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actors and interpretation
Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character ".
Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character.
Hence the contradiction in his acting: his performance as a whole often fell short of high excellence, yet these same impersonations were lit by insight and masterly strokes of interpretation, which made the spectator feel that he was watching the performance of the most imaginative of living actors.
According to many critics and enthusiasts, Suchet's characterisation is considered to be the most accurate interpretation of all the actors who have played Poirot, and the closest to the character in the books.
In this radically different interpretation of the musical, the ten actors on stage also served as the show ’ s orchestra, and LuPone played the tuba and the orchestra bells as well as vocally performing the score.
The theatre is named after Phil Collins, who became a source of inspiration for the actors when he viewed a performance interpretation of his music.
This HBO film interpretation directed by Ed Bell and Thomas Lennon is a compilation of slave narratives, narrated by actors, emulating the original conversation with the interviewer.
Other early parts included Newman Noggs in Nicholas Nickleby, Caleb Plummer in Dot ( an adaption of The Cricket on the Hearth ), Dr. Pangloss in George Colman the Younger's The Heir at Law, Salem Scudder in The Octoroon, and Bob Acres in The Rivals, the last being not so much an interpretation of the character as Sheridan sketched it as a creation of the actors.
Since the sketch derived its humor from all actors remaining in character, the extent to which these parodies " count " as part of either show's canon is more open to interpretation than most sketch crossovers.
A sociological interpretation of institutions, normative institutionalism holds that a " logic of appropriateness " guides the behaviour of actors within an institution.
As producers and actors within their community, modern alternative media activists redefine their self-image, their interpretation of citizenship, and their world.
The events of " Grace " are left open for interpretation, both for the audience and the actors.
" Her biggest mantra was perhaps, ' in your choices lies your talent ,' she would encourage actors to find the most grand character interpretation possible in a scene, another favourite phrase of hers regarding this was ' don't be boring.
Widmark complained that Wayne would try to tell him and other actors how to play their parts, which sometimes went against their own interpretation of characters.
Discussions on matters of interpretation and setting were a normal part of rehearsals with actors.
First-person interpretation means that the inhabitants of a structure work as actors who play out the livelihood of a certain year and setting.
This creates the possibility that, even although – strictly speaking, or formally – everything is done " within the law ", economic actors nevertheless do not ( or not fully ) honour their trading obligations in some way, for selfish motives, and therefore commit what amounts to deceit, trickery or cheating, by utilizing a somewhat different " interpretation ", " intention ", " expectation " or " understanding ".
This theatrical casebook gathers information about the setting, period, and social implications of a particular play, and is used by actors and directors as an aid in their interpretation of the script.
Though King Lear was not one of his signature roles, his interpretation of Lear's madness influenced that of Kean and other actors.

actors and life
They believed the continuities of the deepest structures were central to history, beside which upheavals in institutions or the superstructure of social life were of little significance, for history lies beyond the reach of conscious actors, especially the will of revolutionaries.
In the 1980s and early 1990s, numerous media reports emerged that plans were underway to do a biopic based upon Haley's life, with Beau Bridges, Jeff Bridges and John Ritter all at one point being mentioned as actors in line to play Haley ( according to Goldmine Magazine, Ritter attempted to buy the film rights to Sound and Glory ).
All other forms of intrastate conflict, such as rebellion, are not accounted for because, in theoretical terms, Clausewitz could not account for warfare before the state ( However, near the end of his life, Clausewitz grew increasingly aware of the importance of non-state military actors.
The Primrose Path starts with a large painting illustrating the concept, which dissolves into a replica of the same scene with actors posed, and then they come to life, as these would soon become popular aspects of film making.
Neorealism exploded soon after the war, with unforgettable works such as Rossellini's trilogy Rome, Open City ( 1945 ), Paisà ( 1946 ), and Germany, Year Zero ( 1948 ), and with extraordinary actors such as Anna Magnani, as an attempt to describe the difficult economic and moral conditions of Italy and the changes in public mentality in everyday life.
He seemed to be the head of a group of actors, and for the life of me I was trying to understand who he was imitating.
After seeing Stanislavsky ’ s production ofThe Cherry Orchard ”, his conclusion was that the actors were naturalistic in a theatrical way but not like in real life.
Exceptions include Lloyd's of London, which is famous for insuring the life or health of actors, sports figures and other famous individuals.
Rather than employing method actors, he prefers unknown talent who have had some of the life experience of the characters they portray.
In 1938's Le corsaire Privateer, a " play-in-a-play " device, pioneered by Luigi Pirandello, depicts film actors portraying the life of a long-ago pirate, finding themselves caught in an endless loop of similarities.
He used the same actors ( Warren Oates, L. Q. Jones, R. G. Armstrong, James Coburn, Ben Johnson, and Kris Kristofferson ), and collaborators ( Jerry Fielding, Lucien Ballard, Gordon Dawson, and Martin Baum ) in many of his films, and several of his friends and assistants stuck by him to the end of his life.
For The Best Years of Our Lives, he asked the principal actors to purchase their own clothes, in order to connect with daily life and produce an authentic feeling.
" " He would find out if your life was like the character ," says Carroll Baker, star of Baby Doll, " he was the best director with actors.
Partly because of its Esperanto dialogue, and partly because of the scandal of one of the actors taking his own life and that of his girlfriend ( see below ), Taylor and Stevens were unable to find any distribution for the film except in France, where it premiered in November 1966.
Vittorio De Sica's 1948 film Bicycle Thieves is also representative of the genre, with non-professional actors, and a story that details the hardships of working-class life after the war.
Shot in a quasi-documentary style, with a cast featuring not more than two or three professional actors, the absurd plot parodies life in the People's Republic of Poland, reducing a weekend river cruise to a hilarious parody of the entire communist system.
During the latter half of the 1976 – 77 season, Grandma Esther Walton suffers a stroke and returns home shortly before the death of her husband, Grandpa Zeb Walton ( reflecting the real life stroke suffered by Ellen Corby and the death of Will Geer, the actors who portrayed the characters ).
Despite a busy professional career, throughout her life she continually took an active interest in aspiring young actors by supporting local amateur drama societies, as well as being the president of the Chiltern Shakespeare Company until her death.
Ironically, Paul America, one of the actors in the underground film, was jailed the following year in upstate Michigan, facing twenty years to life on an obscure marijuana charge.
Indeed, so strongly were Powell and Loy identified with the characters of the Charleses in the public mind that many mistakenly assumed the actors were a couple in real life as well.
An episode of the original sci-fi series Eerie, Indiana called " Reality Takes a Holiday " centered on Marshall ( played by Omri Katz ) finding a script in his mailbox and his life is suddenly revealed to be a TV show ( with his family and friends as the real-life actors and actresses of Eerie, Indiana ).
The film was his last testament as a film-maker, and consists of a single shot of saturated blue colour filling the screen, as background to a soundtrack where Jarman's and some of his favourite actors ' narration describes his life and vision.
These films were shot in a documentary style with many nonprofessional actors ; like his earlier films, they portrayed everyday life under the weight of an oppressive system, but without overt commentary.
In 2003, the BBC broadcast a mockumentary entitled Life Beyond the Box: Margo Leadbetter, describing Margo's life since the series had finished, although the original actors appear only in archive footage.
A stage play inspired in part by her life (" Tamara ") ran first in Toronto, then for eleven years in Los Angeles at the VFW Post ( 1984 – 1995 ) making it the longest running play in Los Angeles, and employing 240 actors over the life of the show.

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