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Stockholm and production
Another production opened at the Royal Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden, on 8 January 1880, while productions in Christiania ( with Johanne Juell as Nora and Arnoldus Reimers as Torvald ) and Bergen followed shortly after.
In February 1962, the West End ( H. M. Tennent ) production launched a five-month Scandinavian tour opening in Copenhagen, continuing to Oslo, Goteborg, Stockholm and Helsinki.
Due to PCBs ' environmental toxicity and classification as a persistent organic pollutant, PCB production was banned by the United States Congress in 1979 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.
Garbo remembered it as a picture associated with doom: on the fourth day of production, she received a telegram from Stockholm informing her of the death of her sister Alva at the age of twenty-three.
All of Moodysson's feature films have been produced, or co-produced, by Memfis Film, a small Swedish production company based in Stockholm.
Due to the toxicity of PCBs and their classification as persistent organic pollutants, PCB production was banned by the U. S. Congress in 1977 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.
1910 the company bought a large real estate in Lidingö and built a production plant that was completed around 1912, when they moved out from the facilities in Stockholm.
PCBs are a persistent organic pollutant, and cause cancer in animals and likely in humans as well, among other health effects ; PCB production was banned by the U. S. Congress in 1979 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.
While at NPR, Flatow helped found the NPR science unit and served on the production team for NPR's first remote broadcast: the UN Conference On the Human Environment in Stockholm.
Thus, the play had its world premiere in Stockholm on February 2 1956, in Swedish ( as Lång dags färd mot natt ), in a production directed by Bengt Ekerot, with the cast of Lars Hanson ( James Tyrone ), Inga Tidblad ( Mary Tyrone ), Ulf Palme ( James Tyrone, Jr .), Jarl Kulle ( Edmund Tyrone ) and Catrin Westerlund ( Cathleen, the serving-maid or " second girl " as O ' Neill's script dubs her ).
Although formally a German production ( with the German title, Herbstsonate, being the official original title ), the dialogue is in Swedish, most of the crew and actors were Swedish, and the world premiere was in Stockholm
The first, and so far the only, production was at the Intima theatre in Stockholm in 2005.
In late 2001, rumours began to circulate about a new production in Stockholm.
In 2009, Kepone was included in the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants, which bans its production and use worldwide.
In the 1990s and 2000s, he took time off from other projects in order to recreate the role in subsequent productions of Chess, including the 1994 tenth anniversary concert and the 2002 Stockholm production, for the latter winning national Swedish theater award Guldmasken in category Best Actor in a Musical.
In 2009 the production and agricultural use of lindane was banned under the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants.
Sweden's first industrial crisp bread bakery, AU Bergmans enka, begun its production in Stockholm in 1850.
Because of their toxicity and persistence, their industrial production is to be eliminated under the Stockholm Convention, a treaty to control and phase out major persistent organic pollutants ( POPs ).
He was called " The King of Spirits " ( Brännvinskungen ) because of his domination of spirits production in Stockholm during the end of the 19th century.
Stockholm Records has often been referred to as a model for other music production companies in continental Europe, with the successful and market-dominating Danish enterprise Copenhagen Records and Swedish production powerhouses Cheiron and Murlyn Music Group as obvious examples.
Photograph of the first production in Stockholm of Miss Julie in November 1906, at The People's Theatre.
* In 1912, Anna Hofman-Uddgren directed a film version, based on her own and Gustaf Uddgren's screenplay ; Manda Björling played Julie and August Falck played Jean ( based in turn on the stage production in Stockholm in 1906 ).
Premiere production at the Royal Opera, Stockholm 1959.

Stockholm and was
Born in Stockholm, Alfred Nobel was the fourth son of Immanuel Nobel ( 1801 – 1872 ), an inventor and engineer, and Andriette Ahlsell Nobel ( 1805 – 1889 ).
He supported the formation of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm in 1739 by Linnaeus and five others, and was elected a member at the first meeting of this academy.
Andersson was born in Stockholm to 34-year-old construction engineer Gösta Andersson and his 26-year-old wife Laila.
In 2007, he was elected a member of Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and in 2008 received an Honorary Doctorate from the Stockholm University Faculty of Humanities for contributing importantly both to the preservation and the growth of the Swedish folk music tradition.
Furthermore, Pasternak was informed that, if he traveled to Stockholm to collect his Nobel Medal, he would be refused re-entry to the Soviet Union.
The central bank of Sweden (" Sveriges Riksbank " or simply " Riksbanken ") was founded in Stockholm from the remains of the failed bank Stockholms Banco in 1664 and answered to the parliament (" Riksdag of the Estates ") thus making it the oldest central bank still operating today.
DDT was subsequently banned for agricultural use worldwide under the Stockholm Convention, but its limited use in disease vector control continues to this day and remains controversial.
Bowie was quoted in Stockholm as saying that " Britain could benefit from a Fascist leader ", and was detained by customs on the Russian / Polish border for possessing Nazi paraphernalia.
In Stockholm, during the Gorefest set, a bomb was discovered on-stage.
The Stockholm Convention, establishing the EFTA, was signed on 4 January 1960 in the Swedish capital by seven countries ( known as the " outer seven ").
The initial Stockholm Convention was superseded by the Vaduz Convention, which provides for the liberalisation of trade among the member states.
On 4 January 1960, the Treaty on European Free Trade Association was initialed in the Golden Hall of the Prince's Palace of Stockholm.
10 years after the IFF was founded, the first world championships were played, with a sold out final of 15, 106 people at the Globen in Stockholm, Sweden.
de Klerk, who was on a brief visit to Stockholm, Sweden to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Nobel Prize foundation, announced he would immediately return to mourn his dead ex-wife.
Gustavus Adolphus was born in Stockholm as the oldest son of Duke Charles of the Vasa dynasty and his second wife, Christina of Holstein-Gottorp.
Its oxide was first isolated from rare earth ores in 1878 and the element was named after the city of Stockholm.
Holmium ( Holmia, Latin name for Stockholm ) was discovered by Marc Delafontaine and Jacques-Louis Soret in 1878 who noticed the aberrant spectrographic absorption bands of the then-unknown element ( they called it " Element X ").
Subsequently the Stockholm manuscript was translated into Swedish and Latin by Johan Peringskiöld ( by order of Charles XI ) and published in 1697 at Stockholm under the title Heimskringla, which is the first known use of the name.
Glauber could not attend the 2005 awards – he was traveling to Stockholm to claim a genuine Nobel Prize in Physics.
However, he was refused entry to Russia and went on to Stockholm and produced the journals Russische Korrespondenz-Pravda and Bote der Russischen Revolution to publish Bolshevik documents and Russian information in German.
This workshop was actually a former kitchen of some 13 m < sup > 2 </ sup > situated at Drottninggatan 15 in the most central part of Stockholm.
Some have read dark overtones into The Radiant City: from the " astonishingly beautiful assemblage of buildings " that was Stockholm, for example, Le Corbusier saw only “ frightening chaos and saddening monotony .” He dreamed of " cleaning and purging " the city, bringing " a calm and powerful architecture "— referring to steel, plate glass, and reinforced concrete.

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