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Special and Programme
In the following year, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases was also launched.
" A Crime Prevention Initiative has recently been introduced by the council in conjunction with the Belize Police Department, which introduced a Special Constable / Community Policing Programme.
* The ILO Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour ( SAP-FL )
* SAP-FL-The ILO Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour
* Malay ( Special Programme ), a Third Language programme offered by the Ministry of Education ( Singapore )
Each year, NHBC also invites entries into 3 Special award categories such as Best Occupational Health Initiative, Best Worker Engagement Programme and Best Health and Safety Leadership.
It is funded by the Department for Social Development, the EU Special Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, and the Physical and Social Environment Programme.
( This definition is based on the work of Luc Mougeot of the International Development Research Centre and used in technical and training publications by UN-HABITAT's Urban Management Programme, FAO's Special Programme for Food Security, and international agricultural research centres, such as CIRAD.
According to the ILO Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour ( SAP-FL ), global profits from forced trafficked labour exploited by private agents are estimated at US $ 44, 3 billion per year.
* SAP-FL, the ILO Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour
* The ILO Special Action Programme to combat Forced Labour ( SAP-FL )
He also presented popular music on the BBC Light Programme, notably in Pete Murray's Party from 1958 to 1961, and hosted one of BBC Television's earliest pop music programmes, the skiffle-based Six-Five Special ( 1957 – 1958 ).
Test Match Special ( TMS ) was launched on 30 May 1957, providing a full ball-by-ball Test Match commentary service on the medium wave service of the BBC Third Programme.
From 1993 to 1999, he served as Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme ; he served as Special Coordinator for Economic and Social Affairs under Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and also served as Chair of the United Nations Development Group.
In the 76-page report later published by the inquiry, all three members concurred in concluding that the Senior Special Assistant to the Chief Executive, Andrew Lo Cheung-on, did attempt to influence the Public Opinion Programme.
See Consortium of Local Authorities Special Programme ( CLASP )
In 1975 the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases ( TDR ) was established to focus on neglected infectious diseases which disproportionately affect poor and marginalized populations in developing regions of Africa, Asia, Central America and South America.
Apart from specialized centers directly funded by DBT, DST, ICAR and ISRO, a large number of departments under the Faculties of Sciences, Engineering, Technology and Social Sciences receive funding from the DST Fund for Improvement of Science & Technology Inrastructure ( FIST ) and the University Grants Commission ( UGC ) Special Assistance Programme ( SAP ).
* Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases
A Ministry of Education-designated FutureSchool, it operates under the Special Assistance Plan ( SAP ) for bilingualism, and offers the Integrated Programme ( IP ) and also the School Based Gifted Education Programme ( SBGEP ), after the Secondary School Gifted Education Programme was phased out.

Special and for
-- The Illinois Commission for Handicapped Children wishes to commend the recent announcement by the Catholic charities of the archdiocese of Chicago and DePaul University of the establishment of the Institute for Special Education at the university for the training of teachers for physically handicapped and mentally retarded children.
Special kits for away fixtures did not exist at the time and according to football association regulations the newcomers had to change their colours if two teams in the same league had identical uniforms.
It instead appears to be used for highly classified military / defense Special Access Programs ( SAP ), which are unacknowledged publicly by the government, military personnel, and defense contractors.
Three works Team Cars with 16-valve twin cam engines were built for racing and record breaking: chassis number 1914, later developed as the Green Pea ; chassis number 1915, the Razor Blade record car ; and chassis number 1916, later developed as the Halford Special.
* Special equipment for locating hostile artillery: flash spotting and notably sound ranging appeared in World War I the latter has been undergone increasing refinement as technology has improved.
* 1996: Special Event Album of the Year – My Utmost for His Highest
* Blindness Resource Center from The New York Institute for Special Education
The Bluetooth Innovation World Cup, a marketing initiative of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group ( SIG ), is an international competition encouraging the development of innovations for applications leveraging the Bluetooth low energy wireless technology in sports, fitness and health care products.
Special bit patterns are sometimes used for a sign or for other indications ( e. g., error or overflow ).
* BASE ( Bangalore Academy for Special Education ), an educational organisation in Bangalore, providing traing for IIT-JEE and other competitive exams
* 1989: Harvey Award, Special Award for Humor, for Calvin and Hobbes
The areas of Lochnagar and Ballochbuie were designated in 1998 by the Secretary of State for Scotland as Special Protection Areas ( SPA ) under the European Union ( EU ) Birds Directive.
* In the movie Wag the Dog, the fictitious unit 303 Special Forces has a song created titled " The Men of the 303 " that is played to a deliberately similar but original tune written by Huey Lewis for the film.
* P Blumberg, ‘ Reflections on Proposals for Corporate Reform Through Change in the Composition of the Board of Directors: “ Special Interest ” or “ Public ” Directors ’ ( 1973 ) 53 Boston University Law Review 547
More recently, it has influenced the creation of Voice of America's Special English for news broadcasting, and Simplified English, another English-based controlled language designed to write technical manuals.
Basic English 2000 word list and VOA Special English 1500 word list is a dictionary for Simple English Wikipedia.
* VOA News-Voice of America Special English-News Radio for English Learners
* 1st Academy Awards ( 1929 ): Special Award " for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing The Circus ".
* Recommendation for Key Management — Part 1: general, NIST Special Publication 800-57.

