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active and Canadian
In early December 1891, Canadian American Dr. James Naismith, a physical education professor and instructor at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School ( YMCA ) ( today, Springfield College ) in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA ), was trying to keep his gym class active on a rainy day.
* Euphoria ( Canadian band ), an active Canadian dance music project formed in the 1990s
The Natural Law Party was active in Canadian federal and provincial elections.
In 1916, under the British Board of Invention and Research, Canadian physicist Robert William Boyle took on the active sound detection project with A B Wood, producing a prototype for testing in mid 1917.
The position technically involves issuing commands for Canadian troops, airmen, and sailors, but is predominantly a ceremonial role in which the viceroy will visit Canadian Forces bases across Canada and abroad to take part in military ceremonies, see troops off to and return from active duty, and encourage excellence and morale amongst the forces.
Although hundreds of independent student organizations are active worldwide, most groups in North America are either affiliated with United Students for Fair Trade ( USA ) or the Canadian Student Fair Trade Network ( Canada ).
Findley was also an active mentor to a number of young Canadian writers, including Marnie Woodrow and Elizabeth Ruth.
* Bush ( Canadian band ), a Canadian band active in the 1970s
The Germans operated an active patrolling policy and although not as large and ambitious as those of the Canadian Corps, they also engaged in trench raiding.
Canadian corvette HMCS Rimouski, equipped with an active camouflage system in the form of diffused lighting with projectors beaming light dimly on to its hull to match the faint glow of the night sky, stealthily approached the submarine.
* Thrush Hermit, a Canadian alternative rock band active in the 1990s
* Huron ( Canadian band ), a Canadian rock band active since 2008
Dependents of Canadian Forces personnel killed while serving in active military missions will have the support of the University of Calgary to complete undergraduate degrees.
Telus is active in Canadian professional golf as title sponsor of the Telus Open and the Telus Skins Game.
There are 423, 781 active contributors to the federal public service, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Canadian Forces pension plans.
His membership on the Canadian advisory board of the Carlyle Group drew adverse media attention ; the media ceased pursuing the issue when McKenna explained that the board was established to advise on a Canadian investment fund that the group never created and that the board had never become active.
Grey travelled Canada extensively and was active in Canadian political affairs, including national unity, leaving behind him a number of legacies, the most prominent being the Grey Cup.
In addition to conducting about 350 active surveys on virtually all aspects of Canadian life, Statistics Canada undertakes a country-wide census every five years on the first and sixth year of each decade.
David J. Frum (; born June 30, 1960 ) is a Canadian American journalist active in both the American and Canadian political arenas.

active and children's
Based in Istanbul and active since 1992, it has published nearly 2500 titles in philosophy, literature, the arts, and children's books.
Scharnhorst writes " Financially insecure throughout his life, the younger Alger may have been active in reform organizations such as those for temperance and children's aid as a means of resolving his status-anxiety and establish his genteel credentials for leadership.
He and his wife are both active patrons for children's cancer charity CLIC Sargent.
Commonly regarded as the power behind the throne, Queen Luiza was also a devoted mother who took an active interest in her children's upbringing and personally supervised her daughter's education.
Language ( speech ) also develops in the absence of formal instruction or active attempts by parents to correct children's grammar.
He was active in recovering church property, and by his directions a children's catechism was drawn up by Thomas Marshall for use in his diocese.
They took an active part in advising and contributing to events for the children's rights group Article 12.
There is a very active youth group ( known as the " South London Youth Theatre ") as well as children's classes.
" The work of the Association includes the building of a fellowship of churches to provide, first for a general union of churches ; second, to preserve inviolable a chain of communion among the churches ; third, to give the churches all necessary advice and help in matters of church difficulty, so far as this is possible by peaceful methods: assisting churches in a Sunday School program for all ages, weekly prayer meetings, worship services, a monthly business meeting, an active youth program, Bible teaching, evangelistic and missionary work, visitation program, aiding established churches in organizing new churches and related projects ; also support a home for adults and a children's home, youth camp, and Bible camp for all ages.
At times, prime ministers ' spouses have used their public status to promote charitable causes ; Mila Mulroney was a spokesperson for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and other children's charities, Aline Chrétien was an active campaigner for literacy programs, and Laureen Harper is known for her support of animal welfare organizations such as the Ottawa Humane Society.
During this period he helped his wife run a small children's home in Hayes, and was active on behalf of his local community and for NUPE.
The Save the Children Fund, commonly known as Save the Children, is an internationally active non-governmental organization that promotes children's rights, provides relief and helps support children in developing countries.
While her father served as President ( 1969-1974 ), Julie became active at the White House as a spokesperson for children's issues, the environment, and the elderly.
Lindsay is currently an " Honored Member " of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association and is active in its efforts to raise money for children's charities in Metro Detroit.
Recent years have found the Lounge Lizards less active ; John Lurie has been increasingly occupied with painting, while Evan Lurie has worked on The Backyardigans, a children's show that highlights multiple musical genres.
Cabrera is very active in the community, and in 2012 he began The Miguel Cabrera Foundation to help a variety of children's funds.
Wilson has been active in support for children's charities, adult education, and the fight against obesity.
The churches are active in the community: The New Forest Community Church run a local coffee shop in the village centre, the " sweet soul cafe "; The Gospel Church runs a Friday afternoon cafe " refreshers ", ladies and mens social groups, and various youth and children's clubs, meeting on Sundays at 10. 30am at the Infant school ; and the Parish church has strong links with the local schools.
Only if children's knowledge was used to improve their environment and the lives of people around them, would it lead to the formation of an active philosophy of life, to a practical moral stance.
Artists are presently active in Italy, while in New Zealand, Tanya Batt, a local storyteller / children's author and cycling enthusiast, used it to combine two of her passions and built a replicated kamishibai ' Spoke N ' Word ' theatre for use by her local community trust.
Sperling is active in the Bay Area Skeptics, Northern California Historical Astronomy Luncheon and Discussion Association, and his children's PTA and baseball leagues.
Agee was also known as the most active former Met, taking part in many charitable events and children's baseball clinics around both the New York area and Mobile.
Thomas Bodström is also active as the chairman of the children's rights organization ECPAT Sweden.
Delvecchio is currently an " Honored Member " of the Detroit Red Wings Alumni Association and is active in its efforts to raise money for children's charities in Metro Detroit.

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