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album and United
Heart in Motion is her highest-selling album, with over five million copies sold in the United States alone.
The album gained a following in the United Kingdom, charting at 59 on the UK Albums Chart, as well as its lead single, " Teenage Whore " entering the country's Indie chart at number one.
Love toured Europe, Japan, and the United States promoting the album in the spring and summer of 2010, ending the tour at Seattle's Bumbershoot festival in September.
The album was released on August 31, 2012 thru Napalm Records in Europe and September 11, 2012 in the United States and Canada.
In the mid-1980s, the band was embroiled in an obscenity trial in the United States over the artwork of their album Frankenchrist ( 1985 ), which included the explicit titular subject of H. R. Giger's Penis Landscape.
Day released My Heart in the United Kingdom on September 5, 2011, her first new album in nearly two decades, since the release of The Love Album, which, although recorded in 1967, was not released until 1994.
Described by Bowie as " Ziggy goes to America ", it contained songs he wrote while travelling to and across the United States during the earlier part of the Ziggy tour, which now continued to Japan to promote the new album.
McLean's major break came when Mediarts was taken over by United Artists Records thus securing for his second album, American Pie, the promotion of a major label.
The 1974 album Homeless Brother, produced by Joel Dorn, was McLean ’ s final studio collaboration with United Artists.
" Orinoco Flow ", reported to be named after Orinoco Studios ( now Miloco Studios ), where it was conceived, topped the charts in the United Kingdom, peaked at number 2 in Germany and the Watermark album sold eleven million copies.
( It was released in the United States in 1972 as No Answer, the name being chosen because a record company secretary had tried to ring the UK company and get the name of the album — since they were unable to contact them they left a note saying " No Answer ".
Despite the recognition and success they enjoyed in the States, they were still largely ignored in the United Kingdom until their sixth album, the platinum selling A New World Record, hit the top ten there in 1976.
The album spawned hit singles from both Newton-John (" Magic ," No. 1 in the United States, and " Suddenly " with Cliff Richard ) and ELO (" I'm Alive ", which went gold, " All Over the World " and " Don't Walk Away ").
Time topped the UK charts for two weeks and was the last ELO studio album to date to be certified platinum in the United Kingdom.
In the United Kingdom, one of Brooks's most committed fan bases outside the United States, country music disc jockeys, such as Martin Campbell and John Wellington, noted that many fans were buying the album on import.
The album was then released in November 1997, and debuted at number-one on both the Top Country Albums and Billboard 200 album charts in the United States, and later became his fourth album to reach a sales of 10 million copies.
Connick's best selling album in the United States is his 1993 Christmas album When My Heart Finds Christmas, which also is one of the best selling Christmas albums in the United States.
He released Come By Me, his first album of big band music in eight years in 1999, and embarked on a world tour visiting the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.

album and Nations
The album was released in January 1984 by Megaforce Records in the United States and by Music for Nations internationally.
Johnson's next studio album Bloom was released in June 2005, again on Vai's Favored Nations label.
It largely contains tracks off the band's 1980 debut album Lightning to the Nations, with the non-LP single " Waited Too Long ", and its B-side " Play It Loud ", and " Streets of Gold ", which was the B-side to Diamond Head's 1980 single " Sweet and Innocent ".
In 1981 she recorded the album Love is Alive including duets with Demis Roussos, Johnny Hallyday and US star David Soul for a United Nations Benefit.
Holdsworth once mentioned that a new studio album entitled Snakes and Ladders was slated for a 2008 release on guitarist Steve Vai's Favored Nations label, but as of 2012 this has not come about.
He was excited about the band's style of music after purchasing its debut album Lightning to the Nations ( 1980 ).
Ashcroft then founded a new band, RPA & The United Nations of Sound, and released a new album on 19 July 2010.
Ashcroft is currently working with a new band called RPA & The United Nations of Sound, who have released a promo single from the upcoming album called " Are You Ready?
The album United Nations of Sound was released across the Atlantic on 22 March 2011 under the name " Richard Ashcroft " and the lead single " Are You Ready?
Following a three-year lobbying effort by Ellen Bello, founder of the Native American Music Awards and the Native American Music Association, the Grammy award was first presented to Tom Bee and Douglas Spotted Eagle in 2001 as the producers of the compilation album Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.
A huge world tour in support of the album followed, but in early 1986 bassist Steve Dawson left the band and Saxon was back in the studio recording their 8th studio album Rock the Nations without a bass player.
Their efforts paid off when they entered the recording studio in Inverness, Scotland and did their second album, Power From The Universe for the Music For Nations label.
The band released their debut album Spiritual Beggars in 1994, which led to a European record deal with Music for Nations, who released Another Way to Shine in 1996.
Vernon's album with Masque ( Leon Gruenbaum-keyboards & samchillian tip tip tip cheeepeeeee, Hank Schroy-bass and Marlon Browden-drums ), an instrumental album entitled " Known Unknown ", was released in April 2004, and On April 18, 2006 Vernon Reid and Masque released " Other True Self ", both on Favored Nations records, owned by another guitarist, Steve Vai.
Björk performed " Oceania ", later included on her album Medúlla, immediately after the Parade of Nations ended.
Inspiration is the ninth studio album by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released on November 5, 1996 through Music for Nations ( Europe ) and Pony Canyon ( Japan ), and reissued in 2000 through Spitfire Records ; a remastered edition was reissued in 2003 through SPV GmbH.
After the band broke up in 1993, MacMichael joined forces with Robert Plant, and played on his Fate of Nations album.
They performed on the 2001 Grammy Award for Best Native American Music Album winning Gathering of Nations Pow Wow album, along with 15 other drum groups.
Their second album was rejected by Geffen and finally emerged in 1994 under the title Strength in Numbers on CMC International in the USA and Music for Nations elsewhere in the world.
Magnum Opus is the eighth studio album by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released in 1995 through Music for Nations ( Europe ) and Pony Canyon ( Japan ); a remastered edition was reissued in 2003 through SPV GmbH.
In 1992, the band's fourth and final album to date, Death Erotica was released – this time on Music For Nations and were joined by members of Napalm Death and Pop Will Eat Itself from nearby Birmingham, who supplied guest vocals on various tracks.
In the late 1990s Callier began his comeback to recorded music, contributing to Beth Orton's Best Bit EP in 1997 and releasing the album Timepeace in 1998, which won the United Nations ' Time For Peace award for outstanding artistic achievement contributing to world peace.

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