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answer and about
`` You know '', the lawyer said, `` it's difficult to talk like this about a man who can't answer back ''.
It is a desperate effort to prop up a sagging candidate who has proven he cannot answer any questions about New Jersey's problems.
Leavitt, as he entered the jury room, said he was prepared to answer questions about the $12,500 his liquor firm paid to Stein for `` labor consultant work '' with five unions which organized Leavitt's workers.
If one asks about this play, what it is that comes upon this community and works within it with such terrible power, there is no better answer to give than `` spirit ''.
As Wozniak was the only person who could answer most customer support questions about the computer, the company offered Apple I owners discounts and trade-ins for Apple IIs to persuade them to return their computers, contributing to their scarcity.
A deeper criticism of Green archaeoastronomy is that while it can answer whether there was likely to be an interest in astronomy in past times, its lack of a social element means that it struggles to answer why people would be interested, which makes it of limited use to people asking questions about the society of the past.
Science does not have to answer questions about the Triangle because those questions are not valid in the first place ...
He did not answer questions about where he had been staying because he said it would compromise the safety of the individuals involved.
One can answer the question, is someone asleep less conscious than someone thinking about a difficult problem.
In particular, the other minds reply argues that we can't use our experience of consciousness to answer questions about other minds ( even the mind of a computer ), and the epiphenomena reply argues that Searle's consciousness does not " exist " in the sense that Searle thinks it does.
The third letter is extant, but no trace of an answer appears in St. Gregory's correspondence, owing probably to the fact that the pope died in 604, about the time it reached Rome.
: I went to the librarian and asked for a book about stars ... And the answer was stunning.
Metapopulation models examine patch dynamics over time to answer questions about spatial and demographic ecology.
We are hard-pressed to find an answer to such a question without knowing more about the audience in question.
Additionally, none of these Christians answer to the name Peter, although according to the Catholic storyline, he had been ruling as Pope in Rome for about 25 years.
So, the user has information about their problem even before the final answer of the expert system.
Opal advised him to call Beast and ask him about it, Beast said that it may be the neural inhibitor toxins that Mystique used on him months ago, but only by running tests on Bobby, Beast could have a straight answer.
Also in 1988, Rushton conducted a survey at the Eaton Centre mall in Toronto, where he paid 50 whites, 50 blacks, and 50 Asians to answer questions about their sexual habits.
A form is sent to prospective jurors to pre-qualify them by asking the recipient to answer questions about citizenship, disabilities, ability to understand the English language, and whether they have any conditions that would excuse them from being a juror.
A 2012 book titled The Julian Jaynes Collection gathers together many of the lectures and articles by Jaynes relevant to his theory ( including some that were previously unpublished ), along with interviews and question and answer sessions where Jaynes addresses misconceptions about the theory and extends the theory into new areas.
* It is a set of ontological commitments, i. e., an answer to the question: In what terms should I think about the world?
The document thus allows the hypothesis of a limbo of infants to be held as one of the existing theories about the fate of children who die without being baptised, a question on which there is " no explicit answer " from Scripture or tradition.
The uniform position amongst the states is that neither the judge nor the jury is permitted to draw any adverse inference about the defendant's culpability, where he / she does not answer police questions

