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Tura and limestone
It was probably made of a single long block of Tura limestone now missing.
The Djoser complex is surrounded by a wall of light Tura limestone 10. 5m high.
Amenhotep III's first recorded act as king — in his Years 1 and 2 — was to open new limestone quarries at Tura, just south of Cairo and at Dayr al-Barsha in Middle Egypt in order to herald his great building projects.
Indeed, Senakhtenre Ahmose, the first king in the line of Ahmoside kings even imported white limestone from the Hyksos controlled region of Tura in Lower Egypt to make a granary door at the Temple of Karnak.
It used to be cased with white Tura limestone, but only a few of these now remain at the pyramid's base on the corner.
During the Middle Ages much of the white Tura limestone was taken for buildings in Cairo, revealing the reddish sandstone beneath.
The upper portion was cased in the normal manner with Tura limestone.
The doorway or gate is carved with other hieroglyphic inscriptions which state that Senaktenre had this monument, which is carved from limestone blocks, transported from Tura ( modern Helwan, south of Cairo ), which was under Hyksos rule during his reign.
the door itself )... from the beautiful white stone ( limestone here ) of Anu ( Tura, near Cairo ).
" This means that Senakhtenre imported limestone from the then Hyksos controlled area of Tura in Lower Egypt to create a large granary door for the Temple of Amun at Karnak.
A badly-damaged white Tura limestone pyramidion, thought to have been created for the Red Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur, has been reconstructed and is on open-air display beside that pyramid ; it presents a minor mystery, however, as its angle of inclination is steeper than that of the edifice it was apparently created to surmount.

Tura and used
In his speech to the Moroccan people commemorating the " Throne Day " on July 30, 2002, the king of Morocco used the name " Tura " exclusively, when he mentioned the armed incident with Spain over the island.

Tura and for
" Quarries for turquoise and copper were also found at " Wadi Hamamat, Tura, Aswan and various other Nubian sites " on the Sinai Peninsula and at Timna.
Siletsky hints he will return to Warsaw soon, but Sobinski is suspicious when he gives Siletsky a message for Maria Tura and he doesn't know who the famous actress is.
Ehrhardt sends for Maria to tell her, but she is unable to warn Tura in time, and he arranges another meeting with Ehrhardt, again posing as Siletsky.
This gets Tura out of Gestapo headquarters, but now he cannot leave the country on the plane Ehrhardt had arranged for him, and it's only a matter of time before the actors ' ruse is discovered.
Playing the head of Hitler's men, Tura demands to know what Greenberg wants from the Führer, and Greenberg finally gets his chance to deliver Shylock's famous speech, infusing it with all his love for Poland and his hatred of the Nazis that have subjugated it.
Asked what reward he'd like for his service to the Allies, Tura hems and haws in a show of false modesty, but Maria quickly answers in his stead, " he wants to play Hamlet.
In 1977, he was elected to the 6th Lok Sabha from Tura ( Lok Sabha constituency ) and remained a member of the Lok Sabha until 14th Lok Sabha, except for the 9th Lok Sabha.
Dosso Dossi is known less for his naturalism or attention to design, and more for cryptic allegorical conceits in paintings around mythological themes, a favored subject for the humanist Ferrarese court ( see also Cosimo Tura and the decoration of the Palazzo Schifanoia ).
Even though in 1594 Simon Forgách won in battle against the Turkish army, the Turkish still ruled Tura for centuries more.
Tura is famous for its folk songs and fancy work.
The Darkhan Harghasun, Tura, a great-great grandson of Chagatai Khan, and Yakhutu, a descandant of Tolui, fought for the candidacy of Darmabala's sons against them.
The track was written with Tairrie ’ s previous musical cohorts Tura Satana for inclusion on Speak and Destroy.
The track also served as a statement of intent, kicking against the naysayers who said she was crazy for splitting up Tura Satana and that it would ultimately be her ruin.
Most notable of all the member ’ s was Marcelo Palomino who was the drummer for Tura Satana.
In conjunction with Cosimo Tura, Cossa is now known for fresco decoration of the summer pleasure villa / palazzo known as the Palazzo Schifanoia, located just outside the city gates.
* In her video for Girl Gone Wild one of Madonna's three alter egos is inspired by Tura Satana.
The entry forms for carnival and other events are available at the Tourist Office, Tura.
Rami Mangoubi, who lived in Cairo at the time, states that nearly all Egyptian Jewish men between the ages of 17 and 60 were either thrown out of the country immediately, or taken to the detention centres of Abou Za ' abal and Tura, where they were incarcerated and tortured for more than three years.

Tura and casing
The bottom course of casing stones was made out of pink granite but the remainder of the pyramid was cased in Tura Limestone.

Tura and was
Rasputin was born a peasant in the small village of Pokrovskoye, along the Tura River in the Tobolsk guberniya ( now Tyumen Oblast ) in Siberia.
The Bureh king in place in 1690 was called Bai Tura — " Bai " is a Mani form.
In 1597 Babinov's road was built across the Urals from Solikamsk to the valley of the Tura, where the town of Verkhoturye ( Upper Tura ) was founded in 1598.
The assault, which was led by Abdul Malik Tura, the rebellious elder son of the Bukharan Emir, and Bek of Shahrisabz, was beaten off with heavy losses.
Ad libbing like a pro, however, Tura shaves off Siletsky's beard and then attaches a spare fake beard that he was carrying in his pocket.
This seems to prove that the real Siletsky was actually the imposter, but just as Tura is about to make his escape, the other actors ( sent by Maria and again in Nazi costume ) storm into Ehrhardt's office, yank off Tura's false beard and pretend to drag him away to prison.
In 1428 a 17-year old Shaybanid called Abu ' l-Khayr Khan was chosen Khan on the Tura River ( at Tyumen ?).
During the 1950s and following decades the most popular, enduring, commercial and critical successful Flemish singer was Will Tura, whose most well known hit in Flanders is " Ik ben zo eenzaam zonder jou " ( 1963 ) (" I'm so lonely without you ").
Currently he represents the Tura ( ST ) constituency in the West Garo Hills district in the eighth Meghalaya Legislative Assembly .. He was also the member of Mamata Banerjee's AITMC / TMC.
From about 1600 to 1750 the Tura River was the main entry point into Siberia.
In 1740 Tura was Antal Hévizi Nagy ’ s land and it became a duty free town.
Until 1873 Tura was owned by the Esterházy family, but they sold it to Baron Sigismund Schossberger.
My Ruin was founded by frontwoman Tairrie B in February 1999, shortly after her previous outfit ; Tura Satana disbanded in late 1998, after the release of their 2nd studio album Relief Through Release.

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