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awards and received
Twenty-nine exhibits received awards.
One of the most famous contemporary buildings by an anthroposophical architect is ING House, an ING Bank building in Amsterdam, which has received several awards for its ecological design and approach to a self-sustaining ecology as an autonomous building and example of sustainable architecture.
Rabbi Steinsaltz has received many awards and prizes, among them the Israel Prize for Jewish studies in 1988.
During his post-ABBA career Andersson won four Swedish Grammis awards, and together with Ulvaeus received the " Special International " Ivor Novello award from ' The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters ', twice " The Music Export Prize " from the Swedish Ministry of Industry and Trade ( 2008 ), as well as the " Lifetime Achievement " award from the Swedish Music Publishers Association ( SMFF ).
He also received numerous other awards, including the Presidential Medal of Freedom presented to him on February 23, 1983 by President Ronald Reagan.
Frankston has received numerous honors and awards for his work:
Chaplin received several awards and recognitions during his lifetime, especially during his later career in the 1960s and the 1970s.
Chaplin also received several special film awards.
The number of awards is 32, because Pauling received prizes in both Chemistry and Peace.
Among the many awards he received over the years, he was named Professor Emeritus in 1984.
It garnered major science fiction awards and has received universal praise for its characters, story, strong voice acting, animation and soundtrack.
Among many honors, Atkins received 14 Grammy Awards as well as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, nine Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year awards, was inducted into both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
Atkins received numerous awards, including 14 Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year awards.
He has received various other awards including the Turing Award, the National Medal of Science, the John von Neumann Medal, and the Kyoto Prize.
In addition to the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards won by Adams, the Dilbert strip has received a variety of other awards.
Jonathan Ive has received several awards for his design of Apple Inc. products like this MacBook.
Because the Army Distinguished Service Medal is principally awarded to general officers, a list of notable recipients would include nearly every general and admiral since 1918, many of whom received multiple awards, as well as a few civilians and sergeants major prominent for their contributions to national defense.
Generals of the Army Douglas MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhower are tied for the record of the greatest number of awards received of the Army Distinguished Service Medal at five each.
Similarly, the CD / DVD-ROM version of the Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite, received the 2004 Distinguished Achievement Award from the Association of Educational Publishers, and Codie awards in 2000, 2001 and 2002.
Other awards he received included a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963 and memberships in a variety of literary societies throughout the United States.
He held 42 patents and received numerous awards, including the first Institute of Radio Engineers now IEEE Medal of Honor, the French Legion of Honor, the 1941 Franklin Medal and the 1942 Edison Medal.
The film received an overwhelmingly positive reception and won four Guldbagge Awards ( Sweden's official film awards ) at the 1999 ceremony.
Brooks has received many awards, including the National Medal of Technology in 1985 and the Turing Award in 1999.

awards and include
Jamie Okuma ( Luiseño-Shoshone-Bannock ) was won top awards with her beaded dolls, which can include entire families or horses and riders, all with fully beaded regalia.
The best known CAMRA award is the Champion Beer of Britain, which is selected at the Great British Beer Festival, other awards include the Champion Beer of Scotland and the Champion Beer of Wales.
Powell's civilian awards include two Presidential Medals of Freedom, the President's Citizens Medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, the Secretary of State Distinguished Service Medal, the Secretary of Energy Distinguished Service Medal, and the Ronald Reagan Freedom Award.
Examples cited for this include large fees for the attorneys, while leaving class members with coupons or other awards of little or no value ; unjustified awards are made to certain plaintiffs at the expense of other class members ; and confusing notices are published that prevent class members from being able to fully understand and effectively exercise their rights.
International " Best Cartoonist of the Year " awards include:
Its international awards include the Teddy award at the 1999 Berlin Film Festival.
This can be particularly important where foreseeable liabilities may include future, unquantified damage awards such as those that could arise from litigation over defective products, employee benefits or terminations, or environmental damage.
Although its opponents would include winners of 9 of the last 15 NFL MVP awards, the team advanced to the 2010 NFC Championship game where they defeated the Minnesota Vikings, led by Brett Favre, 31 – 28 in overtime ( at 9: 19 CST ), and then went on to win their first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.
Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, working with the press, and employee communication.
Typical awards include the QRP ARCI club's " thousand-miles-per-watt " award, available to anyone presenting evidence of a qualifying contact.
RAWA has so far won 16 awards and certificates from around the world for its work for human rights and democracy, some of the awards include The sixth Asian Human Rights Award-2001, The French Republic's Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Human Rights Prize, 2000, Islamabad Emma Humphries Memorial Prize 2001,
Moog's awards include honorary doctorates from Polytechnic Institute of New York University ( New York City ) and Lycoming College ( Williamsport, Pennsylvania ).
Other fanzines to win awards in recent years include File 770, Mimosa, and Plokta.
Other awards include Order of the Tower and Sword from the kingdom of Portugal ( 1860 ); and Italy conferred on him the insignia of chevalier of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus in 1864.
General Franks ' awards include the Defense Distinguished Service Medal ; Distinguished Service Medal ( two awards ); Legion of Merit ( four awards ); Bronze Star with Valor device and two oak leaf clusters ; Purple Heart ( two oak leaf clusters ); Air Medal with Valor Device ; Army Commendation Medal with Valor Device ; and a number of U. S. and foreign service awards.
His contributions have been acknowledged and lauded, repeatedly, with honorary degrees and awards that include the National Medal of Technology, the Turing Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and membership in the National Academy of Engineering.
Heyerdahl's numerous awards and honors include the following:
Her other awards include the 1953 Theatre World Award for Picnic.

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