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addition and nonpolar
Most lipids have some polar character in addition to being largely nonpolar.
In addition to ESI and MALDI, the technique of atmospheric pressure chemical ionization ( APCI ) has become increasingly popular for the analysis of nonpolar lipids.

addition and bonds
In organic chemistry, in addition to oxidation, reduction or acid-base reactions, a number of other reactions can take place which involve covalent bonds between carbon atoms or carbon and heteroatoms ( such as oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, etc .).
The addition and its counterpart, the elimination, are reactions which change the number of substituents on the carbon atom, and form or cleave multiple bonds.
The counterpart of elimination is the addition where double or triple bonds are converted into single bonds.
While the addition to the electron-rich alkenes and alkynes is mainly electrophilic, the nucleophilic addition plays an important role for the carbon-heteroatom multiple bonds, and especially its most important representative, the carbonyl group.
Hydrolysis usually means the cleavage of chemical bonds by the addition of water.
There may also be energy changes associated with breaking of existing bonds or the addition of more than one electron to form anions.
In addition to the standard powers of an incorporated city, which include the issuance of tax-free bonds, the district would have immunity from any current or future county or state land-use laws.
In addition to intra-and intermolecular hydrogen bonds, keratins have large amounts of the sulfur-containing amino acid cysteine, required for the disulfide bridges that confer additional strength and rigidity by permanent, thermally-stable crosslinking — a role sulfur bridges also play in vulcanized rubber.
In addition, the maximum rate of interest on the bonds was 6 percent, ensuring that borrowing costs for farmers was often much lower than before the Act was passed.
By investing in the purchase and sale of some bonds " forward ," in addition to buying spot, an insurance company can smooth out changes in its portfolio and anticipated income.
In addition, reelin itself can cut the peptide bonds holding other proteins together, being a serine protease, and this may affect the cellular adhesion and migration processes.
In addition, a specific H-N ...( O )- P NMR experiment ( INEPT transfer by scalar coupling 3JH-P ~ 5 Hz ) could provide a direct information about formation of hydrogen bonds between amid protons of protein to phosphate of lipid headgroups, which is useful in studies of protein / membrane interactions.
In addition to the 50 states and their local governments ( including cities, counties, villages and school districts ), the District of Columbia and U. S. territories and possessions ( American Samoa, the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U. S. virgin Islands ) can and do issue municipal bonds.
In addition, there are several other types of municipal bonds with different promises of security.
In addition, professional investors and fund managers seem to hold more bonds than one would expect given return differentials.
These historical and cultural bonds to Trøndelag and Härjedalen have expressed themselves in the name Øst-Trøndelag, in addition to the fact that the Jamts historically never considered themselves to be Norrlanders.
In addition to these private equity strategies, hedge funds employ a variety of distressed investment strategies including the active trading of loans and bonds issued by distressed companies.
The addition of hydrogen to the unsaturated bonds ( alkenic double C = C bonds ) results in saturated C-C bonds, effectively increasing the melting point of the oil and thus " hardening " it.
In addition, it activates Factors VIII and V and their inhibitor protein C ( in the presence of thrombomodulin ), and it activates Factor XIII, which forms covalent bonds that crosslink the fibrin polymers that form from activated monomers.
Aromatic compounds undergo electrophilic aromatic substitution and nucleophilic aromatic substitution reactions, but not electrophilic addition reactions as happens with carbon-carbon double bonds.

addition and across
In addition, the 1952 study collected comparable data from 4,585 students at ten other colleges and universities scattered across the country: Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Wesleyan, North Carolina, Fisk, Texas, University of California at Los Angeles, Wayne, and Michigan.
In addition to conditions on the import and export of the above wastes, there are stringent requirements for notice, consent and tracking for movement of wastes across national boundaries.
He found that material was scattered over an area in diameter, and in addition to military and nautical equipment recovered a large number of gold and silver coins from countries across the Mediterranean, some from the seventeenth century.
In addition, the trade balance is likely to differ across the business cycle.
) Since either player can make use of any hopping ' ladder ' or ' chain ' created, more advanced strategy involves hindering an opposing player, in addition to helping oneself find jumps across the board.
In addition large art galleries are found across the city, including the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the National Gallery, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, The City Arts Centre, The Douglas Hyde Gallery, The Project Arts Centre and The Royal Hibernian Academy.
In addition to the museums, the capital Puerto del Rosario has an open-air sculpture park consisting of around 100 sculptures by different artists scattered across the city.
In addition, across the shipping channel, there are two spans which retract to permit the passage of ocean-going vessels.
In addition, there would have been constructed high-span bridges across the Demerara River at the same site as the Demerara Harbour Bridge, and the Berbice River upstream of Everton ; a series of bridges and causeways linking the islands in the mouth of the Essequibo River to Morasi on the East Bank and Supenaam on the West Bank ; and another high-span bridge across the Essequibo River at Monkey Jump.
In addition, manufacturers had to produce different equipment to meet various standards across the markets.
In addition, Ajax can achieve a similar result across all modern, JavaScript-enabled browsers.
In addition to Spain and Austria, they controlled a number of kingdoms and duchies across Europe.
In addition to those strategies within the four main categories, there are several strategies that do not fit into these categorizations or can apply across several of them.
He developed an attitude that, to some of the newer addition to the X-Men, like Stacy X, Juggernaut and Northstar, he comes across as rather arrogant, denouncing their status as team members, as they have not been around as long as he.
The line of trees that cuts across the base court today is a relatively modern mid-19th century addition, and originally this court would have been more open, save for the collegiate chapel that once stood in front of the stables.
The new city market will be across the river from where the Accident Fund Insurance Company is renovating the former ( art deco ) Ottawa Street Powerplant into their new headquarters, as well as the addition of modern buildings to the north that will be connected by an atrium.
In addition to the BSA, the U. S. imposes controls on the movement of currency across its borders, requiring individuals to report the transportation of cash in excess of US $ 10, 000 on a form called Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments ( known as a CMIR ).
In addition, there is a membrane potential across the inner membrane, formed by the action of the enzymes of the electron transport chain.
In addition, the team had a rough voyage back across the Tasman Sea and many members had been seasick.
In addition to the CMF, the Volunteer Defence Corps, a volunteer force modeled on the British Home Guard, was formed in 1940 and had a strength of almost 100, 000 men across Australia at its peak.
In addition to the governmental waterway canal proposal, private proposals have been based on a land bridge across Nicaragua.
In addition, this creates a proton gradient across the chloroplast membrane ; its dissipation is used by ATP synthase for the concomitant synthesis of ATP.
In addition, bacteria may target proteins into or across the outer membrane.

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