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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 871
from Brown Corpus
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argument and is
That is why, the argument runs, the squares are so fearful of jazz and yet perversely fascinated by it.
My argument is that there was no Saxon Shore prior to that time even though the forts had been in existence since the time of Carausius.
What was missing in the Governor's argument, as in so many similar arguments, was a premise which would enable one to make the ethical leap from what might be militarily desirable to what is right.
Sir Robert Watson-Watt's `` rebuttal '' of Sir Charles Snow's Godkin Lectures is marred throughout by too forceful a desire to defend Lindemann and apparently himself from Sir Charles' supposed falsehoods while stating those `` falsehoods '' in an unclear incoherent argument.
The argument against this last approach is comparable to that which rejects stories about hoop snakes, about snakes that break themselves into many pieces and join up again, or even of ghosts that chase people out of graveyards ; ;
For it is clear that the total number of ordinary intersections of C and Af must be even ( otherwise, starting in the interior of C, Af could not finally return to the interior ), and the center of rotation at T is the argument of the function, not a value.
Therefore, for any value of T the number of values of f{t} is equal to the ( finite ) number of tangent points corresponding to the argument T plus an odd number.
The Mathematical Appendix presents the rigorous argument, but is best read after Part 1, in order that the assumptions underlying the equations may be explicit.
There is nonetheless considerable argument against the clause, softened though it be, on the grounds that Federal aid is so necessary to the public schools.
The first argument is thus an ideal experiment in which we use the method of difference.
I come now to a third argument, which again is very simple.
Obviously, a satisfactory answer to the third question is imperative, if the argument is to get under way at all, for if there is any possibility of doubt whether the patient's tactual sensitivity had been impaired by the occipital lesion, any findings whatsoever in regard to the first question become completely ambiguous and fail altogether, of course, as evidence to establish the desired conclusion.
If the argument is accepted as essentially sound up to this point, it remains for us to consider whether the patient's difficulties in orienting himself spatially and in locating objects in space with the sense of touch can be explained by his defective visual condition.
Yet, if the argument is turned awry, there may be found a great deal in Bryan's view, after all.
More often, though, he is so accustomed to submitting to authority on the job without argument that he lives by the same rule at home.
This is the only valid, and extenuating, argument that may be advanced in defense of the reprehensible attitude of the common wine waiter.
`` The trouble, '' explained Loy Henderson, then Deputy Undersecretary for Administration, `` is that when we get into an argument with him about this thing, it always turns out that Rooney knows more about our budget than we do ''.

argument and cutting
She was considered a nag, and had a habit of retiring in bad temper to a cloister after an argument, cutting off all contact with the outside world until suddenly making a reappearance at court as if her absence had never occurred.
This argument states that the cutting off of the sinful hand is a metaphor for separation from a sinful spouse, even if it causes great pain.

argument and most
Only George Santayana seemed to understand and appreciate the film when he wrote: `` Miss Poitrine has perpetrated the most eloquent argument for the Protestant faith yet unleashed by Hollywood ''.
The hypostatization of the secret nonetheless guarantees that the division of analytical and synthetic philosophies shall not be overcome by even the most persuasive argument ; ;
In its most general form, the argument from moral normativity is:
* In MATLAB the ans variable is created automatically when no output argument is specified, and it refers to the most recent answer.
Following the efforts of some figures of the National awakening of Bulgaria ( the most notable among them being Neofit Rilski and Ivan Bogorov ), there had been many attempts to codify a standard Bulgarian language ; however, there was much argument surrounding the choice of norms.
David Cole writes that " the Chinese Room argument has probably been the most widely discussed philosophical argument in cognitive science to appear in the past 25 years ".
Thomas Aquinas ( c. 1225 – 1274 ), a theologian in Medieval Europe, adapted the argument he found in his reading of Aristotle and Avicenna to form one of the most influential versions of the cosmological argument.
The versions sampled in the following sections are representative of the most common derivations of the argument.
An early published notice on him, dating from 1604 and describing his lifestyle three years previously, tells how " after a fortnight's work he will swagger about for a month or two with a sword at his side and a servant following him, from one ball-court to the next, ever ready to engage in a fight or an argument, so that it is most awkward to get along with him.
However, most real numbers are not definable: the set of all definable numbers is countably infinite ( because the set of all logical formulas is ) while the set of real numbers is uncountably infinite ( see Cantor's diagonal argument ).
Additionally, most logicians agree that any argument that is circular is inherently invalid.
Ethical naturalism has been criticized most prominently by ethical non-naturalist G. E. Moore, who formulated the open-question argument.
The unification of two argument graphs is defined as the most general graph ( or the computation thereof ) that is consistent with ( i. e. contains all of the information in ) the inputs, if such a graph exists ; efficient unification algorithms are known.
St. Anselm's ontological argument, in its most succinct form, is as follows: " God, by definition, is that for which no greater can be conceived.
By a minimization of free energy argument, the relation that predicted the smaller new contact angle is the state most likely to exist.
During the gradual process by which Homo erectus made a transition from furry to naked skin, their hair texture putatively changed gradually from Afro-textured hair or ' kinky ' ( i. e. tightly coiled ) to straight hair ( the condition of most mammals, including humanity's closest cousins — chimpanzees ) This argument is based on the principle that curly hair impedes the passage of UV light into the body relative to straight hair ( thus curly or coiled hair would be particularly advantageous for dark-skinned hominids living at the equator ).
The most widely reported evidence of this argument stemmed from the 23 February 2006 attack on the Al Askari Mosque in Samarra, one of Shi ' ite Islam's holiest sites.
In addition, the < operator returns its second argument if it succeeds, allowing things like < code > if a < b < c </ code >, a common type of comparison that in most languages must be written as a disjunction of two inequalities like < code > if a < b && b < c </ code >.
Lincoln gave his most comprehensive argument against slavery and the provisions of the act in Peoria, Illinois, on October 16, the Peoria Speech.
While it is one of the most commonly used concepts in logic it must not be mistaken for a logical law ; rather, it is one of the accepted mechanisms for the construction of deductive proofs that includes the " rule of definition " and the " rule of substitution " Modus ponens allows one to eliminate a conditional statement from a logical proof or argument ( the antecedents ) and thereby not carry these antecedents forward in an ever-lengthening string of symbols ; for this reason modus ponens is sometimes called the rule of detachment.
By default, the method with the most specific argument classes is chosen ; then in the order in which parent classes are named in the subclass definition.
Lewis spends most of his defense of the Christian faith on an argument from morality, a point which persuaded him from atheism to Christianity.

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