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architect and made
Constantino Brumidi designed the decorative scheme as a whole, in collaboration with the architect Charles U. Walter, at the time when plans were being made to replace the wooden dome of Bullfinch with the present much larger iron structure.
The site of the colony's capital was surveyed and laid out by Colonel William Light, the first Surveyor-General of South Australia, through the design made by the architect George Strickland Kingston.
In Ancient Egyptian architecture as early as 2600 BC the architect Imhotep made use of stone columns whose surface was carved to reflect the organic form of bundled reeds ; in later Egyptian architecture faceted cylinders were also common.
As DSM-III chief architect Robert Spitzer and DSM-IV editor Michael First outlined in 2005, " little progress has been made toward understanding the pathophysiological processes and etiology of mental disorders.
An influential formulation of the hierarchy of genres, confirming the history painting at the top, was made in 1667 by André Félibien, a historiographer, architect and theoretician of French classicism became the classic statement of the theory for the 18th century: Celui qui fait parfaitement des païsages est au-dessus d ' un autre qui ne fait que des fruits, des fleurs ou des coquilles.
Much advancement has undoubtedly been made toward cooperation between architect and librarian, and many good designers have made library buildings their specialty, nevertheless it seems that the ideal type of library is not yet realized — the type so adapted to its purpose that it would be immediately recognized as such, as is the case with school buildings at the present time.
You have had these plans of your university made by a great architect, native to our own American soil, who himself had the sense to adapt — not to copy in servile fashion — but to adapt the old Californian architecture to the new university uses, and so we have here a great institution of learning absolutely unique, even in its outward aspect, situated in this beautiful valley with the hills in the background, under this sky, with these buildings, and if this university does not turn out the right kind of citizenship and the right kind of scholarship, I shall be more than disappointed.
The most accurate early plan of Stonehenge was that made by Bath architect John Wood in 1740.
With the patronage of the university chancellor Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie, Rudbeck was made full professor in 1660, was elected rector for two terms, despite his youth, and started a revision of the work of the other professors and a building spree with himself as architect.
* Michelangelo Buonarroti is made chief architect of St. Peter's Basilica.
( Called in to advise on a leaking roof at St Chad's Church Shrewsbury in 1788, he correctly warned the church was in imminent danger of collapse ; his reputation was made locally when it collapsed 3 days later, but he was not the architect for its replacement ).
Recent research suggests the Persian architect, Ustad Ahmad Lahauri was the most likely candidate as the chief architect of the Taj, an assertion based on a claim made in writings by Lahauri's son Lutfullah Muhandis.
Planning and construction were in the hands of the Leipzig architect, Otto Brückwald, who had already made a name for himself in the building of theatres in Leipzig and Altenburg.
Frank Heynick has argued from a study of the journal notes of Ayn Rand made in the late 1930s and of incidents in her 1943 novel The Fountainhead, that Raymond Hood's career and works provided fodder for her fictional architect Peter Keating.
Having made his reputation as a sculptor he appears to have turned his attention to architecture, and to have studied at Rome, though the precise date is uncertain ; but at the beginning of the sixteenth century he was engaged with the architect Simone del Pollaiolo in restoring the Palazzo Vecchio, and in 1506 he was commissioned to complete the drum of the cupola of the church of Santa Maria del Fiore.
At a point in the planning phase when a financing gap existed, a proposal was made for the Rock Hall to be located in the then-vacant May Company Building, but it was finally decided that architect I. M. Pei would be commissioned to design a new building.
Significant changes to the cathedral were made by the architect James Wyatt in 1790, including replacement of the original rood screen and demolition of the bell tower which stood about 320 feet ( 100 m ) north west of the main building.
The building was finally completed in 1908 under the direction of the Belgian architect Julio Dormal who made some changes in the structure and left his mark in the French style of the decoration.
* Louis Kahn's Trenton Bath House was an early work of the influential mid-twentieth century architect, made for the Trenton Jewish Community Center ( now the Ewing Senior & Community Center ).
The architect Andrea Palladio made it clear that the Tuscan order of architecture, being the simplest of the five Roman orders, should only ever be used on the ground floor of a building as they were suitable for prisons, fortifications and amphitheatres.
That same year the rebuilding was already well begun, for in a letter from the amateur architect Sir Thomas Robinson of Rokeby to his father-in-law Lord Carlisle of 6 June 1734, Sir Thomas reports that he found the garden front " finished " and that a start had been made on the main front: " when finished ' twill be a stupendous fabric, infinitely superior to anything we have now in England ," and he adds " The whole finishing will be entirely submitted to Lord Burlington, and I know of no subject's house in Europe will have 7 such magnificent rooms so finely proportioned as these will be.
But Della Chiesa's association with Rampolla, the architect of Pope Leo XIII's ( 1878 – 1903 ) foreign policy, made his position in the Secretariat of State under the new pontificate somewhat uncomfortable.

