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:" and White
White :" Being the owner of dachshunds, to me a book on dog discipline becomes a volume of inspired humor.
bar: CHC from: 1876 till: 1890 color: black text :" Chicago ~ White Stockings " textcolor: white $ Up
:" White Republicans as well as Democrats solicited black votes but reluctantly rewarded blacks with nominations for office only when necessary, even then reserving the more choice positions for whites.
:" Abbott-Detroit, Allen, American-Six, Anderson, Apperson, Arbenz, Auburn, Austin, Bell, Biddle, Brewster, Bour-Davis, Briscoe, Buick, Cadillac, Cameron, Case, Chalmers, Chandler, Chevrolet, Cole, Crow-Elkhart, Daniels, Davis, Detroiter, Dispatch, Dixie Flyer, Doble, Dodge, Dorris, Dort, Drexel, Elcar, Elgin, Emerson, Empire, Enger, Fiat, Ford, Fostoria, Franklin, F. R. P., Glide, Grant, Hackett, H. A. L., Halladay, Harroun, Harvard, Haynes, Hollier, Hudson, Hupmobile, Inter-State, Jackson, Jeffery, Jordan, King, Kissel, Kline, Laurel, Lenox, Lexington, Liberty, Locomobile, Lozier, Luverne, Madison, Maibohm, Majestic, Marion-Handley, Marmon, Maxwell, McFarlan, Mecca, Mercer, Metz, Mitchell, Moline-Knight, Monarch, Monitor, Monroe, Moon, Morse, Murray, National, Nelson, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Owen, Packard, Paige, Partin-Palmer, Paterson, Pathfinder, Peerless, Pierce-Arrow, Pilot, Premier, Princess, Pullman, Regal, Republic, Reo, Richmond, Roamer, Ross, Saxon, Scripps-Booth, Spaulding, Simplex, Singer, Standard, Stanley Steamer, Stearns-Knight, Stephens, Stewart, Studebaker, Stutz, Sun, Velie, Westcott, White, Willys-Knight, Winton, and Yale.
:" What is needed is for White South Africans to shake themselves out of their complacency, a complacency intensified by the present economic boom built upon racial discrimination.
:" The GAO will finally issue its report on the White Housethe vandalizing of the White House in between the Clinton-Gore administration — Clinton and Bush administrations.
:" WMNF " may also refer to White Mountain National Forest.
* " White Trash Days Of Our Lives :" A spoof of Days of our Lives, which Ayda Field costars in.
bar: WhiteStar color: WhiteStar from: 1909 till: 1963 text :" White Star AC "
bar: RacingWhite color: RacingWhite from: 1963 till: 1973 text :" Racing White "
:" You see, it had in it wealth, degeneracy, rich old wasters, delectable young chorus girls and adolescent artists ' models ; the behind-the-scenes of Theatredom and the Underworld, and the Great White Way .... the abnormal pastimes and weird orgies of overly aesthetic artists and jaded debauchees.
bar: white text :" Mick White "
:" Black or White " and Dangerous
:" What was said in court was a defense argument made that we put a cloud over the White House, as if, one, we were inventing something or, two, making something up, in order to convince the jury that they ought to convict.
:" Therefore, if law enforcement interviews of the President, Vice President or other senior White House officials become subject to routine public disclosure, even upon the conclusion of an investigation, there is an increased likelihood that such officials could feel reluctant to participate in voluntary interviews or, if they agree to such voluntary interviews, could decline to answer questions on certain topics.
:" Svatopluk, king of Dalmatia .... on Duvno field was crowned and his kingdom of Dalmatia is spread out into 4 regions: From the field called Duvno ( Tomislavgrad ), to Istra is called White Croatia ... and from that field to Drac ( Durrës in Albania ) is called Red Croatia ; and the mountainous side from the river Drina to Macedonia is called Rascia, and to that river to here is called Bosnia.
:" Margaret ( a slave ) had become so excessively negligent and indifferent to her duties … that Carrie ( Caroline Holmes White, Emma's sister ) asked Isaac to punish her ... He ... after dark took her to an extreme end of the garden, intending to reprimand her and with a light strap gave her two or three cuts across her shoulders ... She tore away ... and sprang into the creek … she plunged head foremost ... Mr. Bull had the creek dragged unsuccessfully ... and the current must have swept the body out ... She had ( said ) a few days ago that if she was ever touched again she would drown or kill herself … But none dreamed of such a demoniac temper ... It put poor Isaac nearly crazy, for he blamed himself as ... undue severity ... Poor fellow, to have his peace of mind destroyed by the blind rage of such a creature is too dreadful.