Special and Food
Significant progress in implementing the right to food at national scale in Africa, Latin America and South Asia " United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Briefing Note 01, 14 May 2010.
However, as Regine Anderson of the farmers ' rights project, among others, including Olivier De Schutter, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, argue, the interpretation and realisation of farmers ' rights is weak and is not the same across all countries.
1 Acipenseridae to Grammatidae Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome ( Special publication of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists no.
Green Mountain College offers 24 majors: Adventure Education, Art, Art with Secondary Licensure, Biology, Biology with Secondary Licensure, Communications, Elementary Education, Elementary Education with Special Education Endorsement, English, English with Secondary Licensure, Environmental Studies, Fine Art, History, History with Secondary Licensure, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Resources Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Resort & Hospitality Management, Sociology / Anthropology, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production, Sustainable Business, Writing, and Youth Development & Camp Management.
Anderson became known for his thorough investigative work and during his three terms in the House of Representatives, was assigned to several special committees, including the chairmanship of the Special Committee to Investigate Food Shortages in 1945.
* Finding aid for the Roberta Uno Asian American Women Playwrights Scripts Collection, 1924 – 2002, featuring Mango Tango ( 1978 ), Where the Mississippi Meets the Amazon ( with Ntozake Shange and Thulani Davis ) ( 1978 ), Holy Food ( 1988 ), and Airport Music ( with Han Ong ( 1993 ) at the Special Collections and University Archives, W. E. B.
Conlin also Chairs the Special Committee on the Library Levy, represents the Council on major transportation projects such as the replacement of the SR 520 Bridge and the Sound Transit Board, and serves on the Seattle-King County Board of Health, the Growth Management Planning Council, the Regional Food Policy Council, and the Green-Duwamish Watershed Planning Committee.
* In 2007, United nations Food and Agriculture Organization Special Rapporteur for the Right to Food urges five year moratorium on food based biofuels, including ethanol, saying its development is a " crime against humanity.
He was a founding member of the Special Forces Club in Knightsbridge, and of the Food and Wine Society in Calgary.
In January 2009 he was given the additional responsibility of coordinating the UN system ’ s High Level Task Force on the Global Food Security and was appointed, in October, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Food Security and Nutrition.
In October 2009 United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed David Nabarro as Special Representative on Food Security and Nutrition.
( 1985 ) Famines in India: A study in Some Aspects of the Economic History of India with Special Reference to Food Problem, Delhi: Konark Publishers Pvt.
On the Season 2 " Baseball Special " episode of The Travel Channel's Man v. Food, host Adam Richman participated in a challenge in which he had to eat this burger in under the final 2 innings of the Whitecaps game ( that is, after the Seventh Inning Stretch ).
* Newsletter of the Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition Division of the Special Libraries Association Vol 32 No 1, August 2000, PDF which contains Corriher's Compendium of Ingredient and Cooking Problems-An expanded collection of typical problems in different food areas
In 2010, Junior's defeated fellow New York City cheesecake shop Eileen's Special on an episode of Food Feuds as Michael Symon's choice for best cheesecake in New York City.
WILPF has had Consultative Status ( category B ) with the UN Economic and Social Council ( ECOSOC ) since 1948 and has Special Consultative Relations with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD ), as well as special relations with the International Labour Organization ( ILO ), Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ), United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF ) and other organizations and agencies.
Wilson won the 2010 NASCAR " Saturday Night Special " also known as The NASCAR Legends Race at Bristol Motor Speedway in a replica of the 1989 Food Country USA Oldsmobile he won with at Bristol in 1989.

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