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actor and is
At the same time, however, I availed myself of the services of that great English actor and master of make-up, Sir Gauntley Pratt, to do a `` quickie '' called The Mystery of the Mad Marquess, in which I played a young American girl who inherits a haunted castle on the English moors which is filled with secret passages and sliding panels and, unbeknownst to anyone, is still occupied by an eccentric maniac.
`` The standing or rank of an actor in a given social system is determined by the evaluation placed upon the actor and his acts in accordance with the norms and standards of the system ''.
This is Dale Nelson the actor ''.
`` All right, you bastards '', I said, `` the great actor is about to buy a drink ''.
An unsuccessful playwright and actor, he has faith only in himself and in a talent he is not sure exists.
This is an exciting young actor to watch.
Seigner is the dean of the company, the oldest actor in point of continuous service.
Seigner, however, is a fine actor and probably the busiest man in the company ; ;
In comedy, several players are emerging in the image of the very popular Rouiched which is illustrated in several films such as Hassan Terro or Hassan Taxi, or actor Hadj Abderrahmane better known under the pseudonym of the Inspector Tahar in 1973 comedy The Holiday of The Inspector Tahar directed by Musa Haddad.
In Agatha Christie's Poirot, George is played by actor David Yelland.
Finney is the only actor to receive an Academy Award nomination for playing Poirot, though he did not win.
Alfonso Arau ( born January 11, 1932 ) is a Mexican actor and director.
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger (; ; born July 30, 1947 ) is an Austrian and American former professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician.
The technique is named after actor Frederick Matthias Alexander, who developed its principles in the 1890s as a personal tool to alleviate breathing problems and hoarseness during public speaking.
Acting is the work of an actor or actress, which is a person in theatre, television, film, or any other storytelling medium who tells the story by portraying a character and, usually, speaking or singing the written text or play.
Even though one actor may have years of training, they always strive for more lessons ; the cinematic and theatrical world is always changing and because of this, the actor must stay as up to date as possible.
In the 2003 film Hitler: The Rise of Evil, British actor Robert Glenister plays Drexler, although Drexler is portrayed without his trademark spectacles and moustache.
Adam Carolla ( born May 27, 1964 ) is an American radio personality, television host, comedian, and actor.
Albert Lawrence Brooks ( born Albert Lawrence Einstein ; July 22, 1947 ) is an American actor, voice actor, writer, comedian, and director.
Bruce Lorne Campbell ( born June 22, 1958 ) is an American film and television actor, director, writer, producer and author.

actor and also
Motivation usually makes the difference between " good " and " bad ," but motivation also includes the aspect of ignorance ; so a well-intended action from an ignorant mind can easily be " bad " in that it creates unpleasant results for the " actor.
Dwan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood directors, Victor Fleming, who went on to direct The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, and Marshall Neilan, who became an actor, director, writer and producer.
Others such as department store magnate James Cash Penney, Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy, actor / martial artist Chuck Norris, wrestlers Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles, Ted DiBiase and wrestler Sting, and actors Jesse McCartney, Kirk Cameron, and Mr. T are also mentioned as being born again.
He also often employed inanimate objects in his films, often transforming them into other objects in an almost surreal way, such as in The Pawnshop ( 1916 ) and One A. M. ( 1916 ), where Chaplin is the only actor aside Chester Conklin's brief appearance in the very first scene.
Ditka also co-starred himself alongside actor Will Ferrell in the 2005 comedy film Kicking & Screaming.
She has one half-brother, John Blyth Barrymore, also an actor, and two half-sisters, Blyth Dolores Barrymore and ( Brahma ) Jessica Blyth Barrymore.
Cronenberg has also appeared as an actor in other directors ' films.
Also included were two songs " sung " by the character Jimmy Thudpucker ( actually actor / singer / songwriter / producer James Allen " Jimmy " Brewer ), entitled “ Stop in the Middle ” and " I Do Believe ", also part of the " Special ".
: In 1962, Captain Clegg ( known as Night Creatures in the U. S. but also released as Dr. Syn ) was produced by Hammer Film Productions with actor Peter Cushing in the lead role, directed by Peter Graham Scott.
" Bowie's career has also been punctuated by various roles in film and theatre productions, earning him some acclaim as an actor in his own right.
This process whereby an actor rerecords lines spoken during filming in order to improve audio quality or reflect dialogue changes is called Automated Dialogue Replacement ( ADR ), also known as Additional Dialogue Recording.
ADR can also be recorded without showing the actor the image they must match, but only by having him listen to the performance.
According to Aristophanes, the alleged co-author was a celebrated actor, Cephisophon, who also shared the tragedian's house and his wife, while Socrates taught an entire school of quibblers like Euripides:
With the introduction of the third actor ( an innovation attributed to Sophocles ), acting also began to be regarded as a skill to be rewarded with prizes, requiring a long apprenticeship in the chorus.
He was also a screenwriter, producer, and actor, working on over twenty-five films.
This film also contains a cut in to a closer shot of the doctor as he hears the dreadful news on the telephone, which uses the new idea of getting in closer to the actor to accentuate the emotion.
His films ( often with Peppino De Filippo and almost always with Mario Castellani ) expressed a sort of neorealistic satire, in the means of a guitto ( a " hammy " actor ) as well as with the art of the great dramatic actor he also was.
In 1920 the short-lived company Minerva Films was founded in London by the actor Leslie Howard ( also producer and director ) and his friend and story editor Adrian Brunel.
Sinatra also forged a highly successful career as a film actor, winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in From Here to Eternity, a nomination for Best Actor for The Man with the Golden Arm, and critical acclaim for his performance in The Manchurian Candidate.
The 12-inch A-and B-sides also ostensibly featured voice parts by Reagan, as played by actor Chris Barrie, who also voiced the character on Spitting Image.
Aware of Fellini ’ s reputation as Aldo Fabrizi ’ s “ creative muse ”, Rossellini also requested he try to convince the actor to play the role of Father Giuseppe Morosini, the parish priest executed by the SS on April 4, 1944.
In 1975 he also appeared in the highly regarded -- but little viewed -- film Night Moves, receiving a BAFTA nomination for lead actor.
Producers at HBO asked Busey to play a " character " on the show who was the self-named actor who is also a famous painter and sculptor.

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