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author and later
A semi-serious literary document entitled `` The Wings Of Henry James '' is noteworthy, if only for a keenly trenchant though little-known comment on the master's difficult later period by modest Owen Wister, author of `` The Virginian ''.
The Latin author Apuleius was born in Madaurus ( Mdaourouch ), in what later became Algeria.
Antoninus in many ways was the ideal of the landed gentleman praised not only by ancient Romans, but also by later scholars of classical history, such as Edward Gibbon or the author of the article on Antoninus Pius in the ninth edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica:
Anaïs Nin (; born Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell, February 21, 1903 – January 14, 1977 ) was a French-Cuban author, based at first in France and later in the United States, who published her journals, which span more than 60 years, beginning when she was 11 years old and ending shortly before her death, her erotic literature, and short stories.
that the real author was Herennius Philo of Byblus, who was born during the reign of Nero and lived till the reign of Hadrian, and that the treatise in its present form is a revision prepared by a later Byzantine editor, whose name may have been Ammonius.
Two years later, she returned to her husband and children at his urging, and she went on to become a well-known Danish author, living to the age of 83.
There is a third view that sees merit in both arguments above and attempts to bridge them, and so cannot be articulated as starkly as they can ; it sees more than one Christianity and more than one attitude towards paganism at work in the poem, separated from each other by hundreds of years ; it sees the poem as originally the product of a literate Christian author with one foot in the pagan world and one in the Christian, himself a convert perhaps or one whose forbears had been pagan, a poet who was conversant in both oral and literary milieus and was capable of a masterful " repurposing " of poetry from the oral tradition ; this early Christian poet saw virtue manifest in a willingness to sacrifice oneself in a devotion to justice and in an attempt to aid and protect those in need of help and greater safety ; good pagan men had trodden that noble path and so this poet presents pagan culture with equanimity and respect ; yet overlaid upon this early Christian poet's composition are verses from a much later reformist " fire-and-brimstone " Christian poet who vilifies pagan practice as dark and sinful and who adds satanic aspects to its monsters.
It is the most widely copied Old English poem, and appears in 45 manuscripts, but its attribution to Bede is not absolutely certain — not all manuscripts name Bede as the author, and the ones that do are of later origin than those that do not.
In other words, scholars have theorized that these books were originally composed as one book by a single author, but later were split apart.
He was the author of many tunes covered by later musicians, including the classic " See That My Grave Is Kept Clean ".
The island then was not the popular tourist destination it later became ; the author George Woodbury described it as " no city of homes ; it was a place of temporary sojourn and refreshment for a literally floating population ," continuing, " The only permanent residents were the piratical camp followers, the traders, and the hangers-on ; all others were transient.
Other early influential members included Christopher Hutt, author of Death of the English Pub, who succeeded Hardman as chairman, Frank Baillie, author of The Beer Drinker's Companion, and later the current Good Beer Guide editor, Roger Protz.
There are also exceptions to Meyer ’ s Bridge and Hermann ’ s Bridge in Homer ( albeit rare ), but such violations are exceedingly rare in a later author like Callimachus.
His later author discoveries included Tanith Lee, Jennifer Roberson, Michael Shea, Ian Wallace, Tad Williams, Celia S. Friedman, and C. J. Cherryh, whose Downbelow Station ( 1982 ) was the first DAW book to win the Hugo Award for best novel.
Its authorship has traditionally been credited to Paul, but it is considered by some scholars to be Deutero-pauline, that is, written in Paul's name by a later author strongly influenced by Paul's thought.
If Solomon was the author, the book underwent a later modernization of language.
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, author of the Futurist Manifesto ( 1908 ) and later the co-author of the Fascist Manifesto ( 1919 ).
He served as research assistant for libertarian Republican Congressman Ron Paul in Paul's first term ( 1976 ), and he shared a small office with the staunchly Calvinistic political philosopher, John W. Robbins, who later became a noted anti-Van Til, pro-Clark presuppositional apologist, author, and publisher.
In her 1915 work The Pulleynes of Yorkshire, author Catharine Pullein suggested that Fawkes's Catholic education came from his Harrington relatives, who were known for harbouring priests, one of whom later accompanied Fawkes to Flanders in 1592 – 1593.
Since " Barbellion " was the real author's pen name, many reviewers believed Wells to have been the true author of the Journal ; Wells always denied this, despite being full of praise for the diaries, but the rumours persisted until Barbellion's death later that year.
Many later figures were influenced by Lovecraft's works, including author and artist Clive Barker, prolific horror writer Stephen King, comics writers Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola, film directors John Carpenter, Stuart Gordon, and Guillermo Del Toro, horror manga artist Junji Ito, and artist H. R. Giger.
