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article and began
A Birmingham newspaper printed in a column for children an article entitled `` The True Story of Guy Fawkes '', which began:
His public career as an economist began only in 1844 when his first article was published in the Journal des economistes in October of that year.
Alexander Graham Bell considered the invention of the hydroplane a very significant achievement, and after reading the article began to sketch concepts of what is now called a hydrofoil boat.
It was shortly after this development began that Konix founder and chairman Wyn Holloway came across a magazine article that described the work of a British group of computer hardware designers whose latest design was looking for a home.
An article found within the pages of the Musical Courier states that Lyon & Healy began manufacturing instruments in 1885.
On 13 January 1953, the biggest anti-semitic affair in the Soviet Union was initiated with an article in Pravda that began what came to be known as the Doctors ' plot, in which a number of the country's prominent Jewish physicians were accused of poisoning top Soviet leaders and arrested.
Mitchell's journalism career, which began in 1922, came to an end less than four years later ; her last article appeared on May 9, 1926.
One source attributes the widespread use of this term to a 1980 review article by Rodbell: research papers directly addressing signal transduction processes began to appear in large numbers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
In the late 1890s, this classification began to be superseded by the Harvard classification, which is discussed in the remainder of this article.
: Notes: This article is about the decade that began in the year 40.
ValleyWag wrote an article that Fanning had long left Snocap and began to work on another venture, Rupture.
In Argentina during the late 1940s, the German exile Grete Stern began to contribute photomontaged work on the theme of Sueños ( Dreams ), as part of a regular psychoanalytical article in Idilio magazine .< ref >
A March 1967 article about Tate in Playboy magazine began, " This is the year that Sharon Tate happens ..." and included six nude or partially nude photographs taken by Roman Polanski during filming of The Fearless Vampire Killers.
Following this article, Hua began to shift his tone in support of Deng.
However, in a follow up article in the same publication, others criticized the analysis, including Peter Flory, the U. S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, who began by writing " The essay by Keir Lieber and Daryl Press contains so many errors, on a topic of such gravity, that a Department of Defense response is required to correct the record.
Starting with an article called " The Magyar Struggle ", written on January 8, 1849, Frederick Engels, himself, began a series of reports on the Revolution and War for Independence of the newly founded Hungarian Republic.
In 1926, at the suggestion of Lord Beaverbrook, he began writing an influential weekly article on books for the Evening Standard newspaper.
A reappraisal of the artist began in 1959 with a landmark article by Michael Levey, " Francesco Zuccarelli in England, which helped explain the appeal of his works to his contemporaries by drawing a parallel with the affection of the 18th century English for pastoral poetry.
After the radio ad began running, the use of the statistic was widely criticised by FactCheck. org, PolitiFact. com, by The Washington Post, and others who consulted leading cancer experts and found that Giuliani's cancer survival statistics to be false, misleading or " flat wrong ", the numbers having been reported to have been obtained from an opinion article by Giuliani health care advisor David Gratzer, a Canadian psychiatrist in the Manhattan Institute's City Journal where Gratzer was a senior fellow.
Deviations from the ( evolving ) galactic average, locally-sampled around the time that the sun's nuclear burning began, can generally be accounted for by mass fractionation ( see the article on mass-independent fractionation ) plus a limited number of nuclear decay and transmutation processes.
For example, Issue 42 of Mallorn, the journal of The Tolkien Society ( August 2004 ), carried a lengthy article analyzing Tolkien's works as well as his possible Theosophist beliefs, concluding that the Years of the Sun began on March 25, 10160 BC, the Second Age on December 26, 9564 BC, the Third Age on December 24, 6123 BC, and the Fourth Age on March 18, 3102 BC.
Another article in the April 2005 Smithsonian noted: " In 1965 he began selling signed sheets of otherwise blank lithograph paper for $ 10 a sheet.
But it was in 1947, following a feature article in the Saturday Evening Post, that they began to flock to the town.
Capote actually began work on the book several days after he read a news article in a New York paper in 1959 about the murders.

article and She
She read everything else she could get her hands on, including an article ( she thinks it was in the Atlantic Monthly ) by Mark Twain on `` White Slavery ''.
She was occupying herself in an attempt to write an article about the variety of houses that they had rented abroad.
She has uncovered the politics behind the New York City Greenmarket, and was among the first to publish a long-form article in a major American newspaper about Ferran Adria of El Bulli.
He was also popular on Woman's Hour and wrote a monthly article for She magazine for over a decade, starting in January 1957.
She mentions in her article that Watson only shifted his focus to child-rearing when he was fired from Johns Hopkins University due to his affair with Rosalie Rayner.
According to a July 14, 1967, article on Warwick from Time, Bacharach stated, " She has a tremendous strong side and a delicacy when singing softly — like miniature ships in bottles.
She was also sued in Federal Court by Gene Ringgold, who asserts that the actress's autobiography contains material from an article he wrote about her for a magazine Screen Facts in 1965.
She was featured in an article in the first edition of the local music newspaper Mersey Beat ; the paper's publisher, Bill Harry, mistakenly referred to her as Cilla Black, rather than White, and she decided she liked the name, and took it as a stage name.
She and the curator of Sarnoff's papers found a previously mis-filed 1916 memo that did mention Sarnoff and a " radio music box scheme " ( the word " scheme " in 1916 usually meant a plan ); Benjamin wrote a follow-up article about Sarnoff and the radio music box in 2002.
She also received a two-page article in Life Magazine, explaining about the wonderful performance and critics said she was up and coming and people should look out for the next pieces she performs in.
She also appeared in an all-star ensemble cast in Death Scream, a 1975 television dramatization of the circumstances surrounding a real-life 1964 murder as reported in a sensational article in the New York Times.
She wrote a book about present giving, which prompted The Daily Telegraph to write a hostile article implying she had never done a day's work in her life, something which deeply upset her.
She responded to these charges in a lengthy article, " Platonic Love and Colorado Law ".
She chanced to read an article in the North American Review discussing the field offered to the novelist by early New England history.
She thought since she had been through the slave life that Tyler wrote about, she had every right to comment on Tyler's article.
She wrote an article for Scientific American describing her work entitled Getting a Leg Up on Land.
She co-authored an article in Nature in 2008 entitled " Ventastega curonica and the origin of tetrapod morphology ".
She wrote an article that suggested that, unlike the myth that white women were sexually at risk of attacks by black men, most liaisons between black men and white women were consensual.
One article was “ In Pembroke Chapel .” She was invited to speak by the minister C. F.
She wrote in a Mail on Sunday article: " New Statesman fiercely opposed the Iraq war and yet now hands over the reins to someone key in orchestrating that conflict ".
She wrote a post-11 September article in The Sydney Morning Herald.
She spent 60 hours interviewing him in prison for the article and when she had finished he finally admitted his guilt ; he died of a heart attack 18 hours later.
She modifies article XI to say that a woman has the right to give her children the name of their father even if they be out of wedlock or the father may have left her.
She spoke on the subject in the House of Commons and an article appeared in the Telegraph.

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