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aircraft and could
An aircraft with a load of small nuclear weapons could very conceivably be given a mission to suppress all trains operating within a specified geographic area of Russia -- provided that we had used some of our ICBMs to degrade Russia's air defenses before our bombers got there.
If we could use all the small airfields we have in this country, we could disperse our strategic aircraft by a factor of 10 or more.
We have the technology today with which to build aircraft shelters which could withstand at least 200 Aj.
With powerplants such as these, vertical takeoff and landing combat aircraft could be built.
With a 15-to-one engine, a supersonic aircraft weighing 300,000 pounds could rise vertically.
It would be even more valuable because that same aircraft could immediately destroy any targets it discovered -- no need to wait for a missile to come all the way from the United States with the chance that the target, if it were mobile, would be gone.
A large aircraft, such as the B-52 or B-70, could carry perhaps 50 or 100 small nuclear weapons.
The September 11 attacks presented an unprecedented threat because it involved suicide hijackers who could fly an aircraft and use it to delibrately crash the airplane into buildings for the sole purpose to cause massive casualties with no warning, no demands or negotiations, and no regard for human life.
Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, September 14, 2003: U. S. Air Force Thunderbirds Captain Christopher Stricklin Ejection seat | ejecting from his F-16 after realizing he could not pull up in time from a Split S | Split-S and ensuring the aircraft would not crash into spectators.
The planes would become difficult to maneuver, and at high enough speeds aircraft without this problem could out-turn them.
Like von Seeckt, he concluded that France could no longer maintain the huge armies of conscripts and reservists with which World War I had been fought, and sought to use tanks, mechanised forces and aircraft to allow a smaller number of highly trained soldiers to have greater impact in battle.
In addition, the pilots of the Avro Vulcan or Handley Page Victor bombers could tie their systems into those of the missile and make use of the guidance system to help plot their own flight plan, since the unit in the missile was more advanced than that in the aircraft.
Turbine engines made with ceramics could operate more efficiently, giving aircraft greater range and payload for a set amount of fuel.
They even went as far as to say pilots could do “ drive-up take-offs and drive-in landings ”, implying that flying these aircraft was as easy as driving a car.
Ecuador and the U. S. agreed in 1999 to a 10-year arrangement whereby U. S. military surveillance aircraft could use the airbase at Manta, Ecuador, as a Forward Operating Location to detect drug trafficking flights through the region.
In the 1970s, turbofans replaced turbojets, improving fuel economy sufficiently that the last piston engined support aircraft could be replaced with jets, and making multi-role combat aircraft possible.
While light, highly maneuverable aircraft did have some advantages in fighter-versus-fighter combat, those could usually be overcome by sound tactical doctrine, and the design approach of the Italians and Japanese made their planes ill-suited as interceptors or attack aircraft.
Nevertheless, these fighters could only achieve modest increases in top speed due to problems of compressibility created as aircraft and their propellers approached the sound barrier, and it was apparent that propeller-driven aircraft were approaching the limits of their performance.
Air forces began to replace or supplemented them with cannons, which fired explosive shells that could blast a hole in an enemy aircraft — rather than relying on kinetic energy from a solid bullet striking a fuel line, control cable, pilot, etc.
While traditional mechanical or hydraulic control systems usually fail gradually, the loss of all flight control computers could immediately render the aircraft uncontrollable.

