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album's and cover
The album's cover features a withered starving African child's hand being held and dwarfed by a white man's hand.
The album's lead single, " She's Every Woman " peaked at number-one on the Billboard Country Chart, however its follow-up single, " The Fever " ( a cover of an Aerosmith song ) only peaked at number 23, becoming Brooks's first released Country single to not chart on the Top 10.
The album's cover, which " shows lying on his back in bed with his ravishing wife's ample posterior in full view and one of her legs coyly draped over his private parts ," was considered to be too suggestive for most retailers, many of which were reluctant to stock the album.
The album's lead single was a cover of Bad Company's " Feel Like Makin ' Love ".
Although the children are not shown from the front, the cover was controversial at the time of the album's release.
When being photographed for the album's cover, Potger was replaced by Ray – his day job with the Australian Broadcasting Commission ( ABC ) as a radio producer barred him from involvement in a commercial enterprise.
Although the album's cover features the original line-up of Kool Keith, Ced Gee, Moe Love and TR Love, TR ( along with Tim Dog ) is notably absent.
The album's cover has the four main actors on the cover and the back cover has some background information about the four actors, information about the five month shooting schedule, some information about Albee and a brief synopsis of the film.
Hipgnosis's first Genesis album cover was for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which featured a male model, credited simply as " Omar ", portraying the album's protagonist " Rael ".
The album's cover photograph – which showed the three band members posing with their shirts unbuttoned, on a tropical beach – engendered no small amount of ridicule, with Palmer complaining the group looked like disco stars the Bee Gees.
Dressed on the cover all in leather, the album's singles " A Little More Love " ( No. 3 Pop, No. 94 Country, No. 4 AC ), " Deeper than the Night " ( No. 11 Pop, No. 87 Country, No. 4 AC ), and the title track ( No. 52 Pop ) all demonstrated a more aggressive and uptempo sound for Newton-John.
The album's cover and in-sleeve photos were taken from the film, Tiger Bay, which starred Hayley Mills.
Although it had some progressive rock stylings, it also had a darker edge, suggested by the bedsit squalour on the album's cover.
He is reputed to have given the album its name by throwing a tomato at a showing of the art used for the album's cover.
The album's cover artwork was photographed and designed by Cal Schenkel and shows Van Vliet wearing the raw head of a carp, bought from a local fish market and fashioned into a mask by Schenkel.
Music critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic said, " It was inevitable that the constant grind of touring, writing, promoting, and recording would grate on the Beatles ," leading to the inclusion of several cover versions after the all-original A Hard Day's Night ; the band's visible weariness on the album's cover is noted by narrator Malcolm McDowell during The Compleat Beatles.
John Lennon complained to EMI Australia at a meeting about the changes, but the cover remained the same until the album's release on compact disc in 1988.
The band's name was discreetly embossed slightly below the middle of the album's right side, and the cover also featured a unique stamped serial number, " to create ," in Hamilton's words, " the ironic situation of a numbered edition of something like five million copies.
A painting of the band by " Patrick " ( John Byrne ) was at an earlier point under consideration to be used as the album's cover.
" The album's singles — the Bruce Johnston-produced original " Bluebirds Over the Mountains " ( Billboard # 64 ) and the Carl Wilson-produced cover of The Ronettes ' " I Can Hear Music "— won lukewarm attention, with the latter reaching # 24 on the Billboard single chart in April 1969 ; the lead track, the Wilson / Love-authored " Do It Again ", an unabashed throwback to the band's earlier surf hits, had been an international hit in the summer of 1968, reaching # 20 in the US charts and # 1 the UK while also scoring well in other countries.
Two weeks after the album's release, Martin was featured on the cover of Time with the title " Latin Music Goes Pop!
The album's cover and single artwork were undertaken by graffiti artist Banksy, with the single featuring a spoof image of the British Royal Family, replicated as a mural on the building.