architect and three
Catherwood, an architect in New York, had been forgotten, like Stephens, and Victor reconstructed their lives as one reconstructs, for a museum, a dinosaur from two or three petrified bones.
The architect Sir John James Burnet was petitioned to put forward ambitious long-term plans to extend the building on all three sides.
Designed by world-famous British architect Norman Foster, the 2 billion euro mega-project will feature three, 200-metre long finger quays and a sweeping kilometre-long curved breakwater to surround them, totaling over 300, 000 square metres of infill.
In the library he found three books by the Swiss-French architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier.
Founded by German merchant Georg Wertheim ( 1857 – 1939 ), designed by architect Alfred Messel ( 1853 – 1909 ), opened in 1897 and extended several times over the following 40 years, it ultimately possessed a floor area double that of the Reichstag, a 330-metre-long granite and plate glass facade along Leipziger Straße, 83 elevators, three escalators, 1, 000 telephones, 10, 000 lamps, five kilometres of pneumatic tubing for moving items from the various departments to the packing area, and a separate entrance directly from the nearby U-Bahn station.
In 1485 Ivan III commissioned the building of a royal Terem Palace within the Kremlin, with Aloisio da Milano being the architect of the first three floors.
The former South African prime minister and architect of apartheid, Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd, had a dream to change the then-current flag of South Africa, remove the three small flags in its center ( he objected especially to the British Union Flag being there ) and replace them with a leaping springbok antelope over a wreath of six proteas.
The architect drew new Renaissance lines for the whole building over the Gothic foundations, with an ambulatory and five naves instead of the usual three.
Anders Hejlsberg joined the company as an employee and was the architect for all versions of the Turbo Pascal compiler and the first three versions of Borland Delphi.
Some of the fortifications that still surround the current district of Castello ( Casteddu ' e susu in the Sardinian language ) were built by the Pisans, most notably the two remaining white limestone towers designed by architect Giovanni Capula ( originally there were three towers that guarded the three gates that gave access to the district ).
Vasari, a painter as well as architect, emphasized the perspective length by the matching facades ' continuous roof cornices, and unbroken cornices between storeys and the three continuous steps on which the palace-fronts stand.
Out of the early 20th century rationalist architecture of Berlage, architect of the Beurs van Berlage, three separate groups developed during the 1920s, each with their own view on which direction modern architecture should take.
The construction was completed in three years by the architect Giuseppe Piermarini from Foligno.
In 1931, architect Noel L. Miller converted three row houses on West 8th Street in Greenwich Village – one of which had been the location of the " Studio Club " – to be the museum's home as well as a residence for Whitney.
The Fulton Theatre was later modified by noted theatrical architect Edwin Forrest Durang, is one of only three theatres recognized as National Historic Landmarks ( the others are the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia and the Goldenrod Showboat in St. Louis, Missouri ).
Evidence of his skill as an architect may be seen in the church and campanile of All Saints Church, Oxford, and in three sides of the so-called Peckwater Quadrangle of Christ Church, which were erected after his designs.
The plans, by Boston-based landscape architect Warren H. Manning, called for estate-sized lots along winding scenic roads and denser commercial development centering on three " villages " knowns as English Village, Mountain Brook Village and Crestline Village.
The golf-course architect was Tom Bendelow, who also designed Medinah Country Club's Course # 3 in Chicago, a 7, 508-yard ( 7, 385 m ) golf course which has hosted three U. S. Opens ( 1949, 1975, 1990 ) and two PGA Championships ( 1999, 2006 ).
Dwight is home to one of only three banks designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the First National Bank of Dwight, as well as an historic U. S. Route 66 Texaco gas station, Ambler's Texaco Gas Station, and a 1891 railway station.
In the presence of HM Queen Beatrix in 2004 three bridges designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava were opened.
Noteworthy current or former residents of Columbus include former U. S. Senator Chuck Hagel, actor Brad William Henke, former world heavyweight boxing champion Leon Spinks, three time world speed climbing champion Guy German, architect Emiel Christensen and NFL football players Cory Schlesinger and Chad Mustard.
Using land planner Ernest Bowditch of Boston and architect Bruce Price of New York, and with the help of 1, 800 Italian and Slovakian laborers, in about eighteen months twenty miles ( 32 km ) of roads, a gate, a clubhouse, and three dams, were created launching a resort which attracted a number of the financial, industrial and social leaders of the day.
To the side of the Grove was a patte d ' oie, or ' Goosefoot ', three avenues which terminated by buildings including the ' Bagnio ' ( or Casino, designed by Lord Burlington and Colen Campbell ) in 1716, the ' Pagan Temple ' ( designed by the Catholic Baroque architect James Gibbs ) and the Rustic House ( designed by Lord Burlington ).

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