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ascription and rests
The ascription to Albinoni rests upon Giazotto's purported discovery of a tiny manuscript fragment ( consisting of a few opening measures of the melody line and basso continuo portion ) from a slow second movement of an otherwise unknown Albinoni trio sonata.

ascription and on
The ascription to Africanus of an encyclopaedic work entitled Kestoi ( Κέστος " embroidered "), treating of agriculture, natural history, military science, etc., has been disputed on account of its secular and often credulous character.
There is no direct evidence beyond Bolton's ascription to identify the author with George or Richard Puttenham, the sons of Robert Puttenham and his wife Margaret, the sister of Sir Thomas Elyot, who dedicated his treatise on the Education or Bringing up of Children to her for the benefit of her sons.
Trait ascription bias refers to the situational and dispositional evaluation and description of personality traits on a personal level.
As such, methods to mitigate the affect of trait ascription bias on personality assessments outside of the lab are also of interest to social scientists.
Criticism is based either on the non-existence of personality traits ( contrary to five factor descriptions ) or suggest divergent interpretations of results and alternative mechanisms of ascription, limiting the scope of existing work.
) their actor-observer asymmetry argument forms the basis of discourse on trait ascription bias.
For each of twenty pairs of polar opposite trait terms ( e. g. “ friendly — unfriendly ”) subjects either ranked the person on a discrete scale or chose “ depends on the situation ”, allowing the subject to “ not make a dispositional ascription .” Based on third-party Q-Sort personality descriptions of the subjects, certain negative personality traits were correlated with those subjects who tended to ascribe dispositions to others, while traits such as “ charming ”, “ interesting ”, and “ sympathetic ” were associated with those who preferred not to ascribe traits.
Stereotyping, attitudes of prejudice and the negativity effect, among others, involve ascribing dispositions ( traits ) to other people on the basis of little information, no information or simply “ gut instincts ”, which amounts to trait ascription bias.
Trait ascription bias has received criticism on a number of fronts.
These changes in ascription, however, have had a negative impact on the steady development of BISU.
Participants are then asked to report on the status of that knowledge ascription.
In addition to her family ascription and her family business, Judy has written for years in the weekend addition of Yediot ahronot, " 7 days ", and hosted a TV show on channel 2, " Jude luck ".
However, an old tradition linked the book to Pope Gelasius I, apparently based on Walafrid Strabo's ascription of what is evidently this book to the 5th-century pope.
The Elegiae are two poems on the death of Maecenas ( 8 BCE ) in elegiac couplets whose ascription to Virgil is impossible.
For example, research on epistemic contextualism has proceeded by conducting experiments in which ordinary people are presented with vignettes that involve a knowledge ascription.
Participants are then asked to report on the status of that knowledge ascription.
One's status in medieval Europe was primarily based on ascription.

ascription and .
The traditional ascription of the whole book to the prophet Joel was challenged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by a theory of a three stage process of composition: 1: 1 – 2: 27 were from the hand of Joel, and dealt with a contemporary issue ; 2: 28 – 3: 21 were ascribed to a continuator with an apocalyptic outlook.
A work by Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo points out differences between heroism and altruism, and they offer evidence that observers ' perceptions of unjustified risk plays a role, above and beyond risk type, in determining the ascription of heroic status.
The ascription of Indus Valley Civilization iconography and epigraphy to historically known cultures is extremely problematic, in part due to the rather tenuous archaeological evidence of such claims, as well as the projection of modern South Asian political concerns onto the archaeological record of the area.
) Once the text of this interpolated letter is removed and the two letters compared, Murphy-O ' Connor asserts that this objection is " drastically weakened ", and concludes, " The arguments against the authenticity of 2 Thessalonians are so weak that it is preferable to accept the traditional ascription of the letter to Paul.
But the gossip, not discouraged by Terence, lived and throve ; it crops up in Cicero and Quintilian, and the ascription of the plays to Scipio had the honour to be accepted by Montaigne and rejected by Diderot.
This is evident from his ascription to God of corporeity and his acceptance of the traducian theory of the origin of the soul.
However, the impure distortion results from human ascription of false validity and worship to Divine manifestations, rather than realising their nullification to God's Unity alone.
Most Johannine scholars doubt the reliability of its ascription to Papias, but a minority, including B. W.
Both bourgeoisie and nobility in the 15th and 16th century showed great fascination with these arts, which exerted an exotic charm by their ascription to Arabic, Jewish, Gypsy and Egyptian sources.
Atherton she wrote: In particular their ascription of the whole thing to a dream of HCE seems to me nonsensical.
The frequent ascription of the action of establishing ( Ydha ) the phenomena of the world to different gods, gradually led to the conception of a separate deity exercising this particular activity.
To Barth, ethnicity was perpetually negotiated and renegotiated by both external ascription and internal self-identification.
Historians have formulated two main arguments against the ascription to Florence and in favour of that to John.
The general likeness of this poem to Barbour's accepted work in verse-length, dialect and style, and the facts that the lives of English saints are excluded and those of St. Machar ( the patron saint of Aberdeen ) and St. Ninian are inserted, make this ascription plausible.
The traditional ascription of the " Temple of Janus " at Autun, Burgundy, is disputed.
Therefore relating to any ascription of the Scrolls of Abraham by the people of the book is not required.
The direct ascription of iii.
For the evidence against the ascription, see Postgate, Selections, app.
The ascription of malevolence to the world of spirits is by no means universal.
" This was the Puritan term for the verse ascription used at the conclusion of every hymn, like the " Gloria ," at the end of a chanted psalm.
The ascription of its authorship to the biblical patriarch Abraham shows the high esteem which it enjoyed for centuries.

Mekilta and Rabbi
The following may be mentioned here as the halakic Midrashim originating in Akiva's school: the Mekilta of Rabbi Simon ( in manuscript only ) on Exodus ; Sifra on Leviticus ; Sifre Zuṭṭa on the Book of Numbers ( excerpts in YalḲ.

Mekilta and Ishmael
The halakhic midrash to Exodus from the school of R. Ishmael is the Mekilta, while that of the school of R. Akiba is the Mekilta of R. Shimon bar Yochai, most of which is contained in the Midrash ha-Gadol.

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