album's and was
The album's subject matter was largely centered on Love's tumultuous life between 2003 and 2007, and featured a polished folk-rock sound with much more acoustic work than previous Hole albums.
" Locked Out " was the album's first US single and received airplay on MTV and VH1.
In February 2011, she announced that she would embark on the Better Day World Tour on July 17, 2011, with shows in northern Europe and the U. S. The album's lead-off single, " Together You and I ," was released on May 23, 2011, and Better Day was released on June 28, 2011.
The extent to which drug addiction was now affecting Bowie was made public when Russell Harty interviewed the singer for his London Weekend Television talk show in anticipation of the album's supporting tour.
According to Gerald Casale, the album's sound was inspired by reviewers calling them " fascist clowns " in articles.
The album's release was followed by news that there would be no tour to promote the LP, that drummer Bevan was now playing drums for Black Sabbath and that bassist Kelly Groucutt had left the band.
The album's first single, " More Than a Memory ", was released to radio on August 27, 2007.
The album's final single was " Blue Jeans and a Rosary " which was a minor country hit at No. 50.
The album's lead single was the patriotic " Born Free.
While this album's diversity was seen then as perversity, now it seems like a rich smorgasbord.
The album's track " Jim's Blues ", with Plant on harmonica, was the first studio track to feature all four members of the future Led Zeppelin.
After the album's completion, the band were forced to change their name after Dreja issued a cease and desist letter, stating that Page was only allowed to use the New Yardbirds moniker for the Scandinavian dates.
The album's opening track, " Immigrant Song ", was released in November 1970 as a single in the US against the band's wishes, reaching the top twenty on the Billboard chart.
While the album had been recorded in early 1983, the album's release was delayed for a year by SST.
" Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up " was the album's third and final single.
The group toured in the wake of the album's success, but the Raising Hell Tour was marred by violence, particularly fights between rival street gangs in places like Los Angeles.
The album's lead single " Dancing on My Own " was released a few weeks prior to the album's release ; it became a hit single worldwide and brought her a Grammy Award nomination for the category of Best Dance Recording in 2011.

album's and designed
The album's sleeve was designed by Richard Hamilton, a notable pop artist who had organised a Marcel Duchamp retrospective at the Tate Gallery the previous year.
Slash's brother, Ash Hudson, designed the album's cover.
The gatefold album cover, in a woodcut style designed by artist James Grashow, originally opened up like a children's pop-up book, so that a cut-out of the band's personnel stood up — evoking the album's title.
When performed live, this version is usually followed by " We Are the Champions ", another of the album's hits, as they were designed to run together.
The album's artwork was designed by band members Jon King and Andy Gill, typical of their DIY approach.
Both commented on the album's sleeve, which was described as " equally disgusting " as the album title, featuring a photograph by Michael Lavine of three nude models covered in animal blood, which Sprague saw as designed for " calculated offence ".
The album's cover art was designed by Daniel Levi, who has directed music videos for Interpol ( band ) and Massive Attack.
The album's gatefold cover art was designed by Ernie Cefalu and features a sepia-toned Drew Struzan illustration of the band members in front of a 1930s garage, accompanied by such period movie stars as Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Edward G. Robinson, Jean Harlow, Peter Lorre, and Groucho Marx.
The black and yellow checkerboard pattern on the album's back sleeve, designed by Tom Wilkes, is a relic of this idea — echoing the black and yellow colors of the candy bar wrapper.
It is time to unveil the cover artwork of the album's jewel case edition, designed by Seth Siro Anton himself:
" Jade Lee designed the album's bright orange cover that included an overlay graphic of a Philadelphia street map.
The album's cover was designed and executed by Hipgnosis.
Anastasio also designed the album's cover art.
The album's orchestral sound was achieved on a low budget by Popplewell writing library music, designed to be used as background for films and television, that fitted his songs, and re-using the recordings with new vocals by him and Sophia Churney.

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