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area and once
Latin America was once an area as `` safe '' for the West as Nebraska was for Nixon.
For new galaxies to be created, Professor Bondi declares, it would only be necessary for a single hydrogen atom to be created in an area the size of your living room once every few million years.
Commercial farming became viable in the area once the grain trade had developed technologies to handle the bulk export of grain, especially hopper cars and grain elevators.
The best marked of the basins so formed ( the Congo basin ) occupies a circular area bisected by the equator, once probably the site of an inland sea.
As of late 2005, the area once devoted to a live-action facsimile of Dogpatch ( including a lifesize statue in the town square of Dogpatch " founder ," General Jubilation T. Cornpone ) has been heavily stripped by vandals and souvenir hunters, and is today slowly being reclaimed by the surrounding Arkansas wilderness.
Archaeological findings in the Sarawak river delta reveal that the area was once a thriving trading centre between India and China from the 500's until about 1300 AD.
On November 15, 2007, attention was brought once again to Barry Bonds as he was indicted by a federal grand jury for perjury and obstruction of justice in connection to his testimony before the grand jury regarding the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative ( BALCO ), a San Francisco Bay area lab known to be involved in the distribution of steroids to professional athletes.
As the Turkish incursion into Europe started, Croatia once again became a border area.
Over decades, the size of daily strips became smaller and smaller, until by the year 2000, four standard daily strips could fit in an area once occupied by a single daily strip.
As the engine only renders the immediate area around the player, this does not allow a player to see the entire level at once.
The Mayumbe area of Lower Zaire was once the major center of timber exploitation, but forests in this area were nearly
The area of long-term eruption ( the hotspot ), known as the Réunion hotspot, is suspected of both causing the Deccan Traps eruption and opening the rift that once separated the Seychelles plateau from India.
The area was once heavily forested, but overexploitation led to extensive erosion, and it has become semibarren.
The area where Green Hedges once stood is now occupied by houses and a street called Blyton Close.
Whereas if a plan were there to be followed, a single area of code is expected to be written once.
These plant communities cover approximately 9. 4 percent of the Earth's surface ( or 30 percent of total land area ), though they once covered much more ( about 50 percent of total land area ), in many different regions and function as habitats for organisms, hydrologic flow modulators, and soil conservers, constituting one of the most important aspects of the biosphere.
For this reason, the furlong was once also called an acre's length, though of course in modern usage an area of one acre can be any shape.
Convicts once lived and worked in the Gosford area.
The name " Hong Kong ", literally meaning " fragrant harbour ", is derived from the area around present-day Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island, where fragrant wood products and fragrant incense were once traded.
Ore, Silverhill and Hollington were once villages that have since become part of the Hastings conurbation area during rapid growth.
Indo-Iranian languages were once spoken across a still wider area.
The area once known as the Turbary of Alberysheved between the River Teign and the headwaters of the River Bovey is mentioned in the Perambulation of the Forest of Dartmoor of 1240 ( by 1609 the name of the area had changed to Turf Hill ).

area and known
Easily the best known of these three novels is The Space Merchants, a good example of a science-fiction dystopia which extrapolates much more than the impact of science on human life, though its most important warning is in this area, namely as to the use to which discoveries in the behavioral sciences may be put.
As Broadway itself becomes increasingly weighted down by trite, heavy-handed, commercially successful musicals and inspirational problem dramas, the American theatre is going through an inexorable renaissance in that nebulous area known as `` off-Broadway ''.
Mrs. Monte Tyson, chairman, says the work of 100 artists well known in the Delaware Valley area will be included in the exhibition and sale.
In addition to its rugged mountains, the area is known for severe winters with heavy snowfalls.
The Alpine region area contains many peaks higher than, known as the " four-thousanders ".
However, applets have very little control over web page content outside the applet dedicated area, so they are less useful for improving the site appearance in general ( while applets like news tickers or WYSIWYG editors are also known ).
Adjoining the Cumberland Plateau region on the southeast is the Appalachian Valley ( locally known as Coosa Valley ) region, which is the southern extremity of the Appalachian Mountains, and occupies an area within the state of about.
The family home was in an area known as Spindle Hill, and his father, Joseph Alcox, traced his ancestry to colonial-era settlers in eastern Massachusetts.
* 1944 – World War II: Operation Persecution is initiated – Allied forces land in the Hollandia ( currently known as Jayapura ) area of New Guinea.
The area known as the Parliamentary Triangle is formed by three of Burley Griffin's axes, stretching from Capital Hill along Commonwealth Avenue to the Civic Centre around City Hill, along Constitution Avenue to the Defence precinct on Russell Hill, and along Kings Avenue back to Capital Hill.
In 1967 the then National Capital Development Commission adopted the " Y Plan " which laid out future urban development in Canberra around a series of central shopping and commercial area known as the ' town centres ' linked by freeways, the layout of which roughly resembled the shape of the letter Y, with Tuggeranong at the base of the Y and Belconnen and Gungahlin located at the ends of the arms of the Y.
At station nine, an area known as the " Vacant Lot ", which was believed to be free of ejecta from South Ray, Young and Duke spent about forty minutes gathering samples.
Some carriers have been known to disable payphone calls to 958 or 959 test lines, such as Bell Canada's system-wide ANAC line at 958-2580 or ( area code ) 958-6111.
Consumed countrywide, this product features a peculiarity of its own in this area: it is not only prepared with hot water, but, driven by the region's high temperatures, it is common to see it prepared with cold water as well, in which case the beverage is known as tereré.
The area is part of the Nellis Military Operations Area, and the restricted airspace around the field is referred to as ( R-4808N ), known by the military pilots in the area as " The Box " or " the Container ".
From the time that the earliest English-speaking settlers arrived, the area has also been known as The Forks, because it is situated at the confluence of the north and south branches of the Kalamazoo River.
Robert Roy MacGregor was born at the head of nearby Loch Katrine, and his well known cattle stealing exploits took him all around the area surrounding Aberfoyle.
While there is an official locality named Akibahara, which is also 秋葉原 in kanji, nearby ( as part of Taitō-ku ), the area known to most people as Akihabara ( including the railway station of the same name ) also include Soto-Kanda, a part of Chiyoda-ku.
For each market area, the United States Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) allowed two licensee ( networks ) known as " A " and " B " carriers.
* known results in one area can suggest conjectures in a related area
The area of the former NAS is now known as Alameda Point.
Remains of an ancient bath and gymnasium complex can be found within this area ; this building is locally known as Bal Saray ( Honey Palace ) and was originally endowed by Herodes Atticus in the year 135.
Sometime between 200-500 AD, those Bantu-speaking peoples who were living in the Katanga area ( today part of the DRC and Zambia ) crossed the Limpopo River, entering the area today known as South Africa as part of the Bantu expansion.

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