answer and $
For each puzzler, one correct answer is chosen at random, with the winner receiving a $ 26 gift certificate to the Car Talk store, referred to as the " Shameless Commerce Division ".
The lead-in clue (" In 1977, this Silicon Valley garage startup sold its computers for $ 666. 66 ") uniquely identifies the desired answer, but is obscure enough so that those with deeper knowledge can answer earlier.
Each of the nine celebrities held envelopes with cash amounts ranging from $ 1, 000 to $ 5, 000, with the chosen celebrity's amount added to the champion's total for each correct answer.
If unsuccessful, the champion received $ 1, 000 ( originally $ 500 ) for each correct answer they had given in the first half of the round.
Each player who agreed with the most popular answer to a question earned the team $ 50, for a possible total of $ 450.
The most popular answer in the survey was worth $ 500, the second-most popular $ 250, and the third most popular $ 100.
Match Game PMs Super-Match used two Audience Matches, with the answer values combined and multiplied by ten for the Head-to-Head Match, with a maximum of $ 11, 000 available.
A correct answer earns the question's value multiplied by the number of players who answered incorrectly or ran out of time ( e. g., answering the $ 500 question correctly with three other players answering incorrectly earns $ 1, 500 ).
There they need only answer 21 answers truthfully " as determined by the polygraph " to win $ 500, 000.
In a controversial decision over what many considered a bungled trial ( Judge Walter Jay Skinner ruled that the jurors should answer questions that they and many others considered confusing ), Beatrice was acquitted and Grace only paid $ 8 million, a third of which went to the lawyers and lawyer fees.
he proposed a thought experiment along the following lines ( described in greater detail at coherence ( philosophical gambling strategy )): You must set the price of a promise to pay $ 1 if there was life on Mars 1 billion years ago, and $ 0 if there was not, and tomorrow the answer will be revealed.
In addition to the researcher's fees, a client who was satisfied with the answer could also leave a tip of up to $ 100.
In January 2000, the company aired its first national commercial as a Super Bowl ad which cost the company $ 1. 2 million and introduced the country to their answer as to why customers should shop at an online pet store: " Because Pets Can't Drive!
In 2005, the EPA, United States Department of Justice, and the State of Ohio reached a settlement requiring U. S. Steel to pay more than $ 100, 000 in penalties and $ 294, 000 in reparations in answer to allegations that the company illegally released pollutants into Ohio waters.
Fidrych also drew attention for the simple, bachelor lifestyle he led in spite of his fame, driving a green subcompact car, living in a small Detroit apartment, wondering aloud if he could afford to answer all of his fan mail on his league-minimum $ 16, 500 salary, and telling people that if he hadn't been a pitcher, he'd work pumping gas in Northborough.

answer and million
The program consisted of 17 instructions and ran for 52 minutes before reaching the correct answer of 131, 072, after the SSEM had performed 3. 5 million operations ( for an effective CPU speed of 1. 1 kIPS ).
However, there has been little luck in getting closer to the true answer, especially because there are almost 10 million years worth of fossil records missing.
The game ends when the contestant answers a question incorrectly, decides not to answer a question, or answers all questions correctly, thus usually letting the host rip the cheque for £ 500, 000 apart and winning the top prize of £ 1 million.
Also in 1993, Tarrant hosted Lose A Million, in which contestants started off with a million pounds and were required to lose it by aiming to incorrectly answer a set of questions.
After some discussion the American delegation offered twenty million dollars on November 21, one tenth of a valuation which had been estimated in internal discussions in October, requesting an answer within two days.
With over one million surviving Ming poems, modern critics and researchers have been unable to sufficiently sift through it all to definitively answer whether that conviction of past greatest glories is a prejudice or a fact.
The program consisted of 17 instructions and ran for 52 minutes before reaching the correct answer of 131, 072, after the SSEM had performed 3. 5 million operations ( for an effective CPU speed of 1. 1 kIPS ).
Decided to take Argentina from its debts, he said that "[...] there are two million Argentines who would rationalize even their hunger and thirst to answer in a supreme case the compromises of our public faith at the foreign markets ".
Despite public / fan outcry that he should have used his last remaining lifeline ( 50: 50-2 incorrect answers of the 4 multi-choice answers are removed ), Symons maintains he was confident about the answer and wanted to save the lifeline for the final million dollar question.
* The answer was revealed in Tremors 2, when a fossil graboid spike was discovered and dated back to the Precambrian, making it at least 600 million years old-the graboids are apparently from earth, or have at least existed on earth for a very long time.
It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42.
In August 2004, it bought the Magic Solutions unit of Network Associates for $ 47 million " to add customer-service programs for small and midsize companies " and which makes " software used to log and answer customer calls.
The United States Census Bureau spent $ 2. 5 million on a 30-second spot, directed by noted independent filmmaker Christopher Guest, for the 2010 United States Census, which urged Americans to answer its questionnaires that will be sent out in the next few weeks.
Since the group's founding in 1958, they have received more than 23 million phone calls for prayer, along with tens of thousands of healing testimonies, including reports of miracles in answer to prayer.
As a Senator he had to answer to accusations of working with the fugitive Roberto Soto Prieto who had allegedly stolen $ 13. 5 million US dollars and with whom Laserna had connections in Austria through his work as Ambassador, at which time Soto Prieto was an alleged refugee in that country, and through alleged business deals in which Soto was found to be indirectly involved.
The team will be asked seven questions, no multiple choices, and they only need to answer 5 out of 7 questions to win the 2 million.

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