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Saidian and Orientalist
Other scenes, especially in genre painting, have been seen as either closely comparable to their equivalents set in modern-day or historical Europe, or as also reflecting an Orientalist mind-set in the Saidian sense of the term.

analysis and has
While The Space Merchants indicates, as Kingsley Amis has correctly observed, some of the `` impending consequences of the growth of industrial and commercial power '' and satirizes `` existing habits in the advertising profession '', its warning and analysis penetrate much deeper.
The research center of the University's School of Business and Public Administration is prepared to undertake the analysis Dr. Ellis has been talking about.
Of particular utility in the analysis of the development, persistence, and change of social systems has been the use of the master or comprehensive processes.
From the point of view of syntactic analysis the head word in the statement is the predicator has broken, and from the point of view of meaning it would seem that the trouble centers in the breaking ; ;
Still, even in such languages tone analysis has not been as simple as one might expect.
Moreover, whereas in Interstate Commerce Commission parlance `` variable cost '' means a cost deemed to vary in direct proportion to changes in rate of output, in the type of analysis now under review `` variable cost '' has been used more broadly, so as to cover costs which, while a function of some one variable ( such as output of energy, or number of customers ), are not necessarily a linear function.
The threadbare notion that belief, unlike behaviour, is not subject to objective analysis, has placed intuitive metaphysics squarely against the sociology of knowledge, since it is precisely the job of the sociology of knowledge to treat beliefs as social facts no less viable than social behaviour.
The force of the authors' analysis ( if indeed it has any force ) can be felt by the reader, I believe, only after three questions have been successfully answered.
I shall first indicate a couple of weaknesses in Fromm's analysis, then argue that, granted these weaknesses, he still has much left that is valuable, and, finally, raise the general question of a philosophical versus a sociological approach to the question of alienation.
But he hastened to add that, if United States policies were not always clear, despite Mr. Rusk's analysis of the various global danger points and setbacks for the West, this may merely mean the new administration has not yet firmly fixed its policy.
Sociocultural anthropology has been heavily influenced by structuralist and postmodern theories, as well as a shift toward the analysis of modern societies.
# It has been adapted to the analysis of a variety of experimental designs.
The analysis of variance has been studied from several approaches, the most common of which uses a linear model that relates the response to the treatments and blocks.
The randomization-based analysis has the disadvantage that its exposition involves tedious algebra and extensive time.
For example Connecticut applies the following standard to review unpreserved claims: 1. the record is adequate to review the alleged claim of error ; 2. the claim is of constitutional magnitude alleging the violation of a fundamental right ; 3. the alleged constitutional violation clearly exists and clearly deprived the defendant of a fair trial ; 4. if subject to harmless error analysis, the state has failed to demonstrate harmlessness of the alleged constitutional violation beyond a reasonable doubt.
The school has been highly influential in setting the agenda for historiography in France and numerous other countries, especially regarding the use of social scientific methods by historians, emphasizing social rather than political or diplomatic themes, and for being generally hostile to the class analysis of Marxist historiography.
It occupies a central place in modern mathematics and has multiple conceptual connections with such diverse fields as complex analysis, topology and number theory.
* Individuals with expressive aphasia ( also called Broca's aphasia ) were once thought to have frontal lobe damage, though more recent work by Dr. Nina Dronkers using imaging and ' lesion analysis ' has revealed that patients with Expressive aphasia have lesions to the medial insular cortex.
His well-known works include the Knight, Death, and the Devil ( 1513 ), Saint Jerome in his Study ( 1514 ) and Melencolia I ( 1514 ), which has been the subject of extensive analysis and interpretation.
Analytical chemistry has applications in forensics, bioanalysis, clinical analysis, environmental analysis, and materials analysis.
An interest towards the absolute ( standardless ) analysis has revived, particularly in the emission spectrometry.
Euan MacKie has supported Thom's analysis, to which he added an archaeological context by comparing Neolithic Britain to the Mayan civilization to argue for a stratified society in this period.
Capp's persona has long since eclipsed his work, complicating critical analysis and objective assessment of Li ' l Abner to this day.

