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Rovers and Return
The trio were likened to the Greek chorus, and the three witches in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, as they would sit in the snug bar of the Rovers Return, passing judgement over family, neighbours and frequently each other.
Storylines throughout the decade included: a warehouse fire in 1975, the birth of Tracy Langton in 1977, the murder of Ernest Bishop in 1978, a lorry crashing into the Rovers Return in 1979, and the marriage of Brian Tilsley and Gail Potter ( also in 1979 ).
The question of who would take over the Rovers Return after Annie Walker's 1983 exit was answered in 1985 when Bet Lynch ( who also mirrored the vulnerability and strength of Elsie Tanner ) was installed as landlady.
In 1986, there was a fire at the Rovers Return, which attracted an audience of just under 27 million, and between 1986 and 1989, the story of Rita Fairclough's psychological abuse at the hands of Alan Bradley ( Mark Eden ), and his subsequent death under the wheels of a Blackpool tram, was played out.
Survivors would take refuge in The Rovers Return, with the effects lasting well into 2011.
Annie Walker, landlady of the Rovers Return Inn, had delusions of grandeur and saw herself as better than other residents of Coronation Street.
The Rovers Return set underwent a subtle change of colours in November 1969 without any on-screen explanation.
The regular exterior buildings shown in Coronation Street include a row of terrace houses, several townhouses, and communal areas including a newsagents ( The Kabin ), a cafe ( Roy's Rolls ), a general grocery shop ( D & S Alahan's ), a factory ( Underworld ) and Rovers Return Inn public house.
The Rovers Return is the pub in Coronation Street, the British soap broadcast on ITV.
* Vernon Tomlin, ex-cellarman and potman at the Rovers Return Inn in Coronation Street
* Coronation Street character Betty Turpin ( portrayed by Betty Driver ) was famous for her version of the dish which was served in the fictional Rovers Return Inn.
In this she often appeared opposite Annie Walker, landlady of the Rovers Return.
Almost always wearing a double-breasted coat and hairnet, she spent much of her free time in the series ' early years with her two cronies, Martha Longhurst and Minnie Caldwell, in the snug bar of the Rovers Return Inn, drinking milk stout.
She was the longest serving barmaid in the history of the Rover's Return and Betty's Hot Pot ( served at lunchtime in the Rovers ) is an iconic dish, which has also been offered as a ready meal in UK supermarkets.
Working as a barmaid in the soap's Rovers Return Inn, Betty created a signature dish, known as Betty's hotpot.
Maggie, however, resents Betty's interference and persuades landlord Jack Walker ( Arthur Leslie ) to give Betty a job as a barmaid at The Rovers Return public house.
In 1999, Betty celebrates 30 years of working at the Rovers Return with a party attended by all the regulars.
Around the time of Betty's fortieth anniversary at the Rovers Return, she is sacked by new manager Poppy Morales ( Sophiya Haque ) after clashing with her on several occasions.
Betty is re-instated, and plays the fairy godmother in the 2009 Rovers Return Christmas pantomime performance of Cinderella.
The residents of the street all gather in the Rovers Return and hold an impromptu memorial to Betty, with all of her old friends reminiscing about her.
It is later revealed that Annie Walker left The Rovers Return to Betty in her will however Betty never acted on this, Gordon assured landlady Stella Price that he is not interested in the pub and it will remain in her possession.
After the wake and lock-up, Stella hung a photo of Betty on the wall over The Rovers Return, for all to see and remember her.
Betty is the longest-serving barmaid of the soap's public house, The Rovers Return.
With her neatly-set hair, comfortable, bustling manner, and brilliant smile, she has been dispensing homespun advice – and, of course, those celebrated hotpots – at the Rovers Return for more than a generation.

Rovers and Inn
Betty with her famous hotpot, outside The Rovers Return Inn.
During her time on Coronation Street, the character has become synonymous with her signature dish at the Rovers Return Inn, Betty's hotpot.
Featherstone Trinity played their first game on the New Inn fields against Castleford Mill Lane Rovers.
* The Rovers Return Inn, the pub on the British soap, Coronation Street
The soap opera Coronation Street wrote an elaborate Jubilee parade into the storyline, having Rovers ' Return Inn manageress Annie Walker dress up in elaborate costume as Elizabeth I. Ken Barlow and " Uncle Albert " played Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing respectively.
In 1995, the Duckworths inherited some money after Jack's brother died, and they bought the Rovers Return Inn, with Vera becoming the Landlady.
Kevin proposes repeatedly but it isn't until risks his life and breaks the window of the Rovers Return Inn to drag Bet Lynch ( Julie Goodyear ) to safety during a fire in 1986 that Sally finally accepts.
The Rovers Return Inn is a fictional public house on the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street.
The Rovers Return Inn has been a free house since 1996, though the brewery continues to supply the pub.
A Harveys Furniture van arrives at the Rovers Return Inn.
When Coronation Street began in 1960, the signage of the pub read " The Rovers Return " but at some point was changed to read " Rovers Return Inn ", without a " The ".
She did not believe she had got the part until she filmed a scene in the Rovers Return Inn.
# REDIRECT Rovers Return Inn
# REDIRECT Rovers Return Inn
As the immaculately-kept manageress of the Rovers Return Inn, Annie appeared in the very first episode, recorded live on 9 December 1960 and in the following episode her mild-mannered husband of over twenty years Jack ( Arthur Leslie ) was introduced.

Rovers and is
Current League Champions and the first Irish side to reach the group stages of a European competition: 2011 – 12 UEFA Europa League group stage Shamrock Rovers play at Tallaght Stadium in South Dublin, play at Richmond Park, and play their home games at the UCD Bowl in Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown, while is based at Tolka Park.
She has a deck, 30 m in length and 10 m in width which is sufficient for 16 one-ten Land Rovers ( or equivalent ) and accommodation for 30 passengers.
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This journey, too, ends in disaster as the ship is taken over by Salé pirates ( the Salé Rovers ) and Crusoe is enslaved by a Moor.
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James keenly follows the English Soccer Premier League and in particular Blackburn Rovers, of whom he is an avid fan.
The McDermid Stand, which she sponsors, is in Stark's Park, Raith Rovers ground in Kirkcaldy.
She is a Raith Rovers supporter.
The Rovers suffix is dropped two years later and the club renamed as Burnley AFC.
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This is not found in Ian Rankin's books, he having stated outside the books that Rebus is a Raith Rovers supporter.
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