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album's and first
The album's first single, " Mean to Me ", reached the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart top 30 in June.
" Locked Out " was the album's first US single and received airplay on MTV and VH1.
As Sherrod and Hart had not participated in the initial sessions, four new tracks were recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite including the album's first single " Don't Stop Now ".
Her first entirely self-produced effort, 1977's New Harvest ... First Gathering, highlighted Parton's pop sensibilities, both in terms of choice of songs-the album contained covers of the pop and R & B classics " My Girl " and " Higher and Higher " – and the album's production.
The album's lead single, " She's Every Woman " peaked at number-one on the Billboard Country Chart, however its follow-up single, " The Fever " ( a cover of an Aerosmith song ) only peaked at number 23, becoming Brooks's first released Country single to not chart on the Top 10.
In spite of the changes, the fifth album's first single, " Little L ", reached # 1 in many charts worldwide becoming their best dance hit.
The album's first two singles were successful on rock radio in " So Hott " and " Amen ".
The album's track " Jim's Blues ", with Plant on harmonica, was the first studio track to feature all four members of the future Led Zeppelin.
The album's rich acoustic sound initially received mixed reactions, with critics and fans surprised at the turn from the primarily electric arrangements of the first two albums, fuelling further hostility to the musical press.
The album's first single, " Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
The album's first week sales were the second highest of any album that year, a significant achievement for a hard rock band at a time when music charts were largely dominated by hip hop and teen-pop acts.
Blue Lines was seen widely as the first major manifestation of a uniquely British hip hop movement, but the album's hit single " Unfinished Sympathy " and several other tracks, while their rhythms were largely sample-based, were not seen as hip hop songs in any conventional sense.
For the album's first single, " Experimental Film ", TMBG teamed up with Homestar Runner creators Matt and Mike Chapman to create an animated music video.
Skylarking spawned the controversial track " Dear God ", which was originally issued as the B-side of the album's first single, " Grass ".
Although signs of the failing of Partridge's first marriage were evident as far back as English Settlement ( notably on the album's closing track, " Snowman "), it was some time before the still-married Partridge felt comfortable with Wexler's advances and his mixed feelings about the situation were chronicled in the song " Another Satellite ".
The album's first single, " Feel ", written by Williams and Chambers, was recorded as a demo.
The album's first single, the disco-influenced " Girls & Boys ", found favour on BBC Radio 1.
Their first album's fourth single Alright was a huge international hit that established the band's reputation.
The album's first single, " Deadly Handsome Man " was a song featured on the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back movie soundtrack a few years earlier under its original title, " The Devil's Song ".
It was the release of the album's first single " Smells Like Teen Spirit " that " marked the instigation of the grunge music phenomenon ".
Hipgnosis's first Genesis album cover was for The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which featured a male model, credited simply as " Omar ", portraying the album's protagonist " Rael ".
Her streak of five consecutive gold Top 10 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 ended when the album's first single, " Something Better to Do ", stopped at No. 13 ( also No. 19 Country and No. 1 AC ).
Before the album's release, on 9 September 2008, Marillion achieved a world first by pre-releasing their own album via P2P networks themselves.
Despite the concerns about the album's uncommercial sound, Pornography became the band's first UK Top 10 album, charting at number eight.

album's and single
Though it topped the country albums charts, it stalled at No. 71 on the pop albums chart ; the album's single, " Light of a Clear Blue Morning " only reached No. 87 on the Hot 100.
In February 2011, she announced that she would embark on the Better Day World Tour on July 17, 2011, with shows in northern Europe and the U. S. The album's lead-off single, " Together You and I ," was released on May 23, 2011, and Better Day was released on June 28, 2011.
After a slow start, his country-flavored hit " Picture " with Sheryl Crow resurrected the album and it went gold as a single and pushed the album's sales over 5 million.
The album's lead single was a cover of Bad Company's " Feel Like Makin ' Love ".
The album's third single " All Summer Long ", became a global hit.
The album's final single was " Blue Jeans and a Rosary " which was a minor country hit at No. 50.
The album's lead single was the patriotic " Born Free.
The album's opening track, " Immigrant Song ", was released in November 1970 as a single in the US against the band's wishes, reaching the top twenty on the Billboard chart.
The album's only single, " Zip It!
In January 2000, the album's second single, " All the Small Things ", hit the sixth spot on the Billboard Hot 100.
" Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up " was the album's third and final single.
The album's lead single " Dancing on My Own " was released a few weeks prior to the album's release ; it became a hit single worldwide and brought her a Grammy Award nomination for the category of Best Dance Recording in 2011.

album's and More
Though neither of the album's two singles, "( Why Don't More Women Sing ) Honky Tonk Songs " and " Salt in my Tears ", charted, videos for both songs received significant airplay on CMT.
Dressed on the cover all in leather, the album's singles " A Little More Love " ( No. 3 Pop, No. 94 Country, No. 4 AC ), " Deeper than the Night " ( No. 11 Pop, No. 87 Country, No. 4 AC ), and the title track ( No. 52 Pop ) all demonstrated a more aggressive and uptempo sound for Newton-John.
The album's singles " Elected ", " Hello Hooray ", " Billion Dollar Babies ", and " No More Mr. Nice Guy ", all became hits on the Billboard Hot 100.
Although the album's title track reached Top 10, More ... failed to achieve gold status.
The album's lead single, " Martyr No More ", was announced as an official theme song for the WWE Royal Rumble pay per view.
" Say No More " peaked at number 33 on the country charts, and the album's only other single, the Jerry Kilgore co-write " If You Ever Feel Like Lovin ' Me Again ", reached number 27.
The album's first single, " Don't Come Around Here No More ", cowritten by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, peaked at # 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.
U. S. record label Reprise had intended to release many of album's tracks on a separate Kinks album titled Four More Respected Gentlemen sometime in mid-1968 to fulfil a contractual album obligation.
The album's first single, " No More Affairs ", was accompanied by a video filmed at the Rivoli Ballroom in south-east London, and second single " Travelling Light " is a duet between Tindersticks ' singer Stuart Staples and Carla Torgerson of The Walkabouts.
After the sudden and premature ending of Trading Yesterday's contract with Epic Records prior to the album's release, More Than This was shelved.
More recently Patra featured on the Two Culture Clash project in 2004, where she was featured on the album's lead single, " How Do You Love ", featuring fellow reggae artist, Danny English.
More tracks featuring Yule from the album's sessions have emerged on a recent CD re-issue of the album.
Music videos for the songs " You Wanted More " and " Mean to Me " were created as part of the album's promotion.

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