead to Laxmikant-Pyarelal, who had earlier played in Burman's orchestra.
RD Burman's first wife was Rita Patel, whom he had met in Darjeeling.
The original Japanese RD 350 had 40 bhp but the Indian Editions were detuned to 31 bhp due to lower fuel quality in India and also to increase Mileage.
The first HT edition of the RD 350 had too much power for the average Indian Rider as back then the Indian Market was not used to such a performance product The RD was a crotch Rocket capable of hitting 165 KM / HR in 6th gear.
This prompted Yamaha to bring a detuned version of the RD 350 LT ( low torque ) which had 27 bhp with better pick up but less top speed & slightly better mileage.
The name RD stands for “ Race Derived ” performance and had technology from the Motogp bikes of the 1970 ′ s.
The Hero Honda CD 100 which was launched in the 1985 further dented the RD ’ s sales figures as it had better mileage.
The RD had a slick 6-speed close ratio gearbox with 1 down 5 up pattern.
The Race RD ’ s were turbocharged and had smaller sprockets and wheels, which pushed the power up to 85 bhp.
The Race RD ’ s had modified powered up exhausts. The Race RD was the “ Undisputed King of the MMSC Race Track ” before it was discontinued from racing.
The RD had many editions like RD 400, RD 500 LC ( Liquid Cooled ) all of which enjoyed considerable success throughout the world and attained cult status. The RD 350 was the Greatest Landmark in performance biking in India, which paved the way for performance offering to India ’ s enthusiasts.

RD and twin
Technical Aspects: The RD was a twin cylinder “ Reed Valve ” air cooled 347 cc engine with each cylinder having a displacement of 173. 5 cc.

RD and Indian
A number of Indian remix albums feature RD Burman's songs, which are also popular in the country's pubs and discos.
The RD 350 was the very first super performance offering to the Indian Consumers at a time ( 1983 ) when the only bikes in India were the Bullet 350, the Jawa ( Yezdi ) 250 2 stroke and Rajdoot 175 cc 2 stroke.
The running costs was the greatest deterrent for the Indian rider to buy the RD and with the reputation of it being a “ Lethal ” bike ensured the sales of the RD was poor.
The RD is still the performance benchmark of any production bike in India and even after 25 years no Indian performance bike has even come close to it.

RD and models
The RD was fully imported in earlier models but by 1990 the bike was manufactured completely by Escorts Yamaha in India.
It was fitted to all of the later models of the RZ / RD two-stroke road bikes ( 125, 250 350 and 500 cc ), the TZR range. it was also added to the DT ( 125lc 2 / 3 ) range after 1984 ( but was locked closed to comply with UK learner regulations until the ( R ) in 1988-04 which had a fully functional YPVS valve ) the dt125r has a better design of engine, although not much altered in speed, just more reliable than its predecessor.

RD and only
* Wayne RD 9000 school bus ( 1995 prototype only ; never mass produced )
Featuring more subdued styling than the GT, and the only exterior colors offered were ( color codes are in parentheses ) Black Clearcoat ( UA ), Teal Metallic Clearcoat ( RD ), Vibrant Red Clearcoat ( ES ), and for a rare nine cars, Vibrant Red non-Clearcoat ( EY ).
Used for RD Question only.

RD and 150
The RD could touch 150 km / hr in just 16 seconds and was the first bike to have a tachometer in India.
Base weight was around 2, 550 lb ( 1, 150 kg ), giving the RD Tiburon a higher power-to-weight ratio than the newer GK 2. 0L.

RD and at
In this case, the RD gets updated to 12, however, the FD will remain at the value of 8.
* South Westmorland RD absorbed Kirkby Lonsdale UD, at the same time losing an area to Lakes UD.
In his childhood he lived at number 7 Blenheim RD, Barnsley.
* Reserve Decoration or Decoration for Reserve Force Service (" RD "-post nominal letters ), since 2003, awarded to South African Military Reserve members after 20 years service, at least five of which must have been in the Reserve Force
RD is positive at the end of the six-bit sub_block if the six-bit sub-block is 000111, and RD is positive at the end of the four-bit sub_block if the four-bit sub-block is 0011.
RD is negative at the end of the six-bit sub_block if the six-bit sub-block is 111000, and RD is negative at the end of the four-bit sub_block if the four-bit sub-block is 1100.
RD Burman received his early education at the St Xavier's School in Kolkata.
According to Douglas Wolk, RD Burman " wrapped sugary string swoops around as many ideas as he could squeeze in at once ".
A contemporary of the RD was the Kawasaki H2 750cc Triple, said to make 72 to 75 true HP ( tested by Cycle Magazine at 55 bhp ).
The RD used to frequently wheelie at the hands of inexperienced riders, being a high revving 2 stroke the bike was uncontrollable except a handful of experienced and mature riders.
The Race RD ’ s were modified RD 350 for track use at the MMSC race track in Chennai and ran on Aviation fuel ( white kerosene ) and also 97 Petrol.
There are three C and RD Blocks and one administrative unit at Patharkhmah, and the number of villages is 561.
The football team kept changing with a lot of investments to bring the most talented players, even though it lacked stability on the coaching level, but the team managed to win 2 Champions Leagues ( CL ), one at the Arab level in 2009 and the other at the African level in 2011, both of them against the same finalist: Wydad Athletic Club ( WAC ), after failing in 2010 to win the CAF CL against Tout Puissant Mazembe ( RD Congo ).
Ronald Niel Stuart VC DSO RD RNR ( 26 August 1886 – 8 February 1954 ) was a British Merchant Navy commodore and Royal Navy captain who was highly commended following extensive and distinguished service at sea over a period of more than thirty-five years.

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