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album and is
On the 2007 deluxe edition release, it is revealed that parts of this tape were used for the 1976 Griffith Park Planetarium launch of the original album, the 1987 remix, and various radio spots, all of which were included as bonus material.
* Imogen Heap's album iMegaphone has a title that is an anagram of the singer's name.
Also, " Absalom, Absalom Would I die for you my son, I would have it all undone, The way it all came down " is found on the 1998 album Largo in the song " Gimme A Stone ".
* " Absalom " is a song on Brand New Shadows's debut album, White flags.
* " Absalom " is an album by the Experimental / Progressive band " Stick Men " featuring Tony Levin, Markus Reuter and Pat Mastelotto.
ABC is Jin's fourth overall album, which was released on February 20, 2007
This album is known internationally for its award winning sound and prestigious title.
Heart in Motion is her highest-selling album, with over five million copies sold in the United States alone.
Heart in Motion is Grant's best-selling album, having sold over 5 million copies according to the RIAA.
Love and Theft is the thirty-first studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, released in September 2001 by Columbia Records.
If Time Out of Mind was his death album — it wasn't, but you know how people talk — this is his immortality album.
In the liner notes on BDP's 1992 album Sex and Violence, KRS-One writes: " BDP in 1992 is KRS-One, Willie D, and Kenny Parker!
Bar Kokhba is a double album by John Zorn, recorded between 1994 and 1996.
But this is the beauty of the album ; the ensembles provide a forum for Zorn to expand his compositions.
It is also heard on Daft Punk's Alive 2007 album in the track " Too Long / Steam Machine ".
The American Pie album is dedicated to Holly.
Queen Boadicea features in the opening lyrics of the song " The Good Old Days " written by Pete Doherty and Carl Barat for British rock band The Libertines from their 2002 album " Up the bracket ", the line reads, " If Queen Boadicea is long dead and gone, Still then the spirit in her children's children's children, it lives on ".
Firewater's album Get Off the Cross, We Need the Wood for the Fire seventh track is named " Balalaika " but does not appear to contain one.
The rock band from Pasadena, Ozma plays a balalaika on the song " Flight Of Yuri Gagarin "; it is derived from their partially Russian themed album Double Donkey Disc.
The seventh track of Joe Bonamassa's album Dust Bowl is entitled The Last Matador of Bayonne.
One of the better-known examples of this is the album Transilvanian Hunger by Darkthrone – a band whom Johnathan Selzer of Terrorizer magazine says " represent the DIY aspect of black metal ".
The Roy Harper song " All Ireland " from the album Lifemask, written in the days following the incident, is critical of the military but takes a long term view with regard to a solution.
Christy Moore's song " Minds Locked Shut " on the album Graffiti Tongue is all about the events of the day, and names the dead civilians.

album and produced
Although the studio version of Freudiana was produced by Parsons ( and featured the regular Project backing musicians, making it an ' unofficial ' Project album ), it was primarily Woolfson's idea to turn it into a musical.
In 1977, she recorded her first album titled Amy Grant, produced by Brown Bannister ( who would also produce her next 11 albums ).
The album was a multi-platinum success and produced the pop hit " Lucky One " ( No. 18 pop and No. 2 AC ; No. 1 on Radio & Records ) as well as the title track ( a duet with country music star and future husband Vince Gill ) ( No. 37 pop ) and a cover of Joni Mitchell's frequently covered " Big Yellow Taxi " ( No. 67 pop ) ( in which she changed the line " And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see em " to " And then they charged the people 25 bucks just to see em ").
His album Nederlands Grootste Nachtmerrie ( Holland's Biggest Nightmare ) won Best Album Award in 2007 and was fully produced by Dr. Dre's right hand man Focus ...
Tim Blake ( synthesiser player on Planet Gong ) produced a solo album called " Blake's New Jerusalem ", including a 20 minute track with lyrics from Blake's poem.
In 1985, Andersson produced and released an album with brother and sister Anders and Karin Glenmark, featuring new songs by Andersson / Ulvaeus.
According to the band's website, although the group admired Holly ( and years later produced an album covering some of his songs ), their name was inspired primarily by the sprigs of holly in evidence around Christmas of 1962.
The album, titled Pretty on the Inside, was released in August 1991 on Caroline Records, produced by Gordon and Gumball's Don Fleming.
In 1993, he executive produced Got ' Em Running Scared, an album by Ichiban Records group Chief Groovy Loo and the Chosen Tribe.
* Cradle of Filth, a popular British extreme metal band, has produced an album called Dusk ... and Her Embrace inspired by " Carmilla ", and have also recorded an instrumental track titled " Carmilla's Masque ".
* Theatres des Vampires, an Italian extreme gothic metal band has produced a video single called " Carmilla " for its album Moonlight Waltz
The band released one album, 2003's Handheld Torch, which was produced by Seymour.
The album, Intriguer, was produced by Jim Scott who had worked on The Sun Came Out by Neil's 7 Worlds Collide project.
However, Brian Wilson has stated that the idea of the record being a " concept album " is mainly within the way the album was produced and structured.
Yes also produced concept albums during the ' 70s, most notably Tales from Topographic Oceans, which would become a defining album of prog rock, but its critical backlash would lead to the genre's decline in popularity and the rise of punk rock.
Singer-songwriter Kim Carnes and her husband David Ellingson wrote and produced Kenny Rogers's 1980 album " Gideon ", which was based on the theme of a Texas cowboy.
The album was played as two continuous pieces of music on the two sides of the vinyl and produced the band's two biggest hit singles, " Kayleigh " and " Lavender ".
The comedy group Buckner & Garcia released a novelty concept album, Pac-Man Fever, that went gold and produced a hit single of the same name ; all of the songs on the album pertained to popular video games of the time.
He left RCA in 1982 and signed with Columbia Records, for whom he produced a debut album in 1983.
The album is a compilation of previously unreleased recordings produced by Day's son, Terry Melcher, prior to his death in 2004.
Also in 1994, Parton contributed the song " You Gotta Be My Baby " to the AIDS benefit album Red Hot + Country produced by the Red Hot Organization.
Deicide then released their self-titled debut album, also produced by Scott Burns at Morrisound, in 1990.

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