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Set and Decorator
Usually it is considered to include several sub-departments: the Art Department proper, with its Art Director, Set Designers and Draughtsmen ; Set Decoration, under the Set Decorator ; Props, under the Propmaster ; Construction, headed by the Construction Coordinator ; Scenic, headed by the Key Scenic Artist ; and Special Effects.
* Set Decorator
In recognition of the Set Decorator's importance, the Academy Award for Art Direction is given jointly to both the Production Designer and the Set Decorator.
: The Buyer works with the Set Decorator.
He or she also assists the Set Decorator.
As a Set Decorator he worked on Heart of Glass and Woyzeck, as Stage Designer on operas: Lohengrin and Giovanna d ' Arco and as Costume Designer on film The Transformation of the World Into Music.
* Set Decorator: Frank Tuttle
* Set Decorator: Nat Mongioi
** Victor L. Paganuzzi, Art Director ; John A. Wendell, Set Decorator
** Victor Paganuzzi, Scenic Designer ; John A. Wendell, Set Decorator
* Set Decorator ............................. Murray Waite

Set and is
As you can see, in this Push-Pull Super Set the entire chest-back-shoulder area is vigorously exercised in alternate sectors by alternate exercises so the complete torso remains pumped-up all the time!!
The Egyptian god Set is said, by some, to have the head of an aardvark or to be part aardvark.
He is the son of Nephthys and Set according to the Egyptian mythology.
Anubis is a son of Ra in early myths, but later he became known as son of Set and Nephthys, and he helped Isis mummify Osiris.
Usually, Anubis is portrayed as the son of Nephthys and Set, Osiris ' brother and the god of the desert and darkness.
Set in 1485 at the end of the British Middle Ages, the series is written as a secret history which contends that King Richard III won the Battle of Bosworth Field, only to be mistaken for someone else and murdered, and is succeeded by Richard IV ( Brian Blessed ), one of the Princes in the Tower.
Set in the year 1582, the script of the pilot is roughly the same as the episode " Born to be King ", albeit with some different jokes, with some lines appearing in other episodes of the series.
It can be done by systematically making explicit all the axioms, as in the case of the well-known book Naive Set Theory by Paul Halmos, which is actually a somewhat ( not all that ) informal presentation of the usual axiomatic Zermelo – Fraenkel set theory.
Uno, Phase 10, Set, Slamwich, 1000 Blank White Cards, and Sopio are popular dedicated-deck card games ; 1000 Blank White Cards is unique in that the cards for the game are designed by the players of the game while playing it ; there is no commercially-available deck advertised as such.
Its main motto is: " Set clear strict laws, or deliver harsh punishment ".
In the context of the passage, they seem to equate to something like “ east and west .” There is a passage in Ezekiel, however, where God says to the prophet, " Set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him.
Such a computer is sometimes called a Writable Instruction Set Computer or WISC.
Set theory is the branch of mathematics that studies sets, which are collections of objects, such as
The Enhanced Chip Set ( ECS ) is the second generation of the Amiga computer's chipset, offering minor improvements over the original chipset ( OCS ) design.
A Location Production Assistant is what a Set Production Assistant is in Canada.
Sometimes a Set Designer is also the First Assistant Art Director.
: The Set Designer is the Draftsman, often an Architect, who realizes the structures or interior spaces called for by the Production Designer.

Set and charge
Set in the Texas Hill Country in the 1860s just after the American Civil War, the story is about the 14-year-old boy Travis Coates ( played by Tommy Kirk in the film ) left in charge of the household while his father is away.

Set and film
General responsibilities include arriving first at the location to allow the Set Dressers into the set for preparation ; maintaining the cleanliness of the location areas during filming ; fielding complaints from neighbors ; and ultimately, at the end of the filming, making sure it seems as though the film crew was never there.
Set in the future, the film featured an all-star cast of monsters from many of Toho's earlier Kaiju films, eleven in all.
Set in the Amazon, Voight played Paul Sarone, a snake hunter obsessed with a fabled giant anaconda, who hijacks an unwitting National Geographic film crew looking for a remote Indian tribe.
Set in Dublin, Ireland, the film tells the true-life story of the charismatic leader of a gang of thieves, Martin Cahill, at odds with both the police and the IRA.
In 1993, as promotion for the 1989 animated film, Hemdale produced a Collector's Set which includes a VHS movie, illustrated storybook, and cassette soundtrack.
Set in suburbia ( and shot in Lutz, Florida ), the film is largely seen as Burton's autobiography of his childhood in Burbank.
Set in South Africa and starring Michael Caine and Sidney Poitier, the film was an action melodrama with a focus on apartheid.
Set in New York, Venice, and Paris, the film features singing by actors not usually known for their singing.
The film was given a " Deluxe Edition Two-Record Set " soundtrack album release in 1967 by Warner Bros. Records, and was the first film to have its vocals be released in its entirety on an album, as the film ( at that time ) could never be shown in reruns on network television.
Set design can be used to amplify character emotion or the dominant mood of a film, or to establish aspects of the character.
Released in 1988, this was Binoche's first English language role and was a worldwide success with critics and audiences alike Set against the Russian invasion of Prague in 1968, the film tells the story of the relationships a Czech surgeon, Tomas ( Daniel Day-Lewis ), has with his wife Tereza and his lover Sabina ( Lena Olin ).
This came about after a successful screen test, financed by Michael Ovitz, led to Seagal being offered a contract by Warner Bros. Set in Chicago, the film was rated R by the MPAA.
Set in the closed, repressive Prussian society of the Bismarck era, the film paints a portrait of a woman's fate completely linked to an unbending and utterly unforgiving code of social behavior.
Set in the 1950s, the film depicts the twilight years of the title character, a faded Nazi starlet.
Set in a dimly lit museum after hours, the pilot film featured Serling ( as on-camera host ) playing the curator, who introduced three tales of the macabre, unveiling canvases that would appear in the subsequent story segments ( its brief first season rotated as one spoke of a four-series programming wheel titled Four in One ).
Set in post-World War II Yugoslavia during the Informbiro period, the film tells the story through the eyes of the young boy Malik.
Set among French POWs during their internment in labor camps by the Nazis during World War II, the film explores the twin human needs for freedom, on the one hand, and emotional and economic security, on the other.
Set in modern-day Manhattan, the film begins with the narrator ( Lemmy of Motörhead ) introducing two families: the Capulets and the Ques.
Set largely during the days and weeks following Horman's disappearance, the film depicts his father and wife searching to determine his fate.
Set designer Danny Hall sketched out Chaplin's early ideas for the film, with Chaplin returning to one of his older films, The Vagabond ( 1916 ), and drawing upon similar story ideas and themes for The Circus.

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