:" and House
Writing in 1947, Cyril Garbett comments :" The House of Commons was within its constitutional rights in rejecting in a few hours the work of many anxious years.
:" And if a king shall stand up from among the House of David, studying Torah and indulging in commandments like his father David, according to the written and oral Torah, and he will coerce all Israel to follow it and to strengthen its weak points, and will fight The Lord's wars, this one is to be treated as if he were the anointed one.
at: 03 / 17 / 1999 shift :($ dx ,- 5 ) text :" March 16-17, 1999, The US Senate and House voted to commit the United States to deploy a national anti-missile defense system.
: b. The verb " to enfeoff " is defined by the Random House Dictionary of the English Language as :" 1 ) to invest with a freehold estate in land " and 2 ) " to give as a fief ".
:" That this House believes that there should be a select committee of 7 Members, being members of Her Majesty's Privy Council, to review the way in which the responsibilities of Government were discharged in relation to Iraq and all matters relevant thereto, in the period leading up to military action in that country in March 2003 and in its aftermath ".
:" No man had ever supported with more firmness the privileges of the House, nor sustained the dignity of his office with more authority.
All this is recorded by Donleavy in the 1961 Random House publication of the play with an essay by Donleavy, :" What They Did in Dublin ".
:" One war-king was named Skelfir ; and his house is called the House of Skilfings: his kindred is in the Eastern Land ".
* " Dan Grogan :" Grogan ( Foxworthy ) is the spokesman and owner of Dan Grogan's House of Gravy and Gravy Spa.
• Collection of poems sung in the Seventh " Arab Music Festival " in the Egyptian Opera House entitled :" the night after the millennium ", a poetic evening that presented poems by youthful voices :-poem " Law Anbani El Araf " ( If the fortune teller told me ) by the Iraqi poet Lamiaa Abbas Omarah and presented by Hayat El Idrisi-Morocco, and the poem " Al ghariban " ( The strangers ) by Amal Dunqul sung by the Tunisian singers Mohamed ElJebali abd Enas Samar.
:" One case has been reported, in which the parties allege that the marriage was performed in the Endowment House, in Salt Lake City, in the Spring of 1889, but I have not been able to learn who performed the ceremony ; whatever was done in this matter was without my knowledge.
:" The Democrats had won a signal victory, obtaining control of the next House of Representatives which would stand Democrats 168, Liberals and Independents 14, Republicans 108 as against the two-thirds Republican majority secured by the election of 1872.
:" The Lord hath ordained that in every city a House of Justice be established wherein shall gather counsellors to the number of Bahá, and should it exceed this number it doth not matter.
:" The sacred and youthful branch, the Guardian of the Cause of God, as well as the Universal House of Justice to be universally elected and established, are both under the care and protection of the Abhá Beauty, under the shelter and unerring guidance of the Exalted One ( may my life be offered up for them both ).
:" Suffolk House " redirects here.
:" From a Point on the Road from Leith to Queensferry which is distant Four hundred Yards ( measured along such Road ) to the West of the Point at which the same meets the Inverleith Road at the House called Golden Acre, in a straight Line to the North-western Corner of the Enclosure of John Watsons Institution ; thence in a straight Line to the Second Stone Bridge, marked No. 2, on the Union Canal ; thence in a straight Line to the Point at which the Western Wall of the Enclosure of the Lunatic Asylum at Morningside meets the Jordan or Pow Burn ; thence down the Jordan or Pow Burn to a Point which is distant One hundred and fifty Yards ( measured along such Burn ) below the Arch over the same on the Carlisle Road ; thence in a straight Line to the Summit of Arthur's Seat, thence in a straight Line to the Point at which the Feeder enters the Western Side of Lochend Loch ; thence in a straight Line to the Point at which Pilrig Street joins Leith Walk ; thence along Pilrig Street and the Bonnington Road to the Point at which the latter meets the Road from Leith to Queensferry ; thence along the Road from Leith to Queensferry to the Point first described.
:" The House of Justice has decided that, in such instances, rather than eliminating the administrative portion completely or asking the visitors to withdraw, those conducting the programme can modify this part of the Feast to accommodate the guests.
:" The rightness of the time was further confirmed by references in Shoghi Effendi's letters to the Ten Year Crusade's being followed by other plans under the direction of the Universal House of Justice.
