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Remain and Light
Both worked on Talking Heads ' highly-acclaimed 1980 album Remain In Light which brought polyrhythmic afrobeat influences to Western music.
1980's Remain in Light, heavily influenced by the afrobeat of Nigerian bandleader Fela Kuti, to whose music Eno had introduced the band, explored West African polyrhythms, weaving these together with Arabic music from North Africa, disco funk, and ' found ' voices.
The sound of Little Creatures and True Stories was much more American pop-rock, while Naked showed heavy African influence with polyrhythmic styles like those seen on Remain in Light.
* Remain in Light ( 1980 )
During the recording period Radiohead drew inspiration from Remain in Light ( 1980 ) by their early influence Talking Heads, they attended an Underworld concert which helped renew their enthusiasm in a difficult moment and band members listened to abstract hip hop from the Mo ' Wax label, including Blackalicious and DJ Krush.
At the same time, Belew had been tapped by both Talking Heads and their producer Brian Eno to add guitar solos to several tracks on their new album Melody Attack ( eventually renamed Remain in Light ).
* " The Overload ", a song by Talking Heads from their 1980 album Remain in Light.
# REDIRECT Remain in Light
* " Unison ", a song by Talking Heads released as a bonus track on Remain in Light
The later music of American New Wave band Talking Heads drew heavily on influences from African and Afro-Cuban music, notably on their album Remain in Light.
# REDIRECT Remain in Light
He stated that " stylistically bold and intellectually provocative, Naked is a dizzying and disturbing piece of work " and that it " marks a return to the more open-ended, groove-oriented style the Heads defined on Remain in Light.
It's closest in spirit to Remain in Light – arguably too close ".
Radiohead have cited the album Remain in Light on which the song appears as a major inspiration on their work in general.
Later recordings have grown increasingly organic and atmospheric and reveal a kinship with The Smiths, Remain in Light era Talking Heads and Arcade Fire.

Remain and album's
He is also featured as a vocalist on the song " Barbells " on the album " You Have The Right To Remain Silent ...", though he is not the album's drummer.

Remain and lead
His son, Austin, is the lead singer in metalcore band Rise to Remain.

Remain and single
" Cloud Connected " is the first single by the Swedish heavy metal band In Flames taken from the album Reroute to Remain, released by Nuclear Blast in 2002.
In November 2000, he released the single " Always Remain " from the album As One.
" The Right To Remain Violent ", a 7 " single, appeared the following year.
With Bebek the band recorded the song " Patim, evo, deset dana " (" I've Been Suffering for Ten Days "), which appeared on the B-side of the single " Ostajem tebi " (" I Remain Yours "), which was recorded with Hodnik.
** 7 " single ( limited to 300 copies ): " Remain " / " Love Will Tear Us Apart "

Remain and ",
Article XXI of the Act of Union 1707, which states " That the Rights and Privileges of the Royal Boroughs in Scotland as they now are Do Remain entire after the Union and notwithstanding thereof ", has been deemed by Her Majesty's Government to be abrogated by the 1973 Act.
The album has released three singles, " Love MD ", " Remain Silent " and " Back to the Future ".
* " Nato Must Remain Until the Job is Done ", Daily Telegraph, 2 September 2001.
* Browne, Malcolm W. " Quantum Theory: Disturbing Questions Remain Unsolved ", The New York Times, February 11, 1986.

Remain and hit
Scars Remain, the album, has so far earned No. 1 one Christian rock hit and two Dove Awards nominations.
Their all time hit remains being the 2000s manifesto for one's freedom in life, " It Takes A Fool To Remain Sane ".

Remain and UK
Students living in the UK, if they are from non-European countries, have to pay the same fees as Overseas students at a very high rate, even if they have been in the UK for more than 3 years, without Indefinite Leave to Remain.
The Life in the United Kingdom test is a computer-based test constituting one of the requirements for anyone seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or naturalisation as a British citizen.
Unlike people with Limited Leave to Remain ( LTR ) in the UK, ILR holders do have access to public funds.
Prior to 2003, Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK was free.

Remain and make
Although the exact reasoning behind this observation is indefinite, studies suggest that the functional properties of neurons at this age make them most appropriate for this purpose ; these neurons: ( 1 ) Remain hyperactive during the formation of memories ; ( 2 ) are more excitable ; and ( 3 ) More easily depolarizable due to GABAergic effects.

Remain and its
Remain free, and then I shall acknowledge thy beauty, because thou hast kept its image pure: then will I worship that true beauty which is the archetype of all who are beautiful.
British Nationals ( Overseas ) can register as full British citizens ( rather than having to apply for naturalisation ) under section 4 of the British Nationality Act 1981, after living in the United Kingdom for five years ; the last year of which must have been without any immigration restrictions ( such as by holding Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) or its equivalent ).
* After 5 years residence in the United Kingdom, and holding Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) or its equivalent for at least 12 months, a BOC may apply for registration as a British citizen under section 4 of the British Nationality Act 1981.
The band then released its first full-length album The Dead Shall Dead Remain, which was followed by a tour of the US with Nile and Incantation.
* After 5 years residence in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or Isle of Man, and holding Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) or its equivalent for at least 12 months, a BOTC may apply for registration as a British citizen under section 4 of the British Nationality Act 1981.

Remain and release
His look changed dramatically following the release of In Flames 2002 release Reroute to Remain.
More recently in the Summer of 2010, Fridén changed his appearance again by making the decision to cut off his dreadlocks which he had grown since the release of Reroute to Remain.
" The Cursed Remain Cursed " Is set for release on 9 / 18 / 2012.
Before the release of Reroute to Remain, Jesper was an endorser of ESP using his signature variant of the EX series until he switched to Gibson guitars with his bandmate Björn Gelotte.
He switched to Gibson for the release of Reroute To Remain, but returned to ESP for the recording of Soundtrack To Your Escape.
She can also be heard in two tracks (" You Remain " and " Stop Crying ") on Mich Gerber's 2004 album Tales Of The Wind and on the 2008 release Sehnsucht from Schiller on the track " Tired ".
The first release by the band, Remain Sedate, shows the band's sound at a stage when they played fast, heavy hardcore with a metal slant and raspy hardcore vocals.

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