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# and activation
# an acidic N-terminus transcription-activation domain ( TAD ), also known as activation domain 1 ( AD1 ), which activates transcription factors: residues 1-42.
# activation domain 2 ( AD2 ) important for apoptotic activity: residues 43-63.
# It produces substantial amounts of neutrons that result in the neutron activation of the reactor materials .< ref name =" Thinkquest ">
# Any mental state can be described as an ( N )- dimensional vector of numeric activation values over neural units in a network.
# " Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the basis for our techniques of putting folks in contact with the resources of the non-conscious data storage systems of the brain for activation and recall.
# Enzyme activation
# REDIRECT Plasma activation
# REDIRECT Product activation
# Multiply its output delta and input activation to get the gradient of the weight.
After attempting to betray his employer in Amazing Spider-Girl # 18., Mindworm is put out of action by the activation of a subcutaneous bomb at the base of his neck, secretly implanted by the Hobgoblin.
# Metabolic derangements that lead to impaired cell function and proteolytic enzyme activation.
# REDIRECT Manual fire alarm activation
# Competitive antagonist — a molecule that binds to the same site on the receptor protein as the agonist, preventing activation of the receptor
# Non-competitive antagonist — a molecule that binds to a receptor protein on a different site than that of the agonist, but causes a conformational change in the protein that does not allow activation.
# not affected since they are strongly being hyperpolarized by activation
# REDIRECT Manual fire alarm activation
# automatic electronic prompts rather than requiring user activation of the system
# Studies of recurrent febrile seizures have shown that seizures resulted in impaired learning and memory but also disrupted signaling that normally results in activation of cAMP response element binding factor ( CREB ), a transcription factor.
# selective activation of stimulating electrodes with appropriate timing, and

# and function
# The electrons are never in a single point location, although the probability of interacting with the electron at a single point can be found from the wave function of the electron.
# REDIRECT Cumulative distribution function
# REDIRECT Hash function
# A system is completely described by a wave function, representing the state of the system, which grows gradually with time but, upon measurement, collapses suddenly to its original size.
# The description of nature is essentially probabilistic, with the probability of an event related to the square of the amplitude of the wave function.
# REDIRECT continuous function
# REDIRECT Differentiable function
# 1998 London: Chris Knight, James R. Hurford and Michael Studdert-Kennedy ( eds ), The Evolutionary Emergence of Language: Social function and the origins of linguistic form, Cambridge University Press,
# Cash excess or deficiency-a function of the cash needs and cash available.
# Baroque ornamentation, with an expressive, rather than merely aesthetic function.
# Semantic function: ( Agent, Patient, Recipient, etc.
# lossy data compression: allocates bits needed to reconstruct the data, within a specified fidelity level measured by a distortion function.
# Define a matching function that returns
# Suppose there exists a function called Insert designed to insert a value into a sorted sequence at the beginning of an array.
* In the C # programming language a lambda expression is an anonymous function that can contain expressions and statements.
# Determine the input feature representation of the learned function.
# Determine the structure of the learned function and corresponding learning algorithm.
# Evaluate the accuracy of the learned function.
# the totient function
# where is the identity function
# where is the unit function
# Compute, where φ is Euler's totient function.
# Constant function: For each natural number and every:
# Successor function S:

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