aircraft and be
Examples are in public utilities, making military aircraft and accessories, or where the investment and risk for a proprietorship would be too great for a much needed project impossible to achieve by any means other than the corporate form, e.g. constructing major airports or dams.
It is not clear, however, whether they are thinking of all movable property or only of boats, trailers, aircraft or certain other types of personal property whose assessment would be advantageous to their particular towns.
This aircraft, which was planned for initial operational use about 1965, would be complementary to but likewise competitive with the four strategic ballistic missile systems, all of which are scheduled to become available earlier.
It is expected that in 1963 two prototype aircraft will be available for flight testing.
By that time we should be in a much better position to determine the value of that aircraft as a weapon system.
Until this hunter-killer operation can be performed by spacecraft, manned aircraft appear to be the only means available to us.
It seems reasonable that if general nuclear war is not to be one cataclysmic act of burning each other's citizens to cinders, we must have a manned strategic force of long-endurance aircraft capable of going into China or Russia to find and destroy their strategic forces which continued to threaten us.
It would be priceless to have an aircraft to gather that post-attack reconnaissance.
Shipbuilding, aircraft procurement, and weapon programs indicate that there will not be enough of anything.
* 1918 – World War I: The Flight over Vienna mission, when a dozen Italian Servizio Aeronautico single-engined military aircraft drop leaflets over the main capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, demanding that both Austrian hostilities against Italy be ended, and for Austria to end its alliance with the German Empire.
Military aircraft have been designed either to deliver a weapon or to be the eyes and ears of other weapon systems.
They can be used to launch devices ( in some cases automatically ) to counter direct threats against the aircraft.
EMS and disaster relief helicopters will be required to fly in unpleasant conditions, this may require more aircraft sensors, some of which were until recently considered purely for military aircraft.
In the USA, several states have stated that they would shoot down hijacked commercial aircraft if it can be assumed that the hijackers intend to use the aircraft in a 9 / 11-style attack, despite killing innocent passengers on board.
* The plane will be escorted by armed fighter aircraft and will be forced to land.

aircraft and used
Because they often exhibit a combination of high strength and low weight, these alloys became widely used in many forms of industry, including the construction of modern aircraft.
Avionics are the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft.
Maritime support aircraft can drop active and passive sonar devices ( sonobuoys ) and these are also used to determine the location of hostile submarines.
Hijackers also have used aircraft as a weapon to target particular locations ( notably during the September 11, 2001 attacks ).
Aerial armour has been used to protect pilots and aircraft systems since the Second World War.
Platforms used include both trucks and heavier combat vehicles such as APCs and tanks, which add protection from aircraft, artillery, and small arms fire for front line deployment.
Platforms used include both trucks and heavier combat vehicles such as APCs and tanks, which add protection from aircraft, artillery, and small arms fire for front line deployment.
Although used during the Normandy landings, by that point German aircraft were contained by the Allies own air forces and they were largely unneeded.
The Norden bombsight was a highly sophisticated optical / mechanical analog computer used by the United States Army Air Force during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War to aid the pilot of a bomber aircraft in dropping bomb s accurately.
The demonstration focuses on the capabilities of modern aircraft used in combat operations.
Aircraft with special characteristics that give them unique capabilities will often display those in their demos ; For example, Russian fighters with Thrust vectoring may be used to perform Pugachev's Cobra or the Kulbit, among other difficult manoeuvers that cannot be performed by other aircraft.
Both the missile and the aircraft were used by the United States Navy and are now retired, the AIM-54 Phoenix in 2004 and the F-14 in 2006.
As the only surviving member of the Falcon missile family, it was not adopted by any other nation ( besides Iran ), any other US armed service, or used on any other aircraft.
Some smaller designs have been used as the basis for specialist fighters, such as night fighters, and a number of fighters, such as the Hawker Hurricane were used as ground attack aircraft bombers, replacing earlier conventional light bombers that proved unable to defend themselves and carry a reasonable bombload.
When surface to air missiles became capable of hitting high flying aircraft bombers, bombers used flight at low altitude to evade radar detection.
Conversely, many fighter aircraft, such as the F-16, are often used as ' bomb trucks ,' despite being designed for aerial combat.
In December 2005 Belarus bought 10 L-39 jet trainer aircraft from Ukraine, and plans were announced to buy 18 used Su-30K fighters.
These were later followed by two Alouette III SA. 316 B helicopters, used mostly for liaison purposes, one twin-engined Aero Commander 500 light utility aircraft, two Hawker-Siddeley HS. 748-2A twin turboprop transport aircraft, and two Nord 262 twin turboprop transport aircraft.
The Warriors were not only used for pilot training, but also as light strike aircraft, and a number of them were employed by the FABF's Escadrille de Chasse ( EdC ).

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