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Railrodder and documentary
The Railrodder and its making-of documentary, Buster Keaton Rides Again, are still available from the National Film Board of Canada.

Railrodder and Buster
The most famous speeder in a movie is, arguably, the Fairmont M19 / M19AA that Buster Keaton rode across Canada in his 1965 film, The Railrodder.

was and made
The silence oppressed him, made him bend low over the horse's neck as if to hide from a wind that had begun to blow far away and was twisting slowly through the darkness in its slow search.
A man was standing in the open door of the lighted orderly room a few yards to Mike's left, but he, too, suddenly made up his mind and went racing to join the confused activity at the east end of the stockade.
He had spent two hours riding around the ranch that morning, and in broad daylight it was even less inviting than Judith Pierce had made it seem.
Moreover, as long as the weapon was carried openly, the sheriff's office had made no previous issue of it.
It was practically the last move that McBride made of his own volition.
Lewis was a man who had made a full-time job of cow stealing.
But that indictment was never made.
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
All the doors were open at this hour except one, and it was toward this that Stevens made his way with Russ close at his shoulder.
But it also made him conspicuous to the enemy, if it was the enemy, and he hadn't been spotted already.
Johnson unwired the right hand door, whose window was, like the left one, merely loosely-taped fragments of glass, and Johnson wadded himself into a narrow seat made still more narrow by three cases of beer.
I seized the rack and made a western-style flying-mount just in time, one of my knees mercifully landing on my duffel bag -- and merely wrecking my camera, I was to discover later -- my other knee landing on the slivery truck floor boards and -- but this is no medical report.
I must say the figure was well made up.
He speaks your language too, for he is the grandson of a chieftain on Taui who made much magic and was strong and cunning.
The cap was stuck and made a thin rusty squeaking as he applied pressure.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
And so when the others stampeded out that afternoon Jack remained docilely in his seat near a window, looking out in what he hoped was a pitiable manner, while the other kids laughed and yelled in at him and made faces as they dispersed, going home.
It became the sole `` subject '' of `` international law '' ( a term which, it is pertinent to remember, was coined by Bentham ), a body of legal principle which by and large was made up of what Western nations could do in the world arena.
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
Yet when, at war's end, the ex-Tory made the first move to resume correspondence, Jay wrote him from Paris, where he was negotiating the peace settlement:
To their leaders the Constitution was a compact made by the people of sovereign states, who therefore retained the right to secede from it.
Lincoln saw that the act of secession made the issue for the Union a vital one: Whether it was a Union of sovereign citizens that should continue to live, or an association of sovereign states that must fall prey either to `` anarchy or despotism ''.
In town after town my companion pointed out the Negro school and the White school, and in every instance the former made a better appearance ( it was newer, for one thing ).
But I suspect that the old Roman was referring to change made under military occupation -- the sort of change which Tacitus was talking about when he said, `` They make a desert, and call it peace '' ( `` Solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant ''.

was and tandem
Earnest P. “ Larry ” Pletch shot Carl Bivens, 39, a flight instructor who was offering Pletch lessons in a yellow Taylor Cub monoplane with tandem controls in the air after taking off in Brookfield, Missouri.
The dandy horse, also called Draisienne or laufmaschine, was the first human means of transport to use only two wheels in tandem and was invented by the German Baron Karl von Drais.
A tandem of nine-amino-acid transactivation domains ( 9aaTAD ) was identified in the AD1 and AD2 regions of transcription factor p53.
Oakland went on to defeat the previous season's Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, which was missing starting running back tandem of Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, 24 – 7.
TOW-2B was the first to use tandem warheads in the mid-1980s, an aspect of the weapon which the US Army had to reveal under news media and Congressional pressure resulting from the concern that NATO antitank missiles were ineffective against Soviet tanks that were fitted with the new ERA boxes.
In the UK the Plessey Company produced a range of TXK crossbar exchanges, but their widespread rollout by the British Post Office began later than in other countries, and then was inhibited by the parallel development of TXE reed relay and electronic exchange systems, so they never achieved a large number of customer connections although they did find some success as tandem switch exchanges.
Nevertheless he was able to do a lot in tandem with Frowde, and expanded the publishing programmes and the reach of OUP until about 1898.
She enjoyed many social activities, including dancing and ice-skating, and was an expert horsewoman and tandem driver.
After the Z Plan was completed in the mid-1940s, Raeder's plans called for a " double pole strategy ", in which U-boats, Panzerschiffe and cruisers operating alone or in tandem would attack British commerce all over the globe, forcing the Royal Navy to divert ships all over the world to deal with these threats while at the same time two task forces of carriers, battleships, cruisers and destroyers would engage in frequent sorties into the North Sea, preferably from bases in Norway to destroy what remained of the British Home Fleet in a series of battles that would give Germany command of the sea.
He was twice a castaway on Desert Island Discs – first in April 1954 in tandem with Richard Murdoch and then on his own in January 1961.
The act was enacted in tandem with the McKinley Tariff of 1890.
In tandem with this interpretation, the song sung at the end of the play is a musical version of Psalm 128, which was often sung in Puritan households at the end of a meal during Shakespeare's own day.
The work enjoyed broad popular recognition in the 1940s when it was featured, in tandem with Schubert's ' Ave Maria ', in the Disney film Fantasia.
* Giggles, Goggles: Two friends riding a tandem bike ( usually Rita Moreno and Judy Graubart ) or similar transportation device conversed when one of them misused a word (" flack " as in " flap ," when the other was talking about something with the word " flap ").
A more powerful Mini Cooper, dubbed the " S ", was developed in tandem and released in 1963.
The division of civil and military duties was in essence reversed again in the 12th century, when the posts of praitōr and military doux were held in tandem.
The goaltending tandem of Hextall and Garth Snow fared poorly in the Finals as both conceded soft goals, and Murry's strategy of alternating starters in goal was criticized.
Aside from this extended epic " The Descent of Inanna ," a previously unknown " Courtship of Inanna and Dumuzi " was first translated into English and annotated by Sumerian scholar Samuel Noah Kramer and folklorist Diane Wolkstein working in tandem, and published in 1983.
The primary issue was synchronization: pictures and sound were recorded and played back by separate devices, which were difficult to start and maintain in tandem.
Originally a 2-man tandem with an extra " dummy " seat attached, a full 3-man version was built for them by Raleigh.
The phrase " Tandem Specific " was popularized by its use in Santana tandem catalogs during the 1990s.
Maximum Freeview coverage of the UK while analogue and digital services were running in tandem was reached in the years before digital switchover in the UK began.
In 2001, a soundtrack to the first series was released in tandem with the first series ' release on DVD and videotape.

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