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Ventura and County
* Babe Ruth Field is a ballpark in Ventura, California, that was located at the Ventura County Fairgrounds and was used as a minor-league park from 1948 to 1955.
Some attempts were made in the 1860s to exploit oil deposits under tar seeps in the Ventura Basin of Ventura County and northeastern Los Angeles county.
Although the organization's focus is primarily San Diego County, S4EA has grown from this base to satellite programs in Ventura and Temecula, California.
Category: People from Ventura County, California
* Ventura County, California, United States
Named for Saint Bonaventure, the mission is the namesake of the city of Ventura ( officially " San Buenaventura ") and Ventura County.
Category: History of Ventura County, California
Category: Churches in Ventura County, California
Category: Parks in Ventura County, California
Category: Visitor attractions in Ventura County, California
The Santa Ynez Mountains make up the westernmost ranges, extending from Point Conception to the Ventura River just west-northwest of Ojai, in Ventura County.
In Ventura County, California, Wilbur and Mary Ellen Tracy established their own temple, the Church Of The Most High Goddess, in the wake of what they described as a divine revelation.
* Oak Park, California, a census-designated place in Ventura County
Mixed Media Portrait Sculpture of 18th century French peasants by artist George S. Stuart, in the permanent collection of the Museum of Ventura County, Ventura, California, USA.
In 2003, the portion of 101 in Ventura County was named Screaming Eagles Highway in honor of the US Army 101st Airborne Division.
In Southern California, the highway is a heavily traveled commuter route serving the Northwest portion of the greater Los Angeles area ; this includes Ventura County communities in the West Conejo Valley and in the Oxnard Plain, along with Los Angeles County communities in the East Conejo Valley and San Fernando Valley.
Calabasas played a vital role in the 10-year battle to save Ahmanson Ranch, a property in the Simi Hills in Ventura County nestled at the western edge of the San Fernando Valley, from development.
The county's territory was divided to create Ventura County in 1872.
* The City of Ventura, California, officially named San Buenaventura, the county seat of Ventura County, California, in the United States

Ventura and Reporter
* Oxnard Publishing Co. v. Superior Court of Ventura County ( Cal App ) 68 Cal Reporter 83
* EnviroReporter. com: Investigative news website that has coverage of Rocketdyne issues since 1998, often in partnership with regional publications including the LA Weekly and Ventura County Reporter newspapers.

Ventura and <
During the 1999 election campaign the Australian Labor Party committed to extend route 75 to Knox City Shopping Centre, this was later changed to the current arrangement, with it terminating at Vermont South, and connecting bus, operated by Ventura Bus Lines – the Knox Transit Link ( run as part of Route 732 ) – running to Knox City Shopping Centre, the bus meets every tram and runs only within < font color = blue > Zone 2 </ font >.

Ventura and >
Assembly Concurrent Resolution 54, Chapter 85 in 2003 also designated Route 101 in Ventura County as the " Screaming Eagles Highway ".< ref > Ib.
In an interview with CNN, Ventura commented that Schunk had asked him before making the endorsement, and he consented to her decision .< ref >
He was part of Major League history when, on September 8, he hit a pinch-hit grand slam homer, marking the first time in MLB history that a team had a pinchhit grand slam in back-to-back games, as Robin Ventura hit one on September 7 .< ref >

Ventura and s
" Comparing the waterboarding of detainees to the North Vietnamese torture of American P. O. W. s, Ventura asserted, " We created our own Hanoi Hilton in Guantánamo.
The MAC persuaded the Ventura County Board of Supervisors to trim Metropolitan Development Corp .' s initial development plan from a population of 26, 000.
de: Ace Ventura – Jetzt wird ’ s wild
Image: Sherman Oaks Ventura Boulevard Shopping District & J. R .' s Jeweler. JPG | Sherman Oaks Shopping District
Chouinard ’ s pitons quickly gained a reputation for quality, and Chouinard Equipment was born soon after in Ventura, California.
God the Father behind a chorus of angels in the left oval and in the pinnacles, angels with God ’ s attributes, were completed by Ventura Salimbeni.
When this tape was shown at a reunion of the staff given at Sportsmen ’ s Lodge on Ventura Blvd, this spot provided one of the biggest laughs of the evening.
After Florida Blair moved on to Bob Geigel ’ s NWA Central States promotion out of Kansas City around 1978 where he ’ d finally start to make a name of himself as he feuded with Jesse Ventura in 1979.
After White Sox manager Robin Venturas ejection for arguing the call, Harrelson commented: " I'll tell you what, they have got to start making guys be accountable.

Ventura and Matthew
* Franklin, S, B J Baars, U Ramamurthy, and Matthew Ventura.
* Franklin, S, B J Baars, U Ramamurthy, and Matthew Ventura.

Ventura and thought
The Valley's first freeway, the Ventura, opened to traffic in April 1960, giving motorists what was then thought to be uninterrupted passage through the Valley from the Hollywood Freeway at Cahuenga Pass to and beyond Calabasas.
It was filmed on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City and directed by David Mirkin, who later said that Fox " couldn't have been less supportive " because they thought it would be too expensive.
Ventura was highly thought of by the Maharajah, and in addition to the rank of General, he was also appointed kazi and Governor of Lahore.

Ventura and was
Bardot was featured in many other films along with notable actors such as Alain Delon ( Famous Love Affairs ; Spirits of the Dead ); Jean Gabin ( In Case of Adversity ); Sean Connery ( Shalako ); Jean Marais ( Royal Affairs in Versailles ; School for Love ); Lino Ventura ( Rum Runners ); Annie Girardot ( The Novices ); Claudia Cardinale ( The Legend of Frenchie King ); Jeanne Moreau ( Viva Maria!
However, Verona was immediately involved in the relegation battle, and Massimo Ficcadenti was replaced in December 2006 by Giampiero Ventura.
While he was Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman, and remarked that the streets were designed by a " drunken Irishmen ".
A young female, which was caught off the coast of Ventura, was kept in the aquarium's massive Outer Bay exhibit for 198 days before she was released in March 2005.
Although Macintosh-based systems would continue to dominate the market, in 1986, the GEM-based Ventura Publisher was introduced for MS-DOS computers.
Roddy Piper was brought in, as well as Jesse Ventura ( although Ventura rarely wrestled in the WWF at that point due to the lung disorder that caused his retirement, moving to the commentator booth alongside Gorilla Monsoon ).
After Ryan hit Robin Ventura of the Chicago White Sox, Ventura charged the mound in order to fight Ryan, who was 20 years his senior.
Ryan secured the 26-year-old Ventura in a headlock with his left arm, while pummeling Ventura's head with his right fist six times before catcher Iván Rodríguez was able to pull Ventura away from Ryan.
While Ventura was ejected, Ryan – who had barely moved from his spot on the mound in the fracas – was allowed to remain in the game.
In an interview on CNN's The Situation Room on April 7, 2008, Ventura hinted that he was considering entering the race for the United States Senate seat then held by Norm Coleman, his Republican opponent in the 1998 Gubernatorial race.
However, Ventura announced on Larry King Live on July 14, 2008 that he would not run ; Ventura's decision not to join the race was partly rooted from a fear of a potential lack of privacy for his family, a concern that contributed to his refusal to seek a second term as governor.
" However, after Mitt Romney became the presumptive nominee for the Republican party presidential candidate in May 2012, Ventura gave his support to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on June 12, 2012, whom Ventura argued was the choice for voters who “ really want to rebel .”
Ventura was succeeded in his office on January 6, 2003 by Republican Tim Pawlenty.

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