Ptolemy was the author of several scientific treatises, at least three of which were of continuing importance to later Islamic and European science.
Stephen would go on to become a best-selling author and biographer, later hosting a television special about his father on Turner Classic Movies.
Occasionally, a book may appear without a printed ISBN if it is printed privately or the author does not follow the usual ISBN procedure ; however, this can be rectified later.

author and stated
The author of the Festal Index, who was the original collector of St. Athanasius ' famed Festal Epistles ( collected shortly after his death ), stated that the Arians had accused St. Athanasius, among other accusations, that his ordination as Pope of Alexandria in 328 was not canonical because at the time of the consecration to the episcopate he had not yet attained the canonical age 30.
In summing up the painting's impact, author Martha Tedeschi has stated: " Whistler's Mother, Wood's American Gothic, Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Edvard Munch's The Scream have all achieved something that most paintings — regardless of their art historical importance, beauty, or monetary value — have not: they communicate a specific meaning almost immediately to almost every viewer.
Another author stated that " the practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research ".
In 2004 Scott Kellum published a detailed analysis of the literally unity of the entire Farewell Discourse and stated that it shows that it was written by a single author, and that its structure and placement within the Gospel of John is consistent with the rest of that gospel.
Mick Mercer, author, noted music journalist, and world's leading historian of Goth music stated, of Kimveer Gill, that he was " not a Goth.
Section 1 of the French law of 1791 stated, " All new discoveries are the property of the author ; to assure the inventor the property and temporary enjoyment of his discovery, there shall be delivered to him a patent for five, ten or fifteen years.
It is stated in the 2nd century Muratorian Canon, and in the Liberian Catalogue, that he was the brother of Hermas, author of the text known as The Shepherd of Hermas.
In an interview with King, Published in the USA Weekend in March 2009, the author stated, " People look on writers that they like as an irreplaceable resource.
The fantasy novel The Folk of the Air by Peter S. Beagle was written after the author attended a few early SCA events circa 1968 ; but he has repeatedly stated that he then studiously avoided any contact with the actual SCA itself for almost two decades, so that his description of a fictitious " League for Archaic Pleasures " would not be " contaminated " by contact with the actual real-life organization.
Guest authorship ( where there is stated authorship in the absence of involvement, also known as gift authorship ) and ghost authorship ( where the real author is not listed as an author ) are commonly regarded as forms of research misconduct.
Kelly has stated: " Tertullian followed the Apologists in dating His “ perfect generation ” from His extrapolation for the work of creation ; prior to that moment God could not strictly be said to have had a Son, while after it the term “ Father ”, which for earlier theologians generally connoted God as author of reality, began to acquire the specialized meaning of Father and Son .".
English author Charles Dickens stated that " as bloody Queen Mary this woman has become famous, and as Bloody Queen Mary she will ever be remembered with horror and detestation "
Wilde is reputed to have stated that " in every first novel the hero is the author as Christ or Faust.
Isaac Asimov, author of the Robot series of books and creator of the Three Laws of Robotics, stated: " Capek's play is, in my own opinion, a terribly bad one, but it is immortal for that one word.
In an interview included with the audio book editions of his novels, author Robert Jordan has stated that his bestselling fantasy series The Wheel of Time borrows the titular concept from Hindu mythology.
" At the same time, the author guidelines for the journal " Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry " stated " The Dalton ( Da ) is a unit of mass normally used for the molecular weight ... use of the Da in place of the u has become commonplace in the mass spectrometry literature ...
Robert Bruegmann, professor of art history, architecture, and urban planning at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of Sprawl: A Compact History, stated that historical attempts to combat urban sprawl have failed, and that the high population density of Los Angeles, currently the most dense urban area in the United States, " lies at the root of many of the woes experienced by L. A.
The author of the series has stated that this was a deliberate reaction to the prevalence of renegade, non-evil drow characters.
As author Malcolm Gladwell has stated, " Sesame Street was built around a single, breakthrough insight: that if you can hold the attention of children, you can educate them ".
These goals have a secondary purpose, as stated by the author, to allow non-Satanists to determine their alignment with Satanist " attitudes.
In an interview with The Politico, University of Virginia theologian Charles Marsh, author of Wayward Christian Soldiers and the son of a Southern Baptist minister, stated:
During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms ( AD 907 – 960 ), a book called the Records of the Unworldly and the Strange written by Chinese author Tao Gu in about 950 stated:
The author of bzip2 has stated that the RLE step was a historical mistake and was only intended to protect the original BWT implementation from pathological cases .< ref >
As a result, Adams later stated that he was not entirely happy with the book, which includes several jarring authorial intrusions, which fellow author Neil Gaiman described as " patronising and unfair ".

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