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Synod and Trullo
On 7 November 680, a mere 37 bishops and a number of presbyters convened in the imperial palace, in the domed hall called Trullo, from which the council also took the name Trullan Synod.

Synod and laid
In 1735 Pope Clement XII sent him again to the East where he presided over the 1736 Maronite Synod of Mount-Lebanon, which laid the foundations for the modern Maronite Church.

Synod and down
* Synod of Ancyra 314 ( about Bestiality, broken down by age-group )
On 11 November 2008, the Holy Synod decided to turn down his request and to ask him to remain on the throne for life.

Synod and bishops
Athanasius himself was accused of mistreating Arians and the followers of Meletius of Lycopolis, and had to answer those charges at a gathering of bishops in Tyre, the First Synod of Tyre, in 335.
In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ( ELCA ) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada ( ELCIC ), the largest Lutheran Church bodies in the United States and Canada respectively and roughly based on the Nordic Lutheran state churches ( similar to that of the Church of England ), bishops are elected by Synod Assemblies, consisting of both lay members and clergy, for a term of 6 years, which can be renewed, depending upon the local synod's " constitution " ( which is mirrored on either the ELCA or ELCIC's national constitution ).
Furthermore, the Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church similarly became independent of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Church in 1994, when four bishops were consecrated by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria to form the basis of a local Holy Synod of the Eritrean Church.
At the Spanish Synod of Elvira ( c. 305 ) bishops concluded, " Pictures are not to be placed in churches, so that they do not become objects of worship and adoration ".
Next, John convened the Synod of Westminster in September 1125, which was attended by both the archbishops of Canterbury and York, together with twenty bishops and forty abbots.
Nevertheless, at the Synod of London ( 1396 ), the English bishops convened to condemn Wyclif.
They took on distinctive views on clerical dress and in opposition to the episcopal system, particularly after the 1619 conclusions of the Synod of Dort were resisted by the English bishops.
* At the Synod of Aquileia ( also referred to as the Synod of Pavia ), the bishops of the diocese of Aquileia decide to end the Schism of the Three Chapters and return to communion with Rome.
* March – The Synod of Jerusalem brings together bishops and representatives from the whole of Eastern Orthodox Christendom to discuss Orthodox dogma against the challenge of Protestantism.
Under these circumstances Berengar decided to concede as much as he could, and the French bishops showed that they wished a speedy settlement of the controversy, when the Synod of Tours declared itself satisfied by Berengar's written declaration that the sacramental bread and wine after consecration were the body and blood of Christ.
The request was granted and the Synod of Tarragona confirmed the nomination of Irenaeus, after which the bishops sought the pope's approval.
* First Synod of Tyre: Constantine I convenes a gathering of bishops at Tyre to depose and exile Athanasius, the Patriarch of Alexandria.
" However, in 2004 Patriarch Bartholomew, with the help of the Turkish government, succeeded, after eighty years, in altering the composition of the twelve-member Standing Synod of Metropolitan Bishops in Constantinople so that it can include six bishops from outside Turkey.
The Synod of Hippo of 393 ordered a general meeting yearly, but this was found too onerous for the bishops, and in the Synod of Carthage ( 407 ) it was decided to hold a general synod only when necessary for the needs of all Africa, and it was to be held at a place most convenient for the purpose.
At the Synod of Aachen on 28 April 862, the bishops of Lotharingia approved this union, contrary to ecclesiastical law.
Theodore conducted a survey of the English church, appointed various bishops to sees that had been vacant for some time, and then called the Synod of Hertford to institute reforms concerning the proper celebration of Easter, episcopal authority, itinerant monks, the regular convening of subsequent synods, marriage and prohibitions of consanguinity, and others.
Having meanwhile become archbishop of Canterbury Courtenay summoned a synod, in London, the so-called " Earthquake Synod ", which condemned the opinions of Wycliffe ; he then attacked the Lollards at Oxford, and urged the bishops to imprison heretics.
In Orthodox Russia too, when Peter I the Great assumed the Byzantine imperial titles Imperator and Autokrator, instead of the ' merely ' royal Tsar, the idea in founding the Russian Holy Synod was to put an end to the old Imperium in imperio of the free Church, by substituting the synod for the all too independent Patriarch of Moscow, who had become almost a rival of the Tsars — Peter meant to unite all authority in himself, over Church as well as State: through his Ober-Procurator and synod, the Emperor ruled his Church as absolutely as his army and navy through their respective ministries ; he appointed its members ( mostly bishops ) just as his generals ; and the Russian Government continued his policy until the end of the empire in 1917.
Upon the application of some bishops, the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, based on the direction of Pope Shenouda, also decided to ask Copts not to visit Jerusalem until the Church possessions and the monastery be returned.
The decision to publish a catechism was taken at the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops that was convened by Pope John Paul II on 25 January 1985 for the 20th anniversary of the close of the Second Vatican Council, and in 1986, the pope put a commission composed of 12 bishops and cardinals in charge of the project.
Apart from its distinct customs and liturgies ( such as the Sarum rite ), the organizational machinery of the Church of England was in place by the time of the Synod of Hertford in 672 – 673, when the English bishops were first able to act as one body under the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.
In 410, the Synod of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, held at the Sassanid capital, allowed the Church's leading bishops to elect a formal Catholicos, or leader.

