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album's and third
" Ain't Never Gonna Give You Up " was the album's third and final single.
The album's lead single, " She's in Parties ", reached number 26 on the charts and earned Bauhaus their third and final Top of the Pops appearance.
The title track " Diamonds and Pearls " became the album's third single, reaching No. 3 on the Hot 100 and the top spot on the R & B charts.
The album's third single, " Just Like Heaven " was the band's most successful single to date in the US, being their first to enter the Billboard Top 40.
" She Bop " was the album's third single release.
The third album's title song, " Maggot Brain ", consists of a ten-minute guitar solo by Hazel.
The album also received a number of accolades including a BRIT Award nomination for Best Female Artist and two Grammy Award nominations for Best Rock Album and Best Female Rock Performance for the album's third single, " This Is Love.
The said key to the breakthrough is the album's third single, " Say My Name ", which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks.
Janet Jackson collaborated with former Prince associates Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis on her third studio album Control ( 1986 ); the album's second single " Nasty " has been described as the origin of the new jack swing sound, a genre innovated by Teddy Riley.
The album's track list duplicates a few songs from the second and third US albums, but also contains singles tracks and tracks from extended play singles that were previously unavailable on a US album.
On 12 September, the album's third single, " You and I " made its debut on Love Radio.
The album's third and final single was " I Keep On Loving You ", co-written by Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn, which peaked at number 7.
His third studio album I Need a Haircut was released on August 27, 1991, on Cold Chillin '/ Warner Bros. Records and was produced by Biz Markie and his cousin Cool V. Sales of the album were already low when Markie was served a lawsuit by Gilbert O ' Sullivan, who claimed that the album's Alone Again featured an unauthorized sample from his hit " Alone Again ( Naturally )".
A second single, " Passing Strangers ", failed to reach the Top 40, but the band achieved a substantial hit with the third single, the album's title track ( inspired by Carol Reed's 1949 film The Third Man ).
On February, 2006 to help promoting the My Foot tour, one track of the album, " Gazelle City " was released as the album's third single.
The album's lead single, " Fire and Ice ", was another big hit ( US # 17, AUS # 30 ) and would win Benatar her second Grammy Award, this time for " Best Female Rock Vocal Performance " of 1981 and her third consecutive RIAA certified platinum album.
The band split up soon after their third album's release in 2002.
Thus, despite having their greatest hit in 1999 with the track, they were dropped by their record label, EMI, after the release of the album's third single, " III Wishes ".
The album's third single, " Girlfriend ", was Released 22 May and charted at number 39.
Although this song and follow-up " If Heaven " were both number 5 hits on the country charts, the album's third single, " This I Gotta See ", stopped at number 58, and the fourth single (" I Never Had a Chance ") failed to chart at all.
The album's third single, " Dirty Little Thing ", peaked at number eight on the Mainstream Rock chart.
Prior to the release of the album's third single, on 19 November 1991 a disturbed man who had been stalking Farmer entered the Polydor Records headquarters in Paris and held employees at gunpoint demanding to talk to her.
During the tour, Farmer released the album's third and fourth singles: " Souviens-toi du jour " and " Optimistique-moi ".
" Passionate Kisses ", a cover of fellow singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams's 1988 song, was the album's third single.

album's and single
The album's first single, " Mean to Me ", reached the Australian Kent Music Report Singles Chart top 30 in June.
" Locked Out " was the album's first US single and received airplay on MTV and VH1.
As Sherrod and Hart had not participated in the initial sessions, four new tracks were recorded with producer Steve Lillywhite including the album's first single " Don't Stop Now ".
Though it topped the country albums charts, it stalled at No. 71 on the pop albums chart ; the album's single, " Light of a Clear Blue Morning " only reached No. 87 on the Hot 100.
In February 2011, she announced that she would embark on the Better Day World Tour on July 17, 2011, with shows in northern Europe and the U. S. The album's lead-off single, " Together You and I ," was released on May 23, 2011, and Better Day was released on June 28, 2011.
The album's lead single, " She's Every Woman " peaked at number-one on the Billboard Country Chart, however its follow-up single, " The Fever " ( a cover of an Aerosmith song ) only peaked at number 23, becoming Brooks's first released Country single to not chart on the Top 10.
The album's first single, " More Than a Memory ", was released to radio on August 27, 2007.
In spite of the changes, the fifth album's first single, " Little L ", reached # 1 in many charts worldwide becoming their best dance hit.
After a slow start, his country-flavored hit " Picture " with Sheryl Crow resurrected the album and it went gold as a single and pushed the album's sales over 5 million.
The album's lead single was a cover of Bad Company's " Feel Like Makin ' Love ".
The album's final single was " Blue Jeans and a Rosary " which was a minor country hit at No. 50.
The album's lead single was the patriotic " Born Free.
The album's opening track, " Immigrant Song ", was released in November 1970 as a single in the US against the band's wishes, reaching the top twenty on the Billboard chart.
The album's only single, " Zip It!
In January 2000, the album's second single, " All the Small Things ", hit the sixth spot on the Billboard Hot 100.
The album's lead single " Dancing on My Own " was released a few weeks prior to the album's release ; it became a hit single worldwide and brought her a Grammy Award nomination for the category of Best Dance Recording in 2011.
The album's first single, " Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
Blue Lines was seen widely as the first major manifestation of a uniquely British hip hop movement, but the album's hit single " Unfinished Sympathy " and several other tracks, while their rhythms were largely sample-based, were not seen as hip hop songs in any conventional sense.

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