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author and lead
The communalist position tends to lead to the view that more recent, particularly printed broadside ballads, where we may even know the author, are a debased form of the genre.
These changes may be made either by the same writer who made it, or more commonly by an author that has taken over the creative lead of a corporate owned show or publication.
The implications of these findings for the conservation of giraffes were summarised by David Brown, lead author of the study, who told BBC News: " Lumping all giraffes into one species obscures the reality that some kinds of giraffe are on the brink.
Stephen McEveety will lead the production team and author N. D. Wilson has been tapped to write the script.
Notable residents of Whitehorse include Audrey McLaughlin, the first woman to lead a represented political party ( NDP ) in Canadian federal politics, who has resided in Whitehorse since 1979, Robert W. Service, author of " The Cremation of Sam McGee ", who lived in Whitehorse from 1904 to 1908, and Pierre Berton, an author and television host, born in Whitehorse.
The New York Times quoted the lead author on the paper, Dr. Daniel Frumkin, saying, " You can just engineer a crime scene ... any biology undergraduate could perform this.
He was a convening lead author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
German author Wolfgang Hohlbein revisited the 1912 prologue in one of his novels, in which Indiana encounters the lead grave robber — whom Hohlbein christens Jake — in 1943.
He was the original author of Turbo Pascal, the chief architect of Delphi, and currently works for Microsoft as the lead architect of C #.< ref name =" MTF ">
Later investigation by Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer discovered the lead author of the article, Andrew Wakefield, had multiple undeclared conflicts of interest ,< ref >
Passing references by the lead character to the song " The Green Hills of Earth " three times and to its author, Rhysling, once, have caused some to consider it part of Heinlein's " Future History " series.
He was a lead author of Climate Change 1995, the 1995 IPCC report on global warming.
If an audience is likely to feel that it is being crowded into a position, if there is any likelihood that the requirements of dramatic " efficiency " would lead to the blunt ignoring of a possible protest from at least some significant portion of the onlookers, the author must get this objection stated in the work itself.
In 2009, when Anuj Dhar, the author of the book, CIA's Eye on South Asia, asked the Prime Minister's Office under an RTI plea ( Right to Information Act ), to declassify a document supposedly related to Shastri's death, the PMO refused to oblige, reportedly citing that this could lead to harming of foreign relations, cause disruption in the country and cause breach of parliamentary privileges.
Losey had co-directed the original U. S. production of Galileo with the author himself as the other co-director ( and Charles Laughton, who had worked on the translation / adaptation, had had the lead role, taken in the film by Topol ).
The essential view which Barclay maintained was that all people can be illuminated by the Inward Light of Christ which is the author of the Scriptures and will lead them into all truth.
Its lead author, primatologist Marc Hauser, was dismissed from Harvard University after a lengthy internal investigation found evidence of scientific misconduct in his laboratory.
The book's author wanted his girlfriend, the actress Trude Hesterberg, to play the lead, but instead Marlene Dietrich was given her first sound role as the " actress " Lola Lola ( named Rosa Fröhlich in the novel ).
Finding the initial genes underlying alopecia areata is a big step forward, but the nature of the genes is even more exciting ," said Angela M. Christiano, Ph. D., professor of dermatology and genetics & development at Columbia University Medical Center, and lead author of the study.
Several of Delderfield's historical novels and series involve young men who return from war and lead lives in England that allow the author to portray the sweep of English history and delve deeply into social history from the Edwardian era to the early 1960s.
He was a lead author of Chapter 7, ' Physical Climate Processes and Feedbacks ,' of the IPCC Third Assessment Report on climate change.
The author failed, however, in his attempt to explain division by zero: his definition can be easily proven to lead to algebraic absurdities.
She is best known as lead author of the influential book The Limits to Growth, which made headlines around the world.

author and developer
ASU faculty have included former CNN host Aaron Brown, meta-analysis developer Gene V. Glass, feminist and author Gloria Feldt, and Pulitzer Prize winner and The Ants author Bert Hölldobler.
The author is in fact web developer Steve Havelka of Portland, Oregon, whose identity became public during Pokey's early years.
Her children are popular science writer and co-author Dorion Sagan, software developer and founder of Sagan Technology, Jeremy Sagan, New York City criminal defense lawyer Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma, and teacher and author Jennifer Margulis.
Alexander " Sasha " Theodore Shulgin ( born June 17, 1925 ) is an American pharmacologist, chemist, artist, author and drug developer.
However, the developer seems to have named the district specifically for its famous author / farmer, not for the name of her company.
Gloria Laura Vanderbilt ( born February 20, 1924 ) is an American artist, author, actress, heiress, and socialite most noted as an early developer of designer blue jeans.
In addition to acting, she is also a photographer, real estate developer, author, and occasional singer.
The discussion was rendered moot when the raw project was officially closed by its author, at the request of Eric Chahi, the original developer of Another World, who was developing his own Windows-based update.
* Bill Bridges ( game designer ), RPG developer and author
A webmaster ( from web and master ), also called a web architect, web developer, site author, or website administrator, is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites.
* Deus ex machina ( Latin ; literally “ a god from a machine ”), a resolution to a story that does not pay due regard to the story's internal logic and that is so unlikely that it challenges suspension of disbelief, and presumably allows the author, director, or developer to end the story in the way that he or she desired
In the book Masters of Doom, author David Kushner asserts that the concept was discussed only briefly during a 1991 telephone conversation between Underworld developer Paul Neurath and John Romero.
The initial author and main developer was Dave Beazley who developed SWIG while working as a graduate student at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Utah and while on the faculty at the University of Chicago.
André LaMothe is a computer scientist, author and embedded systems developer.
NCsoft was originally founded in March 1997 by T. J. Kim, a business software developer and author of the Korean word processor Hangul.
Robert Dilts ( born March 21, 1955 ) has been a developer, author, trainer and consultant in the field of Neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP ) since its creation in 1975 by John Grinder and Richard Bandler.
Rob Mensching, the original author and lead developer of WiX, works on WiX in his spare time.
Robert M. Love ( born c. 1981 ) is an American author, speaker, Google engineer, and open source software developer.
George Reese ( born February 17, 1969 ) is an author and developer of several Open Source frameworks.
* Robert Love, American author, speaker, and open source software developer
* 3 December – Brendan Kehoe, software developer and author.
The proposal was then further developed by German freelance journalist, software developer and author Erik Möller.
Previous columnists have included Paul Rose (" Mr Biffo ", the founder of Digitiser ), Toshihiro Nagoshi of Sega's Amusement Vision, author Tim Guest ( whose column on MMOs preceded the publication of his book Second Lives ), N ' Gai Croal, and game developer Jeff Minter.

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