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album and did
Although the album did not bring the fame he was expecting, it did reach the top of the charts in Romania and Morocco.
Rolling Stone gave the album three out of five stars, saying that Love " worked hard on these songs, instead of just babbling a bunch of druggy bullshit and assuming people would buy it, the way she did on her 2004 flop, America's Sweetheart.
Singles " Dreamer " and " Autumn Leaves " ( 1994 ) were both minor hits but the album did not chart.
The album did not fare as well as their debut in the US, only reaching number 40, but it achieved Australasian success, reaching number one in Australia and number two in New Zealand.
Although it did not achieve the same levels of commercial success as the band's later releases ( it reached # 73 on the Billboard 200 ), it has been hailed by many fans and critics as Dream Theater's masterpiece and the band's defining album.
Clint Black's album " Nothin ' but the Taillights " includes the song " Ode to Chet ," which includes the lines "' Cause I can win her over like Romeo did Juliet, if I can only show her I can almost pick that legato lick like Chet " and " It'll take more than Mel Bay 1, 2, & 3 if I'm ever gonna play like CGP.
The Jacksons ( previously The Jackson 5 ) did many disco songs from 1975 to 1980, including " Shake Your Body ( Down to the Ground )" ( 1978 ), " Blame it on the Boogie " ( 1978 ), and " Can You Feel It " ( 1980 )— all sung by Michael Jackson, whose 1979 solo album, Off the Wall, included several disco hits, including the album's title song, " Rock with You ", " Workin ' Day and Night ", and his second chart-topping solo hit in the disco genre, " Don't Stop ' til You Get Enough ".
However, in the original article on Young from the first edition of the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll and a subsequent article in the 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide, critic Dave Marsh used this album to accuse Young of deliberately manufacturing a self-mythology, arguing that while his highlights could be seen to place him on a level with other artists from his generation like Bob Dylan or The Beatles, the particulars of his catalogue did not bear this out.
While receiving generally favorable reviews, however, the album did not achieve the crossover success Parton had hoped for.
Parton's soundtrack album from her own 1992 film, Straight Talk, however was less successful, though her 1993 album Slow Dancing with the Moon won critical acclaim, and did well on the charts, reaching No. 4 on the country albums charts, and No. 16 on the Billboard 200 albums charts.
The band's album debut, Tin Machine ( 1989 ), was initially popular, though its politicised lyrics did not find universal approval: Bowie described one song as " a simplistic, naive, radical, laying-it-down about the emergence of neo-Nazis "; in the view of biographer Christopher Sandford, " It took nerve to denounce drugs, fascism and TV [...] in terms that reached the literary level of a comic book.
A new top 20 hit, " That Was Then, This Is Now " was released ( though Jones did not perform on the song ) as well as an album, Pool It !.
The song " Boadicea ", also from this album, would later be sampled by The Fugees on their single " Ready or Not " ( 1996 ), causing a brief stir because the group neither sought permission from Enya nor gave her credit initially, and by Mario Winans, who did give her credit ( the Winans track, " I Don't Wanna Know " which features a rap by P. Diddy and is officially credited to all three artists, became Enya's highest charting single in the US, when it peaked at # 2 on the Hot 100 in 2004 ).
Even more ironically most of the bands who actually did appear as themselves in the movie, such as Art Bergman, The Modernettes and D. O. A., were not on the fake tribute album.
Brooks's endless promotion of the album and the film did not seem to stir much excitement and the failure of the Chris Gaines experiment became fairly evident mere weeks after the album was released.
The album did not match the sales levels of Brooks's heyday, but still sold comfortably well, reaching number-one on both the pop and country charts.
As a result, McGuinn ended up replacing three of Parsons ' lead vocals with his own singing on the finished album, a move that was still rankling Parsons as late as 1973, when he told Cameron Crowe in an interview that McGuinn " erased it and did the vocals himself and fucked it up.
The following year, he released his second funk album, Star Turtle, which did not sell as well as previous albums, although it did reach No. 38 on the charts.
Connick did the arrangements for, wrote a couple of songs, and sang a duet on Kelli O ' Hara's album that was released in May 2008.
Columbia Records released one single from the project (" Yellow Balloon ") as did the song's writer, Gary Zekley, with The Yellow Balloon, but with legal wrangles scuttling Torrence's Columbia deal and Berry's disapproval of the project, Save for a Rainy Day remained a self-released album on the J & D Record Co. label.
In August, Thornton performed under the Dr. Octagon billing, but did not acknowledge the release of the OCD album.

album and initially
Some tracks and demos from the album ( initially planned for release in 2008 ) were leaked on the internet in 2006, and a documentary entitled The Return of Courtney Love, detailing the making of the album, aired on the British television network in the fall of that year.
( A number of the acts who wrote or initially popularized the songs appeared on the album ).
Rock had problems with the release of " Picture ", a country-influenced duet with Sheryl Crow: his label felt it was wrong for his image, and was not keen to spend more money promoting a flagging album ; then, when they agreed to release it, Sheryl Crow's label initially refused to give permission.
" Alone Again Or " initially peaked at No. 123 in 1968 in an edited version, while the longer, original album version spent three weeks on the singles chart in 1970 before peaking at No. 99, according to Whitburn's " Top Pop Singles: 1955-2010.
Despite no major singles, the album initially sold well.
These three efforts were among five original songs by Simon included on their first album for Columbia Records, Wednesday Morning, 3 A. M., which initially flopped upon its release on October 19, 1964.
The album failed to sell significant copies initially, although Twain's future success generated enough interest for the album to be certified platinum six years later by the RIAA, denoting sales of over a million.
In 2000, Twain was initially scheduled to release a Christmas album, but plans to release one were cancelled later in the year.
The album was initially unsuccessful, having been released in the shadow of The Beatles ' arrival on the scene.
The Doors were initially signed to Columbia Records under a six month contract, but the band agreed to a release after being unable to secure a producer for the album from Columbia.
Columbia Records initially declined to record the cast album, saying the score was too depressing and too difficult.
While recuperating, May was initially absent when the band started work on their third album, but he returned midway through the recording process.
This compilation set came about as a result of the initially rushed conversion of Led Zeppelin's album to the compact disc format in the late 1980s.
The album initially flopped.
Stewart Copeland's older brother Miles Copeland III was initially sceptical of the inclusion of Summers in the band, fearing that it would undermine their punk credibility, and reluctantly agreed to come through with £ 1, 500 to finance the Police first album.
Smith initially stated it would be a double album.
The English version of the album was initially not meant to be released in Sweden, but public demand was too great.
A large proportion of the tracks on this album were co-written with Van Vliet by Herb Bermann, whom Vliet initially met up with at a bar gig near Lancaster.
Martin initially contemplated recording the album live at the Cavern in front of the group's home audience and visited the Liverpool club on 9 December 1962 to consider the technicalities.
Even though this album would gradually garner high praise, it was initially poorly received ; however, the next one, Moondance, established Morrison as a major artist, and throughout the 1970s he built on his reputation with a series of critically acclaimed albums and live performances.
The extended period between the release of This is Hardcore and We Love Life is partly attributed to having initially recorded the songs which comprise the album and being dissatisfied with the results.

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