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Third and Main
* Kendall Square, formed by the junction of Broadway, Main Street, and Third Street, is also known as Technology Square, a name shared with an office and laboratory building cluster in the neighborhood.
< center > Main campus on Third Street
* Main Campus 1950 Third Street, La Verne, CA 91750
The town consisted of four blocks facing the railroad — West Main and Sherman streets on the south and Mill and Third ( now Central ) to Oak Street on the north.
Virtually all of this early development took place in the area of First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Main Streets and Forest Avenue.
The arrangement with the mill continued until 1902 when the village purchased a 12-horse power gasoline engine and established a new well at the new fire engine house a short distance north of Third and Main Streets.
Looking east at the intersection of Third Street and Main Street in Rome, Ohio.
* The first stage, which was completed in July 2005, runs from Main Street at the Canal Lock Park, north past the new Aquatic Center, west of the baseball fields, then meanders along the river before ending at the Nature Center on North Third Street.
Most of these properties are in the older section of town, which includes Main Street, Third Street, Fourth Street, and parts of Fifth Street.
" The plans call for an expanded Main Park, a history museum, an indoor recreation center, a senior center, and a large courthouse to serve the Utah State Third District.
) The streets were not renamed until several decades passed, with Olaf Street eventually changed to Main Street, Kanut Street to Third Street, etc.
At the time of the books ( the Third Age: 3, 000 + years since the Breaking ), the planet consists of the following: two major oceans ( with associated seas and small islands ), a northern and southern ice cap, the " Main Continent " ( also called the Eastern Continent ), the Seanchan continent and a continent to the southeast ( Land of Madmen ).
Kendall Square is a neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the " square " itself at the intersection of Main Street, Broadway, Wadsworth Street, and Third Street ( immediately to the east of the secondary entrance of the Kendall / MIT subway station ).
The United States Postal Service operates the Seattle Main Post Office ( also known as the Midtown Post Office ) at 301 Union Street at Third Street.
In 2009, there were at least 75 pedestrian malls in the U. S. Besides the Kalamazoo Mall, some notable examples are the Church Street Marketplace in Burlington, Vermont ; the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia ; Ann Arbor, Michigan ; the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California ; the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, Nevada ; the Buffalo Place Main Street Pedestrian Mall in Buffalo, New York ; Ithaca Commons in Ithaca, New York ; the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado ; St. Charles, Missouri ; Salem, Massachusetts ; Ped Mall in Iowa City, Iowa ; Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Florida ; CityPlace in West Palm Beach, Florida ; the Fulton Mall in Fresno, California ; the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colorado ; State Street in Madison, Wisconsin ; Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota ; The Grove in Los Angeles, California ; Fort Street Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii ; City Center in Oakland, California ; Walnut Street in Des Moines, Iowa, Downtown Crossing and Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market in Boston ; Washington Street Mall in Cape May, New Jersey ; The Downtown Cumberland Mall in Cumberland, Maryland ; and many others.
The Bricktown was located at Third and Main Streets, in what was originally the headquarters for the A. A. Cooper Wagon Company.
" Eichmann, as director of Department IV-B4 of the Third Reich's Reich Main Security Office during the Second World War, had played a crucial role in the planning and execution of the so-called " Final Solution to the Jewish Question ,"
The town has two streets, Main Street and Third Avenue.
* Bridges 2005: Third Avenue Bridge-Saint Anthony Main.
St. Lawrence Boulevard as a Third City: Place, Gender and Difference along Montréal's ' Main '.
According to John Perkins, Main Inc. was additionally a consulting firm, which trapped Third World countries into international debts they could not repay.