Synod and should
Some proposed that the Synod of Bishops should perform this function, a proposal that was not accepted, because, among other reasons, the Synod of Bishops can only meet when called by the pope.
The position that " Christian theological anti-Judaism is a phenomenon distinct from modern antisemitism, which is rooted in economic and racial thought, so that Christian teachings should not be held responsible for antisemitism " has been articulated, among other places, by Pope John Paul II in ' We Re member: A Reflection on the Shoah ,' and the Jewish declaration on Christianity, Dabru Emet .. Several scholars, including Susannah Heschel, Gavin I Langmuir and Uriel Tal the General Synod has affirmed that " the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is for all and must be shared with all including people from other faiths or of no faith and that to do anything else would be to institutionalize discrimination ".
Honorius also ensured that Diego should play a leading role in the Synod of Carrión ( February 1130 ), having his legate approach Diego and ask for his assistance during the synod.
" It notes that, " when the first direct evidence of infant Baptism appears in the second century, it is never presented as an innovation ," that 2nd-century Irenaeus treated baptism of infants as a matter of course, and that, " at a Synod of African Bishops, St. Cyprian stated that ' God's mercy and grace should not be refused to anyone born ', and the Synod, recalling that'all human beings ' are ' equal ', whatever be ' their size or age ', declared it lawful to baptize children ' by the second or third day after their birth '.
Leo demanded of the emperor that an ecumenical council should be held in Italy, and in the meantime, at a Roman synod in October 449, repudiated all the decisions of the " Robber Synod ".
At the Synod of Hippo ( 393 ) it was ordered that " dignities " should be sent from each ecclesiastical province.
Most of the British Church accepted the Dionysian tables after the Synod of Whitby in 664, which agreed that the old British method ( the insular latercus ) should be dropped in favour of the Roman one.
: While bishops at Nicaea were deliberating about this, some thought that a law ought to be passed enacting that bishops and presbyters, deacons and subdeacons, should hold no intercourse with the wife they had espoused before they entered the priesthood ; but Paphnutius, the confessor, stood up and testified against this proposition ; he said that marriage was honorable and chaste, and that cohabitation with their own wives was chastity, and advised the Synod not to frame such a law, for it would be difficult to bear, and might serve as an occasion of incontinence to them and their wives ; and he reminded them, that according to the ancient tradition of the church, those who were unmarried when they took part in the communion of sacred orders, were required to remain so, but that those who were married, were not to put away their wives.
Finding that it was advisable to cement the ties between the empire and the papacy, John IX gave unhesitating support to Lambert in preference to Arnulf during the Synod of Rome, and also induced the council to determine that henceforth the consecration of the Popes should take place only in the presence of the imperial legates.
The Synod of Whitby, which debated whether the Northumbrian church should follow the Roman or the Celtic method of dating Easter, was held in 664.
Various synods of the ninth century passed decrees against this custom ; the Synod of Diedenhofen ( October, 844 ) decreed in its third canon, that abbeys should no longer remain in the power of laymen, but that monks should be their abbots In like manner the Synods of Meaux and Paris ( 845-846 ) complained that the monasteries held by laymen had fallen into decay, and emphasized the king's duty in this respect.
In 888 a Synod of Mainz decreed ( canon xxv ) that the secular abbots should place able provosts and provisors over their monasteries.
In 340 the Synod of Gangra in Armenia, condemned certain Manicheans for a list of twenty practices including forbidding marriage, not eating meat, urging that slaves should liberate themselves, abandoning their families, asceticism and reviling married priests.
These accusations were later declared to be wrong by the Holy Synod of the Russian Church Abroad, which emphasized that little has been revealed to the Church on this subject, and hence all controversy on this subject should cease.
Indeed, in 340, the Synod of Gangra condemned the Manicheans for their urging that slaves should liberate themselves ; the canons of the Synod instead declared that anyone preaching abolitionism should be anathematised, and that slaves had a Christian obligation to submit to their masters.
In the reign of St. Ladislaus ( 1077 – 1095 ), the Synod of Szabolcs decreed ( May 20, 1092 ) that Jews should not be permitted to have Christian wives or to keep Christian slaves.
At the Synod of Buda ( 1279 ), held in the reign of King Ladislaus IV ( 1272 – 1290 ), it was decreed, in the presence of the papal ambassador, that every Jew appearing in public should wear on the left side of his upper garment a piece of red cloth ; that any Christian transacting business with a Jew not so marked, or living in a house or on land together with any Jew, should be refused admittance to the Church services ; and that a Christian entrusting any office to a Jew should be excommunicated.

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