analysis and prevented
* Dangling pointers are prevented through region analysis and limits on
Weber's premature death in 1920 prevented him from following his planned analysis of Psalms, the Book of Job, Talmudic Jewry, early Christianity and Islam.
Subsequent analysis of the flight recorders recovered from the crash site revealed how the actions taken by the passengers prevented the aircraft from reaching the hijackers ' intended target.
Gill and Spring did a cost-benefit analysis of CCTV in crime prevention that showed little monetary saving with the installation of CCTV as most of the crimes prevented resulted in little monetary loss.
Allan Nevins is particularly scathing in his analysis: " A President more exact, systematic and vigilant than Lincoln, a Secretary more alert and clearheaded than Cameron, would have prevented these difficulties.
Jacob did, however, campaign for the abolition of the restrictive Fourteen-Day Rule that prevented broadcast analysis of topics that were to be debated in parliament within the next fourteen days ( the Rule was finally suspended in December 1956 ).
Weber's premature death in 1920 prevented him from following Ancient Judaism with his planned analysis of Psalms, Book of Jacob, Talmudic Jewry, early Christianity and Islam.
The American historian Gavriel D. Rosenfeld wrote about Broszat's call for " historization " that :" In the 1980s, the German historian Martin Broszat famously argued that overtly moral analyses of the Third Reich suffered from their embrace of a " black-and-white " perspective that drew too rigid a dichotomy between perpetrators and victims, obscured the era's gray complexity, bracketed off the Third Reich from " normal " modes of historical analysis ( such as an empathetic perspective towards the historical actors themselves ) and prevented it from being integrated into the large sweep of German history ... At the same time, an overly moralistic view runs the risk of mythologizing history and transforming it into a collection of moral ethical lessons that, over time, can easily become stale and cease to resonate within society at large.
New analysis by the Global Campaign for Education suggests that if all children received a complete primary education, the economic impact of HIV / AIDS could be greatly reduced and around 700, 000 cases of HIV in young adults could be prevented each year — seven million in a decade.
An analysis of the car revealed that it did not have any electrical or mechanical faults, and they didn't not accept Sérgio Gomes da Silva's story that these faults prevented an escape.

analysis and strong
Economic analysis was never Trevelyan's strong point and the England of the industrial transformation cries out for economic analysis.
The model has been proven to be empirically strong through econometric analysis.
His analysis showed the Puritans as providing the foundational values of America, based on their strong Hebrew Bible view of the world, which included fighting for earthly political justice, an emphasis on laws and education, and the " chosenness " which the Puritans identified with, giving them a sense of moral mission in founding America.
The presence of continuous symmetries expressed via a Lie group action on a manifold places strong constraints on its geometry and facilitates analysis on the manifold.
William Petty, a strong mercantilist, is generally credited with being the first to use empirical analysis to study the economy.
On the other hand, Sapir explicitly rejected strong linguistic determinism by stating, " It would be naïve to imagine that any analysis of experience is dependent on pattern expressed in language.
The former are those “ manifested by his observed behaviour, including preferences possibly based on erroneous factual beliefs, or on careless logical analysis, or on strong emotions that at the moment greatly hinder rational choice ” whereas the latter are “ the preferences he would have if he had all the relevant factual information, always reasoned with the greatest possible care, and were in a state of mind most conducive to rational choice .” It is the latter that preference utilitarianism tries to satisfy.
In mathematical analysis, Lipschitz continuity, named after Rudolf Lipschitz, is a strong form of uniform continuity for functions.
Alister McGrath, a Christian theologian, has also commented critically on Dawkins ' analysis, suggesting that " memes have no place in serious scientific reflection ", that there is strong evidence that such ideas are not spread by random processes, but by deliberate intentional actions, that " evolution " of ideas is more Lamarckian than Darwinian, and that there is no evidence ( and certainly none in the article ) that epidemiological models usefully explain the spread of religious ideas.
A recent morpho-functional analysis indicates that M. americanum was adapted for strong vertical biting.
In the late 20th century, broad dissatisfaction with perturbation theory in the quantum physics community, including not only the difficulty of going beyond second order in the expansion, but also questions about whether the perturbative expansion is even convergent, has led to a strong interest in the area of non-perturbative analysis, that is, the study of exactly solvable models.
According to S & P, Rancho Cordova ’ s rating reflects the City ’ s “ very strong wealth indicator, its good financial performance leading to a very strong fund balance, good financial management practices and policies, and its access to Eastern Sacramento metropolitan area .” “ In our opinion, Rancho Cordova ’ s financial performance has been good with the City historically reporting consecutive surpluses ,” said S & P ’ s analysis report.
Like Poe, these two characters command both the power of analysis and a strong imagination.
Like other branches of archaeology, industrial archaeology involves painstaking analysis of physical remains, albeit with a strong emphasis on industrial processes.
With its strong emphasis on rhythm, the music is often described as brutal or violent, but this analysis mistakes the strong sound world for an attempt to evoke violent actions.
Technical specialists such as statisticians obviously need strong backgrounds in statistics and data analysis.
It was during this period that Reich developed the idea of " character armour " – character traits such as politeness or arrogance that served as a defense mechanism to ward off strong emotions, including during analysis.
The value of a Go position depends on a complex analysis to determine whether or not the group is alive, which stones can be connected to one another, and heuristics around the extent to which a strong position has influence, or the extent to which a weak position can be attacked.
This analysis showed that strong evidence for transcription of 726 such retrogenes.
Polymers represent another large area in which thermal analysis finds strong applications.
However, analysis of grave furnishing, size and deepness of grave pits, position within the cemetery, did not lead to any strong conclusions on the social divisions.

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