Third and Directorate
The Russian Federation's major domestic security organization is the FSB, which principally came from the Second Chief Directorate of the USSR KGB and Third Chief Directorate of the KGB USSR.
Administratively, it was the Third Department of the Field Staff's Operations Directorate.
Most damning of all, a full set of minutes of National Front Directorate meetings from late 1979 to the 1986 " Third Way " versus " Flag Group " split, deposited by former NF leader Patrick Harrington in the library of the University of Southampton, revealed that during the party's post-1979 wilderness years it was in the habit of " tipping off the reds " in the hope of giving its activities greater credibility with the public, through being attended by hordes of angry protestors.
This ranking was compiled as part of the Third European Report on Science & Technology Indicators, prepared by the Directorate General for Science and Research of the European Commission in 2003 ( updated 2004 ).
This ranking was compiled as part of the Third European Report on Science & Technology Indicators, prepared by the Directorate General for Science and Research of the European Commission in 2003 ( updated 2004 ).
* Third Chief Directorate of MGB of the USSR, Третье Главное Управление МГБ СССР, May 1946-1953
* Third Directorate of MVD of the USSR, Третье управление МВД СССР, March 1953-1954
* Third Chief Directorate of KGB by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Третье главное управление КГБ при СМ СССР, March 1954-1960
* Third Directorate of KGB by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Третье управление КГБ при СМ СССР, 1960-1978
* Third Directorate of KGB of the USSR, Третье управление КГБ СССР, 1978-1982
* Third Chief Directorate of KGB of the USSR, Третье главное управление КГБ СССР, 1982 — 1991
Excavator Efi Baziotopoulou-Valavani, of the Third Ephoreia ( Directorate ) of Antiquities, reported that " he mass grave did not have a monumental character.

Third and was
Chicago was also a welcome host: there, in 1921, Prokofieff conducted the world premiere of the Love For Three Oranges, and played the first performance of his Third Piano Concerto.
On August 12, 2011, a plaque was unveiled on the Wolff building at Third Ave and La Mesa Bl commemorating Dwan and the Flying A Studios origins in La Mesa, California.
Austria underwent a political coup that made it part of the Third Reich ; France had been invaded and Italy was a fascist regime.
Based on a statement by Darnley made in 1894, it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies, including Darnley's later wife Florence Morphy, made the presentation after the victory in the Third Test in 1883.
The authors of the Handbook of British Chronology Third Edition say he was named bishop of Hereford in 1056, holding the see until he resigned it in 1060, but other sources say that he merely administered the see while it was vacant, or that he was bishop of Hereford from 1055 to 1060.
He succeeded his cousin Elagabalus upon the latter's assassination in 222, and was ultimately assassinated himself, marking the epoch event for the Crisis of the Third Century — nearly fifty years of civil wars, foreign invasion, and collapse of the monetary economy.
Ambroise ( flourished c. 1190 ) was a Norman poet and chronicler of the Third Crusade, author of a work called L ' Estoire de la guerre sainte, which describes in rhyming Old French verse the adventures of Richard Coeur de Lion as a crusader.
Auschwitz concentration camp ( ) was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by Nazi Germany during World War II.
The SS-Totenkopfverbände ( SS-TV ) was the SS organization responsible for administering the Nazi concentration camps for the Third Reich.
The temple seems to have been burnt again during the Third Sacred War ( 355 – 346 BCE ), and was in a very dilapidated state when seen by Pausanias in the 2nd century CE, though some restoration, as well as the building of a new temple, was undertaken by Emperor Hadrian.
The arrival of the Second and Third Fleets placed new pressures on the scarce local resources, but by the time Phillip sailed home in December 1792, the colony was taking shape, with official land-grants and systematic farming and water-supply.
Third party development for the 7800 was limited as most game companies were locked into exclusive agreements with Nintendo for the NES.
The Third Battle of Panipat ( January 1761 ), fought between largely Muslim and largely Hindu armies was waged along a twelve-kilometer front.
During the Western Allied invasion of Germany in April 1945, the airfield was seized by the United States Third Army, and used by the USAAF 354th Fighter Group which flew P-47 Thunderbolts from the aerodrome ( designated ALG R-82 ) from late April until the German capitulation on 7 May 1945.
First documented in the 13th century, Berlin was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia ( 1701 – 1918 ), the German Empire ( 1871 – 1918 ), the Weimar Republic ( 1919 – 1933 ) and the Third Reich ( 1933 – 1945 ).
Some of his policies, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and welfare reform, have been attributed to a centrist Third Way philosophy of governance, while on other issues his stance was left-of-center.
From 1946 through 1985, the army was divided into four numbered armies: the First Army was centered in Rio de Janeiro, the Second Army in São Paulo, the Third Army in Porto Alegre, and the Fourth Army in Recife.
The Third Army was also important because of its shared border with Argentina ( Brazil's traditional rival in Latin America ) and Uruguay.
According to the plans, the Third Army, under general Radko Dimitriev, was deployed east of and behind the First, and was covered by the cavalry division hiding it from the Turkish view.
The Third Army had 3 infantry divisions and was assigned to cross the Stranja mountain and to take the fortress of Lozengrad ( Kirk Kilisse ).

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