:" From the Summit of Byres Hill, on the North-east of the Town, in a straight Line to the Point near Knock Hill at which the Renfrew Road is joined by a Road from Glasgow ; thence in a straight Line to the Summit of Knock Hill ; thence in a straight Line to the Northern Gable of the Moss Toll House on the Greenock Road ; thence in a straight Line in the Direction of the Chimney of Linwood Cotton Mill to the Point at which such straight Line cuts the Candren Burn ; thence up the Candren Burn to the Point at which the same is joined by the Braidiland Burn at the Bridge over the same on the Johnstone Road ; thence up the Braidiland Burn to a Point which is distant Five hundred Yards ( measured along the Braidiland Burn ) above the said Bridge ; thence in a straight Line to Meikleridge Bridge over the Candren Burn ; thence in a straight Line to the Point at which the old Neilston Road leaves the new Neilston Road ; thence in a straight Line to the Summit of Dykebar Hill ; thence in a straight Line to a Point which is One hundred Yards due North-east of the Summit of Bathgo Hill ; thence in a straight Line to the Point first described.
:" that there is no reasonable basis in the trial court's judgment for its conclusion that the purchase of the items that were found in the wreckage of the plane from Mary's House Malta took place on 7 December 1988.

:" and just
Aristotle knew of this tradition when he began his Metaphysics, and had already drawn his own conclusion, which he presented under the guise of asking what being is :" And indeed the question which was raised of old is raised now and always, and is always the subject of doubt, viz., what being is, is just the question, what is substance?
:" article in USA Today was just bad.
:" It was from noble families that this evil first started, and when shameful things seem to be approved by the fashionable, then the common people will surely think them correct ... This only, they say, stands the stress of life: a good and just spirit in a man.
When it came to time for Ribbentrop to present the German declaration of war on 22 June 1941 to the Soviet Ambassador, General Vladimir Dekanozov, Paul Schmidt described the scene :" It is just before four on the morning of Sunday, 22 June 1941 in the office of the Foreign Minister.
:" Should their policy prevail, Japan, which is small, resource-poor, and unable to consume all its own industrial products, would have no resort but to destroy the status quo for the sake of self-preservation, just like Germany.
:" Some subset of these elements form individual minds: the subset of just the experiences that you have for the day, which are accordingly just so many neutral elements that follow upon one another, is your mind as it exists for that day.
:" Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him.
:" Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that, just as easily as they raise hailstorms, so can they cause lightning and storms at sea ; and so no doubt at all remains on these points.
Green wrote to Freeman on 11 November 1875 :" I am very sorry to have missed you, dear Freeman ... Little Evans — son of John Evans the great — has just come back from the Herzegovina which he reached by way of Lapland, having started from the Schools in excitement at the ' first ' I wrung for him out of the obdurate Stubbs ..."
:" I learned to be a movie critic by reading Mad magazine ... Mad's parodies made me aware of the machine inside the skin — of the way a movie might look original on the outside, while inside it was just recycling the same old dumb formulas.
:" Friends, the program which just came to a close was devoted to the classics.
:" When I step on this site folks ... I just feel different.
:" What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.
:" Satan, ruler of darkness, giver of evil, destroyer of what is good and just, is not now, nor ever again will be, a part of this town of Inglis.
:" The utmost good faith shall always be observed towards the Indians ; their lands and property shall never be taken from them without their consent ; and, in their property, rights, and liberty, they shall never be invaded or disturbed, unless in just and lawful wars authorized by Congress ; but laws founded in justice and humanity, shall from time to time be made for preventing wrongs being done to them, and for preserving peace and friendship with them.
:" It is this switching cost that has given the customers the patience to stick with Windows through all our mistakes, our buggy drivers, our high TCO, our lack of a sexy vision at times, and many other difficulties [...] Customers constantly evaluate other desktop platforms, it would be so much work to move over that they hope we just improve Windows rather than force them to move.
:" At the time we wrote Disintegration ... it's just about what I was doing really, how I felt.
:" I was 14, just a little older than Bobby.
:" Nobody knows whether we were catalysts or invented something, or just the froth riding on a wave of its own.
:" In this film, some audiences will say that the title seems to be very cynical, because it is about two persons living together, and at the end, they are just separate.
:" It's just you, your trusty skateboard, and a hundred bucks as you skate, jump, slide, spin and more through four levels of difficulty, picking up loose cash, earning money through events, and finally, earn a ticket to one of the big skate parks!
#* AXIOM 9 :" The will of a just man is the Will of God Himself and the Law of Nature.
It generally just happens without me realising-she says :" When I'm feeling very much in a certain way about something I pour out the emotion onto paper and the music comes with it.
An alternative etymology is that " c :" was used for copy and " cc :" indicates the plural, just as " p ." means page and " pp. " means pages.

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